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Delete your sensitive files permanently with UltraShredder

There are some instances when you may want to delete a specific file from your computer permanently so that no one can access that file even after using any method to recover that file.

UltraShredder is a small freeware program which deletes any sensitive file which you specify and prevents its recovery by overwriting them with random characters.


You will need to add files which you want to shred or permanently delete from your system by dragging the files on the UltraShredder window and press Shred! button to shred that file.

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Access blocked web sites and browse anonymously with OperaTor

Browsing web has become one of the most potential issue when it comes to using public computers, as when you use a public computer for browsing internet it leads to privacy issue for you.

OperaTor such a software which bundles Opera Browser + Tor and Privoxy together, which allows you surf the web anonymously.


Using OperaTor browser you can be sure of leaving no traces behind on public terminals like library, internet cafe etc.

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Download Safari theme for google chrome

There has been lot of buzz going to google chrome these days, everyone wants to use google chrome as it quite fast and has a better look and feel as compared to old bored interfaces of firefox and internet explorer.

Previous we posted about how can you get firefox theme for google chrome, today we have come up with new safari theme for google chrome.


Safari theme for google chrome not only change the look and feel but also the shape of the tabs in google chrome.

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By pass download limit and restrictions with Download at Work

I have received lots of questions from my friends who want to download various types of files but they see a message files is blocked at their office due to firewall restrictions.

Many corporate offices setup firewall and other networking monitoring applications to restrict the download of certain types of filetypes, some times restrictions are imposed on the size of the file to be downloaded, as they limit the maximum size of the file that can be downloaded.

Download At Work is one such free tool which lets you download any blocked file types at your office, download at work is quite easy to use.


Let’s see how to use Download At Work to download blocked blocked file types.

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Surf anonymously with free opera portable USB browser

Most of us, got some what worried when we use public computer for some reason for browsing internet, as what ever we browse could be recorded by the browser at the host pc.

Some times when you access internet from a public computer there may be some security restrictions which won’t let you open some sites or may not allow you to download application.

Opera USB portable browser edition lets you browse internet anywhere anonymously without leaving any traces on the guest machine.


Let’s see what more is offered by opera USB portable browser.

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Get notified when you receive new mail on your pop3 or webmail account

Once we had posted about ePrompter the mini email client which is also a quite good email notification tool.

Today we have come up with a small free email notification tool for your pop3 or web mail accounts like yahoo, hotmail, msn,, excite, or even rediffmail email accounts.


You can also send emails using the smtp settings of your pop3 account or either through your web mail account from pop peeper.

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Protect your internet banking passwords from keyloggers with KeyScrambler

Most of tend to worry about if some one could steel our precious online banking passwords, as when you type your password in your browser there may be a keylogger installed on the computer system which keeps running silently in the background.

KeyScrambler is free add on for the browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer and Flock browsers, it is free for personal use on these browsers.

It lets you encrypt every single key you press make it impossible to know or read what username and password you have typed. So it will defeat any keylogger installed and will deface the logged key strokes.


Let’s see how to use keyscrambler to deface any keylogger installed on your system.

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Search and Download files on rapidshare with Rapidsearch

Rapidshare is an amazing resource for downloading any kind of stuff from movies, songs, you tube videos, software’s or any shared files. Rapidshare provides one click web hosting as you can put your files online with in just one click.

Note: You can easily delete the uploaded files using the delete link, or it will be deleted after 90 days if it is not accessed or downloaded.

Rapidsearch is a free tool which lets you search video’s , files, audio files, documents, images, programs and applications which are uploaded on the rapidshare servers.


This is a freeware rapidshare searching tool from which lets you search any type of files which you can decide form the file types dropdown box.