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LanShutDown – Free Remote Shutdown Utility To Shutdown / Restart / Log Off Any Computer On The Network

LanShutDown is a FREE program which lets you shutdown, restart, log off any computer on your network, but the primary requirement to perform these actions remotely is you need to have administrative privileges.


You can run this tool and shutdown any computer running windows 2000, XP or 2003. The program package includes two console programs with which you can use LanShutDown tool from command line also. With the command line version of this tool you can automate the shutdown and reboot of your computer  

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AutoShut – Free Tool To Automatically Shutdown Your Computer At Specified Time Easily

AutoShut is a small FREE tool which is designed to shutdown your computer automatically at specified time you had set. Or it can be customised in such a way that you can also shutdown your computer depending when a program is stopped running.


It could be a great utility when you may want to shutdown your computer after a particular application executable has stopped executing.

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Fission – Get Progress Bar In FireFox Address Bar Combined Together

Recently I found this cool firefox addon called Fission which lets you mix address bar and progress bar together, that means you can see the progress bar progressing in the address bar itself when you open any link in firefox.


This small addon makes progress bar more visible by placing the progress bar inside the address bar, which is more visible to see as compared to its default location in the footer status bar

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2 Ways Abort Shutdown / Restart and Disable Remote Shutdown On Your Computer

It may happen sometimes when you are working on your computer and you suddenly see a message saying that this computer is getting shutdown with in the next 60 seconds and then if you don’t know how to abort the shutdown you will loose all your unsaved data after 60 seconds


This may also happen to you when you are working on the computer connected to your LAN network and some one just to annoy you try to shutdown the computer you are working on.(as shown in the above image)

So, In this article we will discuss all the methods and tools with which you can abort shutdown initiated by some else or any application on windows, this way you can prevent what ever closing of all the programs and loosing of data which you have not saved.

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Convert DMG To IMG and ISO

This is another reader query who wants to convert a .dmg file either to .img file and to .iso file so that he can mount the disk image in windows also.

In order to convert dmg file to img file either we need a DMG2IMG converter and for converting dmg file to iso we need DMG2ISO converter.

IMG files were used by Mac OS 9 and earlier versions of Mac and was replaced by the newer compressed version in newer versions MAC OS

DMG2IMG converter is designed to convert any apple compressed dmg archives to standard hfsplus image disk files. This tool runs from command line.


The syntax you can use to convert and dmg file to img file is

dmg2img [-s] [-v] [-V] [-d] []
dmg2img -i –o

Download dmg2img 

Another tool named dmg2iso is again from the same developer which created dmg2img. In order to covert dmg to iso so that you can mount it as a disk image in windows you can use this tool DMG2ISO

ISO files are actually images of complete CDs or DVDs compiled as one whole image file.

DMG2ISO converter is again command line based and lets you covert .dmg file to .iso file which you can mount in windows on any virtual drive.


The syntax to be used to convert any .dmg file to .iso file is

dmg2iso <filename1.dmg> <filename2.dmg>

Download dmg2iso

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AddToRun – Run Any Programs In Windows From Start Menu Run Prompt

AddToRun is a FREE to use utility which will allow you to run or open any file or application from start menu run command prompt (which open up when you press Window Key + R ).

It has a very easy and simple to use interface which will allow you to select a file or application shortcut and define a alias or friendly name with which you can run the application from run prompt. (as shown in the image below)


I had already written some article on the simple tweak being done by this software of running any application from run prompt by typing the custom set alias name for that application.

Previously I wrote on How To Run Your Favourite Softwares and Songs Directly From Run and on Open Folder With An Alias Name Through Run Prompt these are the same type of tweak being done on windows computer without using any software like AddToRun

Note: This small application AddToRun is supported on all the versions of windows released yet including windows 7

Download AddToRun

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Remove / Uninstall Older Versions Of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) On Your Computer

JavaRa is a free tool which you remove any older versions of java runtime environment so that it might create any conflicts on the new version you are going to install.


It forcibly remove all the redundant versions of Java Runtime environment (JRE) and moreover you can search for the updates of the java runtime environment on your computer

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Tip: Create Custom Shell Folders Like My Documents, My Pictures With My Shell Folder

I have been always fascinated by these shell folders like my documents, my pictures and my music etc as they can reside some where on your desktop and start menu which makes them easy to access and they can not be deleted or renamed.


All these shell folders in windows are based on folder redirection principle where a particular folder space is being redirected to a specific path in windows like My Pictures or My Documents will be actually placed in Documents and Settings >> Username >> My Documents or My Pictures

My Shell Folder allows you to create shell folders like My Documents, My Pictures which will be shown in My Computer and stay on your desktop and they cannot be deleted or renamed.