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Restore / Revert To Original Normal Icon Size In Vista

Recently one of the reader asked how can I restore the original icon size in vista back if it got changed due to some reason. Actually the desktop icons on his vista computer become so large that they occupy most of the space in desktop.

We all know desktop is the most accessible folder in any windows computer, it is the place where links to the frequently used programs and other important folders are placed. So, desktop becomes the most important and personal location for any windows user

In case of vista you can easily set a custom desktop icon size as per your needs and accessibility by the following procedure

Press Show Desktop in Quick Launch, now Press Ctrl Key on the keyboard and then press Mouse scroll wheel and move it forward and backward to increase and decrease the size if the icons


If you don’t want to resize the desktop icon size by the method mentioned above and want restore the desktop icon size to normal which is standard, then you can follow the step given below

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2 Ways Abort Shutdown / Restart and Disable Remote Shutdown On Your Computer

It may happen sometimes when you are working on your computer and you suddenly see a message saying that this computer is getting shutdown with in the next 60 seconds and then if you don’t know how to abort the shutdown you will loose all your unsaved data after 60 seconds


This may also happen to you when you are working on the computer connected to your LAN network and some one just to annoy you try to shutdown the computer you are working on.(as shown in the above image)

So, In this article we will discuss all the methods and tools with which you can abort shutdown initiated by some else or any application on windows, this way you can prevent what ever closing of all the programs and loosing of data which you have not saved.

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Remove / Uninstall Older Versions Of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) On Your Computer

JavaRa is a free tool which you remove any older versions of java runtime environment so that it might create any conflicts on the new version you are going to install.


It forcibly remove all the redundant versions of Java Runtime environment (JRE) and moreover you can search for the updates of the java runtime environment on your computer

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Watch IPL t20 2009 Cricket Matches Online Live On IPL Official Site and Watch Highlights On Youtube Channel

IPL T20 has just started and looks like it again going to be big hit this time also, although all the matches are in south Africa which made IPL going international this time around.


There are large number of websites on internet where you can watch IPL T20 2009 matches online for FREE, this time IPL matches can be seen for FREE on the official IPL T20 website ,you can watch any of the on going IPL matches on the official website but you would need to register first which is free.

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WUfacility – Fix Windows Update In Windows

WUfacilty is a small easy to use application which allows you to run procedures to troubleshoot most common windows update problems.


It is quite easy and simple to use program which normally fixes all the windows update related problem just by clicking a single button on the interface of WUfacility.

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Free Mosaic Creator – Create Mosaic With Your Own Photos Collection

Foto-Mosaik is a FREE mosaic creator which lets you create cool mosaic out of any picture you have or any of your own photo. It will generate a virtual mosaic from any photo using your own image collection for the formation and filling of those colours you need in the final mosaic.

I have just created a free mosaic of my image too in this one here is how both looks like, you can compare the both below.

This one is simple image of me


This one is the mosaic image created of the above image by Foto-Mosaik


( click to enlarge, however it may look some what weird 🙂 )

The very first time you run Foto-Mosaik you will need to first create a database for pictures, so please point to the folder which contains hell lot of images to form the database of pictures to be used to form the mosaic you create with this software.

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Take Screenshot From A Running Video

Free Video to JPG Converter allows you to take screenshot of a specific movie playing in it, that means you can save a specific frame scene as a jpg image from the movie at a specific time.


You can take the screenshots of your favourite movie scenes by clicking a simple button called Make Snapshot, so it allows you take snapshots from the movie at any point of time instantly by a single button click.

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Convert your power point presentation to flash for free

AuthorPOINT Lite is free utility which lets you convert your microsoft power point presentation into simple flash animations on which you can easily embed on your web pages.


With authorPOINT Lite you can easily convert any power point presentation to flash with any loss in conversion and there will be no loss in animation effects of the power point presentation after conversion.

Let’s find out how can you convert your power point presentation to flash.