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View your Local Photos on Your Hard disk using Piclens [ Tweak ]

Recently I came across a cool web application called PicLens, after reading a an article on

What is PicLens?

PicLens is a browser extension or add on which instantly transforms your browser into a full-screen, 3D experience for enjoying photos and videos across the web.

In other words it a different way to view pictures on web  specially the 3d experience and the navigation power it provides is awesome. ( as shown in the image below)








PicLens can be used to view photo’s on various image sharing sites like Flickr, FaceBook, Google Images, Picasa Web Albums etc. It supports almost all the famous browsers including  FireFox , Safari , Internet Explorer etc.

After experiencing Piclens I was curious to see the images stored on my hard disk and got to know that PicLens does not support it.  🙁

Then I tried some tweaks to open pictures on my hard disk with piclens, and suddenly one of them works, I was able to view the pictures in folder on my hard disk with piclens.

Let’s see how can you do it. I made this work on firefox

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Disable auto reboot in windows XP and Home editions

Are you annoyed by the restart prompt which appears every time you update windows.

In order to configure no auto reboot settings  for windows XP Professional and Home your windows must have service pack2 installed.

But the to remove auto reboot for windows XP home and Professional are different.

For Windows XP Professional

1. Open Start >> Run and type gpedit.msc  (group policy editor) and press Enter

2.  Navigate to the following path

Local Computer Policy\Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\ Windows Components\Windows Update

3. Double click "No auto-restart for schedule Automatic Updates installations" and select to enable this setting.

4. Restart windows.

For Windows XP Home Edition

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Stop automatic filtering of messages in outlook 2007 using gmail account

In case of outlook 2007 when you configure your gmail account with automatic pop3 configuration the problem of auto filtering of your mails received is done by outlook.

But this auto filtering most of the times does not function correctly which results in non junk mails or clean mails are mark as junk and outlook moves them automatically to junk folder.

You can simply fix the wrong filtering as follows:

1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2007

2. Open File Menu >> Tools >> select Options.

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Enable aero effect on unsupported Graphic cards in windows vista with Tweak Vista

Aero effect is one of the amazing effect in windows vista , if you have desktop window manager clubbed with your windows vista edition you can enjoy the aero effect in vista.

What is DWM?

DWM (Desktop Window Manager ) previously known as Desktop Compositing Engine or DCE) is a compositing window manager, introduced with Windows Vista, that enables the Windows Aero user interface. DWM requires graphics cards supporting DirectX 9.0 and Shader Model 2.0.

But if your graphic card does not support directX 9.0 and Shader Model Technology, you may not be able to run aero effect.

But you can still run aero with your unsupported graphic card with TweakVista

Let’s see how can you run aero effect then.

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Turn on autologon for any windows user in windows XP

By default auto login feature got disabled in windows when ever you create any other account in windows XP other than default administrator acoount.

What is AutoLogon?

When a user got logged in windows XP without entering username and password. Don’t you think this could be more convenient when logging to windows?

Note: When you turn on autologon in Windows XP becomes more convenient, but turning this setting on can pose a security risk, but still if you want to do it.

Let’s see how you turn this setting on.

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Enable or Disable the Build in Administrator Account In Vista

May be you are very much annoyed by UAC but still does not want UAC to be turned off in your user account in vista but want to perform some task without user account control elevation prompts.

You can do these tasks by using default build in administrator account but you will have to enable it first.

Follow the procedure below to enable default admin account in Vista

1. Click Start, and then type cmd in the Start Search box.
2. In the search results list, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as Administrator.


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Get Bookmarks Toolbar Like Firefox by activating Links bar in ie7

Most of us miss the most accessible Bookmarks Toolbar as there in firefox but not found in IE7.

But there is a bookmark toolbar in IE7 but it is not enabled by default so you need to enable it explicitly.

To Enable the Bookmarks Toolbar follow the steps given below.

1. Start >> Run and type iexplore and press Enter.

2. Press Alt key , go to view>>toolbars>>Select Links(as shown in the image below)







how to tutorials tips & tricks xp hacks

What is WMPNSCFG.exe? and why it is running? in vista

There are lots of process in windows which keeps on running in the background using some share of windows resources all the time.

These process are most of the time are not use full to all of us, one of those process is wmpnscfg.exe

What is  wmpnscfg.exe?

wmpnscfg.exe is used to alert users when a new media device is found on the network. When wmpnscfg is notified that a new media device is available on the network, it displays a popup in the system tray that informs the user about the availability of the new device.

How To Disable or Stop WMPNCFG.EXE service ?