Hi guys! Technix Update is up again…

This is my first post after such a long down time of , Really there is lot i have learned on how much unreliable and undependable an Indian Hosting Service can become.

How can they just delete all your hard work all the crucial data of your site with out even letting you know about ya that has happened to some time back.

useful software's

Better Memory Meter Shows The Remaining Laptop Battery In System Tray

Better Memory Meter is a cool free to use windows utility which will display the remaining battery on your laptop in system tray, it will report the percentage of the battery left in your laptop


It is very simple to use program you just need to run it through its portable exe and it will display the easy to read it has a lightweight design. We have tested the application on windows xp, vista an  wifi


Guest Blogging & Group Writing Competition on TechnixUpdate…

I have been here since 10 march 2007 till that time i have seen TechnixUpdate has been rising day by day in the blogosphere. I have made lots of friend bloggers in the same time interacted with lots of other bloggers spread over the blogosphere.

Before this “TechnixUpdate” was hosted on blogger then I switched to wordpress after being motivated by someone who helped me a lot.

windows hacks

ZHider – Hide Programs Windows With A Hotkey Keystroke

ZHider is a tiny free to use program which lets you hide any running window from the view of the user, the program window will be hidden from the taskbar without a trace. There will be a single keystroke which can toggle in between the visibility in between hidden to visible state.


It allows you to hide any windows instantly with easy hotkey combinations that allows you to use virtually any keyboard, it operates in a silent and stealth mode does not display any visual windows, no sounds, no system tray icon etc.

firefox tips & tricks

Set Firefox 3.5 To Stop Suggesting History Or Bookmarks Or Both –

Location bar in firefox is greatly enhanced to save you from extra typing and effort by suggesting previous history and bookmarks by default, but it could be case when you may not want firefox to suggest history or existing bookmarks when you type in firefox location bar.


Here is how you can do it, simply by navigation to firefox configuration options, follow the procedure given below

tips & tricks

xpy – Disable Windows Services, Tweak Internet Explorer, Tweak Windows Media Player, Remove Windows Messenger and lot more

Xpy is a small free to use tool which lets you disable the default useless services running in xp and windows vista, it lets you tweak a large number of settings related to windows


The tool has been released for both windows xp as xpy and for windows vista it is vispa, with this small free tool you can do a great and high number of optimisations in windows

useful software's

Translate Text With Free Google Translate Desktop Beta

Google Translate Desktop Beta is a free to use tool which lets you translate text from any  language to any other language, It is small and simple applications which run on all the windows including xp, vista etc and can even run on Linux.


This desktop gadget will auto detect the language which you paste for the translation, so you just need to past the text in any language in the text box enter text, select the language to which you to translate and click the button saying Translate

how to tutorials

Picasa Independent Album Exporter – Download Photos and Album From Picasa Web Albums – No Need To Install Picasa

Picasa Independent Album Exporter is a free tool which lets you export all the pictures from any Picasa web album with a preserved desired picture size and dimensions.


You can download all the pictures for the web album in three simple steps, given below