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NTFS Undelete – Recover Deleted Files On NTFS File System

NTFS Undelete is a paid program which lets you recover any deleted file on your hard drive, it will recover irrespective of file has been emptied from recycle bin or you had press shift+delete to delete the file.


It will not only recover the deleted and erased files from NTFS file system but also from other file system in windows including FAT and FAT32. But before you use this tool for recovery you should better know what happens when you delete a file on your computer.

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Lock Your Windows Workstation With Desktop Shortcut On Single Mouse Click

How quickly you can lock your desktop? as there are different methods of locking your desktop the most conventional one includes the pressing Alt + Ctrl + Del key and then pressing of Enter key at the keyboard to lock your windows machine.

Other than this there are is another shortcut which is pressing of Windows Key + L to lock your windows computer, but still it could happen when you would want to lock your windows computer more easily just through your mouse.

In order to lock your windows machine with in single mouse click either you can create a desktop shortcut with the following target text

%windir%\system32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation


You can name the shortcut what ever you want to or another way is to place this executable on the desktop itself which calls the same command as written in the quotes above, you can download the small executable from here or from here

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3 Free Tools To Delete & Remove Empty Folders

Empty folders are is such a big problem that every time you format your harddisk or remove unnecessary programs, there are lot of empty folders which remain there on your hard drive.

Empty yellow folder icon isolated on white

You could save so much space and clean you computer by removing these empty folders on your computer, there are 3 free applications which lets you remove empty folders on your computer.

Lets discuss all these free tools to remove empty directories from your hard drive

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Hide Caption Title Bar FireFox Addon To Hide Title Bar Text

Some of my friends always wanted to hide title bar text in firefox, they do not want firefox to display the information about the site using the title bar text description of the site

Hide Caption Title Bar is a free firefox addon which detects and automatically restores the minimize, maximize/ restore and close buttons on the nav bar if the menu bar is hidden the extension will display these important buttons irrespective of any theme you have applied on firefox.


Note: This extension is not compatible with tab mix plus but can work with tab mix lite ce

Download Hide Caption Title Bar

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Convert Firefox 3 Location Bar Into Firefox 2 Location Bar

There is a big difference in between the firefox 3 location bar and firefox 2 location bar both in terms of the looks and functionality provided. Just in case if you don’t like the location bar or address bar of firefox 3 and revert it to as there in firefox 2 here is how you can do it.

There is a cool addon called Old Location Bar which makes firefox 3 location bar look and act like firefox 2 location bar


Some other key features provided by old location bar addon are

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Play .Mov Files In Windows Media Player

.Mov files are Apple QuickTime Movie format of video which normally you cannot play in other media player like windows media player, vlc player etc.

This format of video can rather played in free quick time media player by apple, but what if you want to play these .mov files in windows media player which is the default media player on your windows computer.

In order to play quick time .mov movie files in windows media player you would need to download the required codec for it first, The codec is called 3ivx which can allow you to play quick time .mov files in windows media player.


Here is the procedure on how to get everything going

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HitWicket – See Live Cricket Score In FireFox Status Bar

HitWicket is another cool firefox addon which lets you monitor the live cricket scores on any cricket match going on. It is based on ScoreWatch Firefox extension and fetches the updates from in the status bar panel.


It will alert you about any fall of wickets even if you are running a screensaver it will pop up in that case, you can anytime configure the refresh interval of the scores

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Toggle Hide File Extensions In Windows Via Right Click Context Menu

Hiding File Extensions in windows is a some settings which one need to toggle on and off, as sometimes it is necessary to see the file extension to recognize the file and program which can open the same in windows.

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But turning the setting of hide extensions for known files types on or off, you will need to manually open the windows explorer go to File Menu >> Tools >> Folder Options and then click the view tab and under view tab you will need to locate the setting which says hide extensions for known files types


Rather, avoiding this whole tedious process you can install a free shell extension which will work on xp, vista and windows 7 also. This shell extension is called FileExtToggle.

Additional Tip: Hide Files and Folder In USB Portable Drive For Free