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Block USB Ports With Free USB Blocker

NetWrix USB blocker is a free utility which lets you block any USB ports on one or more computer on your LAN network. It lets you apply a centralised USB blocking to prevent the virus spreading though pen drives, removable drives and other USB portable devices.


NetWrix USB blocker does not need to be deployed on all the computers on your network.

It can be used on local computer also but you will need to enter the domain name as workgroup in order to block the USB ports on a local computer which is not connected to any network.

free software

Hack / Recover Windows Live Messenger Password

MSN Password Hacker lets you recover your stored your password which you had set to remember in windows live messenger. It is a best tool in case you have forgotten your password of your windows live account.


Run MSN Password Hacker tool and type the username in the first text box and press Check button to recover the password of that account. If you had not remembered password for the username in windows live messenger then it will show you password as <empty> in the text box.

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Simplest Way To Translate A Page or Website with Google Search

It could be a case when you suddenly land up on a web page of a website which does not seem to be your native language or any other language you understand, then you start searching for the translation flags or some translator widget.

But some times you may not find the translator widget on the web site itself, so in that case you can simply translate the page and the entire web site by using google search.

Google translator is the best tool which lets you translate any web page or web site in the easiest and the precise way in terms of translation.

Let me tell you how to translate any web page with google translator

free software

Free Video Joiner Download

Free Video joiner lets you join any two or more video files to form one video file. It is quite common when people may like to join two videos of same nature together like some handy cam video’s or any other videos.


This program is actually called Kate Video Joiner and is completely free program except for the fact that you would need to register it with a email it ask as on the first run, which you can enter any email id which may or may not exist its up to you what you enter.

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Free Video Converter Download

Many times you need to convert videos in specific format to some another format which is supported on your PSP, iPod, Zune, Mobile Phone or any other media player you have.

Koyote Free video converter lets you convert videos to from and to a large number if supported formats which you can watch on various devices. The application interface of this program is quite simple and easy to use.


Free Video converter supports the following format as input and output format.


Output Format: 3G2, 3GP, ASF, MP3, AVI, DVD, FLV, MP4 (iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune), MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV

Note: Installation of this software includes changing your default home page and Dealio Toolbar, which we suggest choose NOT to install for both of these.


Uncheck both of the above mentioned checkboxes at the time of installation of free video converter in order to avoid installing any adware with free video converter.

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Automate Tasks In Windows with Marxio Timer

Marxio Timer lets you schedule some common tasks in windows like Turn off Computer, Display Text, Log out, Restart Computer, Suspend, Hibernate, Lock computer, Run Program, Play Sound and suspend.

With Marxio Timer you can schedule and action to happen at a specified time interval or after some idle time and additionally it will also show you the countdown timer.

Marxio-Timer     As it also lets you run programs, you can schedule the disk defragmentation or disk scan when your computer is idle with Marxio Timer

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Free Flv to AVI / MPEG Converter Download

Pazera Free FLV to AVI Converter is a free utility which lets you convert flash videos (SWF and FLV) into MPG or AVI. Just in case if you have a downloaded flv files which you may like to convert MVI or AVI format so that you can view the video on the device which does not support playing of FLV files.

As FLV files cannot be played by the default media players in windows and other poplar media players does not support playing flv flash videos.


The program interface is quite easy to use as all you need is it just add all the flv or swf files which you want to convert into avi or mpeg format and click convert to start the batch file conversion.

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Prevent / Lock Application Access In Windows

AppLocker is a FREE program which lets you lock any executable file on your computer or in other words prevent programs and applications from running. It could be case when you may not want other users on your computer to run and access some programs installed on your computer.


Some of the programs are there in the list of applocker but you can even add more programs to the list by typing the executable to the list.

When ever any user try running an executable locked by applocker they will see the error message as shown below.