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Display Two Time Zones In Windows 7 / Vista

It becomes very important for blogger or a web writer to get an idea about more than one time zones as it is related to posting of articles.

So, if you want to know the time in two time zones without thinking a bit or calculating then you can select to show two time zones both in windows 7 and vista.


When ever you want to see the time in two times zones you have configured in windows just hover your mouse on time on the taskbar.

Let’s see how can you configure to show two time zones

windows 7

Free Custom Aero Theme For Windows 7

Finally the first ever theme for windows 7 is out at by a user alkhan, recently we had written about how to apply custom themes in windows 7 by patching Uxtheme.dll and some other system files of windows 7.

This first ever custom windows 7 theme based on aero diamond also got its name as Aero Diamond Theme for Windows 7. This theme is slightly change to the windows seven theme for vista.


(Image Credit Goes To alkhan)

This theme introduces completely transparent effects like aero in windows 7 with some changes and UI tweaks in explorer in win 7.

iphone tips

Free iPhone 3g Ringtone Maker and Converter

iRinger is a free iPhone 3g ringtone maker and converter application to create ringtones for you iphone 3g and convert them to iphone format.


iRinger lets you create an iphone ringtone from any music file you have or even a from a video file. It also lets export the created ringtone with this application to iTunes directly so you don’t need to “jailbreak” your iphone to have custom ringtone of your favourite songs.

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Free Download WMA To MP3 Converter

Free WMA MP3 Converter is a free software to convert WMA to MP3 also helps you convert WMA to MP3, MP3 to WMA, WAV to MP3, WAV to WMA, MP3 to WAV, WMA to WAV etc.

Free WMA MP3 Converter provides optimized default settings which are best to use so it needs zero configuration to start running. so you don’t need to think, just a click to start WMA to MP3 conversion.


The conversion process of converting WMA to MP3 and MP3 to WMA are fast and easy with adjustable output quality as per your requirement.

Let’s see the key features of Free WMA To MP3 Converter

firefox tips & tricks

Seven Cool Tools For Firefox Location Bar

UrlbarExt is a small firefox add on which adds amazing functionality in your firefox location bar like you can copy the URL wit ease, search the site in google, go up to the navigation tree on the site, add tags to the URL, and also lets you surf the URL anonymously through free online proxy servers.


Specially the tiny url would be really helpful for a blogger like me to shorten links for twitter, copy option can be really useful to copy the URL to clipboard for writing purpose. UrlbarExt extension easily integrates with the firefox location bar.

It also allows anonymous surfing of any URL you type in the location bar with the help of free proxy servers available. You can easily configure the extension as per your usage like changing the URL shortening service from default tiny URL to some thing else.

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Free Download cda to mp3 Converter

Free CD to MP3 Converter is FREE utility to rip Audio CD that allows you to extract audio files or music from a CD and convert them to MP3, Wav, Ogg or Wma format as per your selection. It will automatically retrieve all title information from the CDDB database and also supports additional LAME options.


You can also use Free Audio CD To MP3 converter from your Microphone, it supports ID3 tag edit. Free CD To MP3 converter is released under general public license and a completely free software.

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Save / Download All Images From Websites

We all know if we want to download all the images form a website it becomes so much tiring task as you need to open all the images by clicking them all and then save them which becomes quite impossible if the images are larger in number.


Save Images is a cool free firefox extension which lets you download all the images form any website on the internet, this extension is specially designed to download all the photos from any website you want.

If the images you want to download are shown as thumbnails and not in full size on the current page, even then Save Images allows to generate a list of links to the images.

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Free Flv To iPhone Converter

I have been searching on web for a free flv to iPhone converter for some days after i got a new iPhone 3g this month. After googling a lot I got to plenty of them but they were either generalised video converter and i want a specific type of free converter software to convert the downloaded youtube flv videos to iphone video (MP4) format.

Finally, I found a free dedicated flv to iphone converter which is quite good as per quality which you can select in between three low,standard and high quality. More over you can select to convert flv to iPhone or mp3 format.

Note: Nothing comes free, although it is a free software which comes bundled with with toolbar which you can set not to install at the time of installation.

At the time of installation you need to unclick the following options if you don’t want to install toolbar.

  • I accept the license agreement and want to install and enable the ask toolbar
  • Enable address bar search feature
  • Set my home page to

(as shown in the image below)


After complete installation you can easily convert one or more flv videos to iphone format, you can also select to get mp3 out of your flv videos.