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7 Free Tools To Monitor Folder Changes

We all have some folders on our computers which are quite confidential to us, as we know the location of that folder and we would like monitor the changes to that folder and its contained files in it.


Today, we will share 7 free tools which lets you monitor folder changes not only on your hard disk but on your network too, some of them lets you configure to mail to a email id on folder content changes or sound an alarm. Folder Content changes includes file changes,renames, deletes and moving and copying etc.

Let’s discuss  all these free programs one by one and their features

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ScreenBouncer – Play a Prank On Your Friend Computer

Playing a Computer Prank is something which every one wants to do to their friends computer’s. ScreenBouncer is a cool prank tool which will allow you to bounce the current view of the monitor.


The good part about this prank tool is that it cannot be closed through Alt+F4 key and even task manager cannot stop this program because ScreenBouncer always run top most and full screen as compared to another windows process.

In order to know how to stop ScreenBouncer, read on further 😛

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Remove Dead Links and Duplicates In Browser Bookmarks

AM-DeadLink is a FREE tool which lets you remove the dead links and duplicates out of your browser bookmarks in Internet Explorer, Firefox Bookmarks and Opera Bookmarks.

Out of your large number of browsers bookmarks you can verify and remove all the unavailable bookmarks and delete them permanently.


AM-DeadLink can also check the URLs from tab delimited text files and URLs from comma separated text files,  moreover you can also download FavIcons for the available bookmarks.

Lets see how can you use AM-DeadLink to check bookmarks on various browsers and download the favicon also for the bookmarks

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Reveal Hidden Process On Your Computer

Process Revealer FREE edition lest you see all the process running on your computer, it list all the process running including all system process, hidden process and all other process which may not have a active window.

If your computer is running slowly there may a process which is utilizing most of the CPU usage, you can find that process using process revealer. It analyse all the running processes with maximum accuracy.


Each entry displayed in Process Revealer is displayed with detailed information about the running process. Process Revealer also lets you locate the location on the process file on your hard disk.

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Download Windows 7 Official Beta & Windows 7 Beta Key

Windows 7 Official Beta has been released by microsoft now, everyone is trying to get a key and download link to either 32 bit or 64 bit version on windows 7.

But if you try to download Windows 7 Official Beta you may not get it very easily so we are going to share the direct download links to both Windows 7 32bit ad Windows 7 64bit ( you can use these links with your download managers )

Direct Download Links Windows 7 Official Beta

Here are the Direct download links from Microsoft Servers for Windows 7 beta (build 7000.0.081212) both 32-bit and 64-bit versions:

Windows 7 Beta (x86) Direct Download Link( 32bit ):


Windows 7 Beta (x64) Direct Download Link( 64bit ):


Here is how you can get the key for windows 7 official beta from microsoft.

Get Windows 7 Official Beta Key

1. Go to, Login with your windows live id.

2. Go to  ( make sure you are singed in )

3. Now copy and paste one of the following links into your browser.

For Windows 7 Beta 32-bit Activation Key:

For Windows 7 Beta 64-bit Activation Key:

Note:  You can get 5 unique keys for a live id with which you are login with for both 64 bit and 32 bit editions.

If you don’t get Windows 7 Beta 32 bit keys then try to get Windows 7 Beta 64 bit keys as they will also work for 32 bit setup 🙂 There are only 2.5 million keys available get your free key now.

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Add Flip 3D In Firefox With FoxTab

FoxTab is a great firefox add on which lets you experience the same flip 3d like experience while switching to different tabs.

After installing FoxTab in firefox when you press ctrl+tab key to switch to other tabs you will see the FoxTab to come in action.


You can again change the layout by selecting the layouts at the bottom right in the footer.

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FireFox – Open Favourite URL’s with Shortcut Keys

ShortcutKey2URL is a cool firefox add on which lets you open any website in firefox with a keyboard shortcut you specify.

The shortcut you specify to open the website URL will be of the syntax [ ctrl + Q + any key ] , just like in my case I tested ShortcutKey2URL and specified a keyword shortcut  as Ctrl + Q + E 


Three kinds of methods can be specified for the method of opening URL, like opening it in current active tab, new tab or search the previously opened tab.

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Clean – Delete Index.dat files on Windows

Index.dat files are windows system files on windows which records every web site you visit with internet explorer. These files are hidden on your computer that contain all of the Web sites that you have ever visited.

Every URL, and every Web page is listed there. Not only that but all of the email that has been sent or received through Outlook or Outlook Express is also being logged. Microsoft has not supplied an adequate explanation as to what these files are for or why they have been hidden so well.


According to Microsoft, these index.dat files are used to store cache of visited sites to speed up the loading of sites in Internet Explorer. But this cannot be the case because when we delete the Temporary Internet Files the “index.dat” files remain behind.

Irrespective of what ever program you have been using to clean windows history they may clean but does not delete index.dat files on your computer as they protected in real time by windows operating system.

Let’s see how can you either clean or delete all the information stored inside these index.dat files on your windows computer