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Fill PDF forms Online with PDF Filler

PDF Filler is free web service which allows you to fill any pdf form just by uploading the pdf form and fill out the sections more fast and easily.


PDF filler lets you fill any pdf form in three easy steps

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Rename MP3 Files To Logical Names With Meracl MP3 Renamer

Meracl MP3 Renamer is simple FREE program which lets you rename the downloaded mp3 files from internet to logical files name which includes the song title, artist name etc which will help you recognize the song at the time of playing in mp3 player.

Let’s understand this with an example, lets say you have a mp3 song with the file name as Track04.mp3 this little mp3 renaming lets you rename it to something like Will Smith – M I B.mp3


It uses the ID3 tag which remains intact in any mp3 and uses the information to rename the cryptic looking MP3 files into something more logical which you can understand better.

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Copy Paste Across Different Computers On LAN Network

When you working across different computers on your LAN network and performing the same related task, including the copy and paste of the same text across several computers on your LAN network it could be really helpful and time saving if you have a network copy paste or your a network clipboard which is being shared across computers on your network.


Today,  we will tell you almost all the ways pt perform a network copy paste or how to copy and paste text in between various computers on your LAN network.

There are several free tools which can allow to share the clipboard on in between the computers of your LAN network.

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Play Photo Scramble With Any Picture Scramble

Any Picture Scramble lets you create and play scramble puzzles with any image you want to, you can create a photo scramble of your loved ones or your favourite scenery.


It could be great fun by scrambling the pictures of your loved ones or you can scramble any family photo and try to unscramble it to solve the puzzle.

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Free YouTube To Mp3 Converter Download

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is free to use converter which will let you save any youtube video as simple mp3 on your hard disk.

You can save any youtube video just by copy pasting the youtube URL in the input URL box, moreover you can select the mp3 output quality and define the output folder for the mp3 you obtain from those youtube videos.


It is very simple to use software to convert any online youtube video into mp3, if you have any flv file already on your hard disk which you want to convert into mp3 then go for free flv to mp3 converter

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Free Desktop Note Taking Application With Free Online Synchronization

I have been searching for the most simple note taking application after hearing the news google notebook shutting down. But all the other alternate application I found like EverNote, RememberTheMilk etc are not simple to use.

Piconote is the most simple to use free desktop note taking application which may seem really basic but it is equally effective to store pictures, hotlinks and multimedia or you can record just use text notes.


When ever you create a note with piconote, it will ask you whether you want to create a public or private note. You can synchronize your notes with the online server for free corresponding to your account on piconote.

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Free Display Tuner For Your Monitor

Tuning the monitor can be really become mess sometimes when you don’t know the exact controls and buttons to use, specially when you are tuning some one else monitor.

Display tuner is a FREE program which lets you tune any monitor which any kind to physical touch to the monitor you are using, you just need to install this program to start tuning your monitor for display.


Display tuner access the settings such as brightness, contrast, color settings or geometry and also extends with adjustment of speaker settings of your monitor.

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Take Screenshot From A Running Video

Free Video to JPG Converter allows you to take screenshot of a specific movie playing in it, that means you can save a specific frame scene as a jpg image from the movie at a specific time.


You can take the screenshots of your favourite movie scenes by clicking a simple button called Make Snapshot, so it allows you take snapshots from the movie at any point of time instantly by a single button click.