tips & tricks vista hacks

Cool keyboard shortcuts tricks for windows vista and xp.

All of us know almost the most common keyboard shortcuts using the window key listed below.

Vista Shortcuts using the Windows key:

Window key+B Sets focus to first icon in the notification area. You can use arrow keys to move among the icons in the notification area or press Tab to move around
on the taskbar.

tips & tricks vista hacks

New tips & tricks and hacks for Windows Vista

I have been getting lots of feedbacks about vista user experience from my friends about various features and some adhock functionalities which compelled me to prepare this post which is all about tweaking vista and not only in terms of Gui but various features & functionalities of windows vista.

how to tutorials tips & tricks vista hacks

Disable or Access denied on data writing on usb drives by your computer in windows vista or xp

So there is a simple way to stop writing of data on any machine having windows xp or windows vista.

Since Windows XP SP2, you can disable writing to USB devices altogether using a simple registry hack.This hack also works on windows vista.


Go to the location and set the dword value as 1 or copy the registry settings given below in notepad and save it as .reg file and enter these settings in the registry by double clicking and confirming the entry by clicking ok button of the message window.

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how to tutorials tips & tricks vista hacks

Fix or Repair the corrupted Vista Bootloader in a dual-boot configuration

Windows Vista no longer starts after you install an earlier version of the Windows operating system in a dual-boot configuration.“If you install an earlier version of the Windows operating system on a Windows Vista-based computer, Windows Vista no longer starts. In this case, only the earlier version of the Windows operating system starts.“

how to tutorials tips & tricks vista hacks

How to Stop Applications That Auto-start On Startup in windows vista

There are 2 ways to stop applications that auto-start when you login to Windows Vista. You can either use the System Configuration Utility or the new Software Explorer in Windows Defender:

how to tutorials tips & tricks vista hacks

How to enable/disable the Built-in Administrator Account in Windows vista

To get back administrator rights on windows vista turn off UAC and do the following.

Here’s the simple solution:

Do you know that “Administrator” account you see when you login to safe mode?

tips & tricks vista hacks

Tweak Vista with Some Usefull Rundll32 Commands For Windows vista

These are some very usefull and mostly used rundll32 commands which can be used to form shortcuts for control panel, folder options ,hibernate ,shutdown in windows vista.

Some Usefull commands are as follows…(type all these commands in run or set them in the target path of the shortcut).

how to tutorials vista hacks

Latest & Best Vista MCE Tweaks, Tricks, Tips and Tricks at Technix Update.

Some of the cool Windows vista (media center entertainment) mce tips and tricks are listed below…

For 32bit Vista Edition

Have 2 users and get 1 to login automatically:

Keep your two users and do the following:

  • Windows+R (or start->run)
  • enter “control userpasswords2″
  • You are then prompted for the username and password you want it to logon with at boot up.