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Hide Drives In Windows XP and Vista

Recently I received a comment from one of the reader asking how can he hide some specific drives on his computer hard disk so that no one can access that drive or partition.

It means like you want to hide specific partitions on your hard disk like C, D or E etc. This trick of hiding your drive is really useful when you have some private files on a particular drive which you don’t want others to see. 


You can hide any of your drive in three different ways including you can easily hide your drives by using a free software called TweakUI, applying a registry hack to to hide drives and with simple commands through command prompt.

Let’s discuss all these three above mentioned methods to hide drives in windows

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Launch Programs, Shutdown or Hibernate When Your Computer Becomes Idle

Idle Monitor is a FREE programs which will monitor your computer idle time based on the mouse movements. It can shutdown your computer if left attended for X minutes which you can specify.

Other than shutdown, Idle monitor can either run some specified program when your computer becomes idle.


You can set the idle time in minutes, and specify the program which you want to run if your computer is idle for x minutes.

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Freeware To Lock File and Folders in Vista

We have already posted a lot more on file and folder locking previously like how to lock folders in XP with and with out software and also how can you create super hidden folder in windows.

Yesterday, I found two small and easy to use FREE utility to lock files and folders for vista but also work for windows XP also.


One of the utility is called My Folder and Instant Lock, both of these programs are freeware.

Let discuss the working of both of these folder locking programs one by one.  


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How To Enable Scrollbar In Gtalk To See All Online Friends

Everyone Loves gtalk, I can say on part at least, because from the time I have started using it. I found Gtalk a good and lightweight chat client as compared to the flashy and full of ads yahoo messenger. Gtalk on the other hand is the most clean chat client with out any ads and sufficient number of features required.

But one of feature I always wanted to see in gtalk is to see all of my friends online in one go, but in order to find out whether a gtalk contact is online you need to type the name of the contact in the search bar of firefox.


So, In order to know whether a friend is online, I need to type the name of the friend, I know typing is fun but not always.

Then I found out another feature already embedded in gtalk which allow me to enable scrollbar in gtalk, with this scrollbar I can move the scrollbar up and down to see the all those friends online in one single go.

Let’s see how can be enable scrollbar in gtalk

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Download Windows Live Photo Gallery Full Setup [ offline installer ]

Windows Live Photo gallery is an application that really helps in organising your photos edit them apply special effects and also lets you organise your photos with tags.


Windows Live Photo Gallery will import the photos directly from your digital camera connected to your computer,  you can publish the photos on windows live spaces with in 2 clicks with windows live photo gallery.

Let’s find out some more features of windows live photo gallery and how to download the full offline setup of windows live photo gallery

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Clean Unused DLLs From Windows System Directory

Clean System Directory is a FREE utility which will clean all the unused DLL files in your windows system directory.


With time windows system directory becomes cluttered with time with unused DLL files which are loaded but no longer in use which in turn waste disk space and slow down the system speed.  

You can run clean system directory with this application either by installing the application or running the application directly. It will clean up these DLL files in the system directory that have no programs calling them so they can be moved out of the system directory.

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Download UltraSurf Full Setup for Anonymous Browsing

Ultrasurf is free proxy software which allows you to surf anonymously and break internet censorship to visit any public web site irrespective of any blocking firewall or software.

Ultrasurf is one such amazing tools for anonymous browsing which you can easily use with the browsers like IE, Firefox.


Ultra surf is compatible with widows XP and vista also, Ultrasurf has been there for about 6 years with daily hits over 300 million and daily traffic of over 5000 GB.