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WhoisCL – Free Command Line Whois Utility

WhoisCL is a simple command line program which lets you get the information about any registered domain on internet.


WhoisCL automatically connects to the whois server as per the top domain name and quickly retrieves the whois record of the domain. It supports the retrieval of both generic and country code domains.

How To Install and Use WhoisCL

As WhoisCL is a command line utility, so you will need to place it in the windows directly so that you can run this utility from command prompt any time you want for domain whois


1. Download WhoisCL from here

2. Extract the zip archive and copy the executable file named WhoisCL to C:\Windows

(assuming c: is the drive where windows is installed)


1. Open Start Menu >> Run, type cmd and press Enter key

2. Now, in the command prompt type the command in the following syntax 

whoiscl –r

For Example:

whoiscl –r

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Free Wireless Network Discovery Tool For Vista

VistaStumbler is really useful tool optimised for vista to connect to any wireless network with in the range of connectivity. It will let you discover all the information needed to correctly setup a private network, including BSSID, encryption, signal strength, channel and other information required.


It lets you setup and connect to any wireless network quickly and easily through its own easy to use interface.

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Tarylynn – Synchronize File and Folders On Multiple Computers Free

It quite most common when you use different computers as your work place and office, or you may have a combination of laptop and desktop on which you work on.

Tarylynn is a free multiple folder syncing tool which lets you sync your laptop and desktop together or any two other computers which could be on the network. It comes with an integrated FTP client, which means you can even work with remote computers.


This program analyzes and compares the content of the selected folders and lets you decide on the run time whether copy data, delete it, from right to left pane or vice versa.

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Free Offline CD DVD Browser – Get Offline Access On Removable Drives

Free Offline CD browser is a FREE software which lets you index and catalog your removable drives so that you can also browse their contents later when the drive is disconnected.


It could be really effective tool to create the catalog of CD, other removable drives and network drives etc. You can browse through the drive and then can locate and insert the DVD or CD to access the desired file.

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Skype Call Recorder – Freeware To Record Skype Calls

Skype Call Recorder is the best FREE software recently released which allows you to record skype conversations very easily. After install it sits in the system tray and if the recording is set on it will record all the skype calls you make on that computer.

You can configure the destination of the recorded MP3 file and also define the bitrate which controls the sound quality.


Note: Skype will ask you for the authorization to use this application

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Menu Maid – Edit Windows Explorer Menu and Internet Explorer Menu

Menu Maid allows is a FREE and easy to use tool to edit your right click context menu of your windows explorer and internet explorer.


It will let you clean up the messy right click menu of your windows explorer and internet explorer, it helps to delete all the useless entries in your right click menu.

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Get Detailed System Information About Your Computer – System Spec

System Spec is a small very useful system information utility which lets you see and know about the detailed information about your computer.


This standalone portable utility can perform various windows functions, additional advanced info includes detailed info about CPU, Drives, Application Installed, Display, Memory, Networking, Internet, CD / DVD drives etc.

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DeleteMe – Delete Temporary Files Periodically and Automatically

DeleteMe is a FREE useful program which allows you to delete unchanged files from a  specified path defined. It can be effectively used for cleaning files from temporary folders, can log files and folders or you may also clean files from network shared folders which are supposed to be clean on regular time basis.

After installing DeleteMe you will need to configure the path of the temporary folder or any other custom folder in which you want to delete files and folders.


You can set to delete sub folders, hidden files and read only files at the specified folder path, more over you can define the number of days after which it will delete all the unchanged files and folders