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Download Free License Key for TrendMicro Internet Security 2008 | 2007 | 2006 valid for 3 years

We have previously written about how to get FREE 6 month valid license for some kaspersky products and some other free softwares which are rather paid.

I have some of my friends who are using TrendMicro Internet Security which is going to expire soon, they always ask me how can they get it for free without paying anything from their pocket.


Trend Micro Internet Security is complete package for protecting your computer form any kind of web threats like trojans, viruses, spyware, and adware etc, also protect you against hacking attacks and other potential threats.

Here is how can get FREE genuine license for Trend Micro Internet Security 2008 or 2007 or 2006 version.

free software

Download Free Zone Alarm Firewall Free for personal use

Zone Alarm is one of the best firewall which I have used on my system, it always protect your system from various threats, trojan’s and hacker attacks.

Zone Alarm also protect your identity and other personal information when you browse web and do net banking, online purchases etc.


Zone Alarm free version supports Windows Vista and Windows XP Pro with at least 50 MB of disk space free on your hard disk.

free software

Monitor ES – Power Off Monitor When You Lock Your Computer

Monitor ES is one such free utility which lets you to save a good amount of energy and money by doing some amazing tweaks on your computer including the following ones


One of the most important features of this small program is it allows you to turn off your monitor automatically when you lock your computer, this could save a good amount of energy. Moreover you can turn off the monitor display by pressing the hotkey (CTRL+F2)

free software

Backup To Email – Send Any File To Your Gmail Account To Backup With Single Click

Backup To Email is a free utility which lets you take the single click backup of any files or folders you want to your email through right click context menu. That’s means after installation you just need to right click in file or folder you want to backup and select backup to email in option in the right click context menu.


It can even split the large files or folder which are beyond the highest attachment limit of gmail, so there will be no problem in backing up the large files and folder with this tool as it will automatically split the large files and folder to backup.

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Faster Logoff, Reboot, Shutdown From System Tray

ipower is a small but very useful tool which lets you logoff, shutdown and reboot your computer more faster by proving this functionalities in windows system tray.


After running this small tool you will notice a small icon in system tray and it awaits for your double click to do any magic.

You can choose to select any of the three command to get executed for shutdown, reboot and logoff.


After selecting any one of these three options in ipower, you can double click the system tray icon to execute the selected option.

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PersonalWebKit – Create Design Your Own Website For Free

PersonalWebKit is a FREE tool which lets you create and design your website irrespective of how much you know about HTML code. It will help you make you webpage for free with in few minutes without any HTML or technical knowledge required to design a web page.


It comes with an integrated FTP which lets you upload your designed website or separate web page directly to the server. Moreover creating a webpage is very easy and quick process as it much like creating a document which has several sections to be filled and information specified.

free software

NoSleep – Deactivate Sleep / Standby and Screensaver From System Tray Temporarily

NoSleep is a FREE utility which allows you to deactivate sleep, standby and screensaver on your computer temporarily.


This small utility can be really useful at times when you need to deactivate the screensaver or prevent your computer to enter standby or sleep mode when you are doing some important works and you may need to switch in between different computers around you.

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KUninstall – Uninstall and Remove All Traces Of Uninstalled Programs From Your Computer

KUninstall is a FREE utility which lets you uninstall any program on your computer very easily through it program interface. It is quite small but very powerful and effective tool for removing the unwanted software programs on your computer.


It lets you clean out all the traces of the currently un-installed programs and permit you search and remove any traces left behind after un installation in the registry.