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Get To Know When Did You Clicked That Picture

We all click pictures from our digital cameras at many times and at various locations, and at the moment when you transfer these pictures to your computer you try to guess when did you took that picture you are transfering just out of curiosity.

So, there was no way to find out when did you took the picture, where you was, what time it was and whom you were with. PhotoMe a free program which comes to resolve this problem of finding the extensive information about any picture you clicked with your digital camera.


This application reads the photo of type JPEG, TIFF and RAW format and most of the modern cameras formats are also supported. You can also modify the creation date of the picture being taken, see lot of other details associated with that image.

Some Key Features Of PhotoMe

1. It supports panasonic RW2 files, Adobe Camera (.DCP) Profiles

2. It allows you to read and edit meta data associated with the images

3. Provides other additional data attached with the images including camera, manufacturer, camera lens, Aperture and lots more.

4. Support of Exif tags (Specification v2.21)

5. Exif data will be written by the digital camera for each photo with the parameters of the camera.

6. This allows you to see all the used settings, right down to the sensor temperature when the shot was taken.

7. Support of IPTC-NAA tags (Specification v4.1)
IPTC-NAA data is used by agencies to save keywords, comments and copyright notes.

8. Reading support of ICC profile data (Specification v4.2.0.0)
ICC (International Color Consortium) profiles are used for color management.

9. Support JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, Digital Negative RAW and all common camera RAW file types As well as the popular JPEG format, PhotoME also shows files which are saved in the TIFF, GIF and PNG formats, and the following camera RAW file types:

Canon RAW v2 (CR2), Canon Thumbnail (THM), Epson (ERF), FujiFilm (RAF), Hasselblad (3FR), Kodak (KDC, DCR, K25), Konica/Minolta (MRW), Mamiya (MEF), Nikon (NEF), Olympus (ORF), Panasonic and Leica (RAW, RW2), Pentax (PEF), Sony (ARW, SRF and SR2), Creo Leaf Capture (MOS) and the new open RAW format Digital Negative (DNG).

10. PhotoME also supports Windows HD Photo and Media Photo (HDP, WDP), ICC profile files (ICC, ICM), Adobe DNG Camera Profile (DCP), FotoStation text templates (IPT), Nikon IPTC Data files (NID), the Opanda Exif template format (EXIF), as well as 2 of PhotoME’s own formats for the export of Exif and IPTC/NAA-data.

See the complete feature list here

Download PhotoMe

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