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DeskLock – Lock Desktop Icons – Prevent The Movement Of Desktop Icons – Fix Desktop Layout

One of the most annoying this I had experienced in windows is when ever I play a game on my desktop or laptop after resuming back from the game. I was used to find my desktop cluttered and all the desktop icons scattered every where.

This was really frustrating for me, as I had to rearrange them on the desktop area for easy accessibility. DeskLock is such free software which lets you lock your desktop icons locations so that they can not move from the specified positions you had set.


You just need to make sure that this small utility is running in the system tray and irrespective of what ever you do the desktop icons will not move from their locations

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UNetbootin – Install Any Version Linux To Your USB Drive or Hard Drive Partition

UNetbootin is one such free application which allows you to install various linux / BSD distributions to your hard drive partition or USB drive connected to your computer.


You can even create a disk image (ISO) simply on your computer and later burn it on the disc. This small tool is created by ubuntu which will help you install a wide variety of linux distributions on your portable USB drive.

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Reveal Remembered Hidden Password In Opera | Internet Explorer | FireFox | Google Chrome

It may happen that you forgot the password of your email account at yahoo mail, gmail or some where else, although you can recover your password from yahoo messenger or even from gtalk messenger if you had set to remember your password while login in the messenger.


Today we will tell you the working hack which lets you see the remembered hidden password behind the asterisks.

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Free Nokia Format Video Converter – Convert Popular Video Files To Nokia Supported Video Formats

Free Nokia Video Converter is a free converter which lets you convert any multimedia file including video and audio formats to 3gp and mpeg-4 video format which are easily supported on Nokia N90, Nokia 6205, Nokia E71, Nokia 5800, Nokia E63, Nokia E75, Nokia E71, Nokia N96 and other nokia phones.

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One of the best thing about this converter is that it allows to do the conversion from any video format to nokia video format in 3 simple steps. The three steps required for the conversion are

1. First you will need to add the video format

2. choose the destination place for the converted video file

3. click the Start button to start the multi conversion process

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WebZipExplorer – Download Selected Files In A Zip Archive From A Internet WebSite

WebZipExplorer is a free software which will let you download the selected files from a zip file from any website on the internet.


It has ftp support, but you will need to have Internet Explorer 5 or higher installed to get this tool working on your computer.

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DomainResolver – Find The IP Address Of Any Website Through Its Domain Name

DomainResolver is small free to use tool which lets you find the IP address of any website on web with its domain name. You just need to type in the domain name and press the resolve button at the bottom of the application to get the IP address of the website.


It will also retrieve the domain location easily and even works with sub domain names.

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CloseMany – End or Kill Multiple Process Running At Once

CloseMany is one such tiny utility which can act as a replacement for task manager in windows, with this simple task manager type application you can kill multiple process and services in single go, you just need to select all process you want to kill and then press the kill button at the top of the application.


I have a habit to kill some programs in windows time to time so that to keep the CPU free from getting used by some irrelevant process which keep wasting the memory and CPU all the time.

But neither it is task manager or process explorer cannot kill more than one task or process running at a time. This restriction of these programs makes the overall activity quite tedious and time consuming.

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Hidden File Scanner – Search and Locate Hidden Files On Your Computer

Hidden files are one the most suspicious files on any windows computer which could be dangerous or private as either they might be created by the virus or by the user who is using the computer.

If some virus infect your computer it will create some hidden files including the virus autorun.inf file and other executable which could be responsible to keep the virus active, as you cant see those files so cant delete those virus executables.

Hidden File Scanner solves the problem as it allows you see and delete the hidden files on your windows computer even if show hidden files and folder is turned off.


One the dangerous files created by several viruses these days is autorun.inf files and this program will automatically rate the autorun.inf found hidden files as normal, hidden, suspicious or dangerous file.