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Download Free Broadband Internet Speed Booster

We all want to speed up our broadband internet connection so that we can download music, movies and other files from the internet more speedily. TCPSpeed is one of the best free software for speeding up your internet connection.


TCPSpeed allows you tweak the windows settings to optimize and use the maximum speed out of your internet connection. It make some tweaks on the windows operating system shutting down the useless TCP layer level things which would enhance the internet download speed for you.

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10+ Free Live Streaming Links To Watch IPL T20 2009 Matches Online Season 2

IPL T20 2009 matches are going on these days in south Africa, but we all are so much busy with our office and other work may not find time to watch these matches sitting in front of the TV.


Most of my friends are at their offices where there is no television provided to watch ipl t20 2009 cricket matches, but as they are mostly software engineers and some other people who have a active internet connection on their office computers, so they can watch ipl t20 cricket matches online on internet.

We had already written a post on how to

Watch IPL t20 2009 Cricket Matches Online Live On IPL Official Site and Watch Highlights On Youtube Channel

Above post includes all the possible official links where you can watch, so if due to any reason the official links does not work to watch IPL t20 2009 matches you can use the alternative links given below to watch t20 2009 ipl matches online live on these sites mentioned below.

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My Drive Icon – Set Custom Drive Icons To Drives In My Computer In Vista & XP

Almost all of us get bored seeing the same drive icons in my computer, it could be great if you can customize and assign a custom drive icon to the drives in my computer as per the types of contents you store.

We had also written an exclusive article on how do you get vista drive icons in xp, but in this article we will tell you to set custom drive icon with out any registry hack. 


My drive icon is the safest way to quickly assign custom drive icons in windows vista and xp without any registry play, and it is quite simple and easy to use. But you will need to refresh the view (Press F5) in my computer to see the new drive icon set by my drive icon.

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Transform XP Drive Icons To Vista Drive Icons With Horizontal Free Space Usage Bar

Changing the drive icons can be really fun if you want to tweak the look and feel of drives icons in xp or vista.

One of the most liking things about vista is the cool looking vista drive icons which looks so cool as compared to the boring drive icons in xp, moreover it also displays the usage of the drive as per the space occupied in that drive by files and folders.


It will change and convert the primary disk drives icons and other drive icons to look similar to vista drive icons, moreover the new icons will also show the free space usage bar which gives an idea about the current free space in the drive.

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Free Download Skype Full Setup Standalone [ Offline Installer ]

Skype is one such amazing tool for video conferencing, voice communication and lot more other business purposes. it really nice tool to call your distant relatives with absolute voice clarity at lowest call rates with some cool discounts depending on the amount of calling you do with skype.


But if you try downloading skype for windows you will get a small web installer named SkypeSetup.exe from the official skype site which would require internet connection in order to download and install skype on your windows computer.

In order to install skype on any computer with out internet connectivity you would need a full setup standalone offline installer for the latest version of skype released.

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Let’s see from where you can download the full setup of skype

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BlockSite – Block Websites In FireFox

BlockSite is cool firefox addon which lets you block any website of your choice in firefox, and it will also disable and block all the hyperlinks to the websites you blocked.


This utility however can be used for novice firefox users as the extension itself can be disabled and uninstalled from firefox. You can enable or disable the warning messages displayed whenever a site is blocked to access. This extension basically adds the site blocking functionality that was removed from adblock plus.

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Glasser – Make FireFox Window Transparent

Recently One of the reader asked us whether, how can we make firefox windows transparent just like windows vista. I goggled for the same and found a cool free firefox addon called Glasser which makes firefox windows transparent after installation.


This extension requires windows vista, windows 7 with aero glass as the active visual style to be activated in order to function correctly. Make sure to deactivate window blinds if you have it installed on your computer.

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ViSplore – Get Transparent Vista Explorer With Aero Glass Effect In XP

ViSplore is small free tool which let you convert your windows explorer in windows xp to amazing looking vista explorer, not only it will convert xp windows explorer it will also provide aero glass interface, addressbar and breadcrumbs which is one most useful features in revamped vista explorer.


The converted windows explorer look exactly like vista explorer with all the functions of vista explorer provided and other xp explorer things like files and folders remains intact.