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TheEnd – Rename File Name In Windows XP Without Selecting The File Extension Like Vista

Till now, I had integrated almost all the cool features of windows vista in windows xp including vista start menu in xp or vista like search in xp and you can also get vista like drives in xp or get the windows seven taskbar in xp


Similarly with this simple free utility called TheEnd you can get the feature of renaming the file names without selecting the extension of the file in windows xp just like it happens in vista.

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PushMonitorOff – Free Monitor Turn Off Application – Turn Off Your Monitor With Keyboard Shortcut

PushMonitorOff is one such cool application which lets you turn off monitor quickly with a keyboard shortcut, but why would you want to turn off your monitor ?

Sometimes when you just want to turn off the monitor and keep the other applications running, it could be required as you may be leaving your seat in office for specific amount of time but you want the programs keep running.


This could be really good idea if you want to conserve some energy and save the environment around you, the default keyboard shortcut to turnoff your laptop or desktop monitor is Shift+F1

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Explore&Burn – CD/DVD Burning Integrated With Windows Explorer

Explore&Burn is a free tool which integrate the free CD/DVD burning with in windows explorer. It could prove to be the best and quickest way to burn files and ISO images on your computer to CD or DVD drive as itself integrates with windows explorer.


It is extremely easy to use lightweight among all the other free burning applications.

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Remove / Disable Ads Banner In Yahoo Messenger 9, 8, 7 – Block Yahoo Messenger Ads

Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Final was recently released, but as we all know from the yahoo messenger 7 version yahoo had integrated yahoo add banner in yahoo messenger which eats up your bandwidth specially if you are on a limited bandwidth plan.

Moreover the full ad banner at the bottom of yahoo messenger looks very annoying, specially it is a flash which makes it more annoying and disturbing for the user.

There can be different ways to remove or disable this banner ad in yahoo messenger in version 9, 8 and 7. Lets discuss the methods to remove ads from different versions of yahoo messenger

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Automatically Upload and Sync The Photos In Your Local Folder On Your Computer With Your Flickr Account

FlickrSync is a FREE tool which lets you upload and sync all the photos you store in a particular folder on your computer with your flickr sets and photos online. It displays flickr your local folders and your flickr profile folders and establish synchronization rules between them. so with this free utility you can keep your local photos folder on your computer with flickr.


Please note that the synchronization is done one way only – Your local photos folder will never be changed and the local folder image will be replicated on our flickr account.

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Mz Services Manager – Free Application To Enable and Disable Services In Single Click Quickly

Mz Services Manager is a Freeware which let you enable or disable the running or stopped services in windows, this tool works on all the versions of windows released after windows xp, however you would need .net framework 2.0 to run this application on xp.


It allows you to customize the running services in windows and save it as a profile, so the next time you apply that profile all those disabled or stopped services will be terminated automatically.

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Bywifi – Free Video Speed Streaming Downloader | Watch Videos Smoothly At Low Internet Speed

Bywifi is a FREE and easy to use application specially created for speeding up the video streaming from any of the video websites. It help you to speed up downloading, transcoding videos from the popular video sites like youtube, metacafe, dailymotion etc and lots more other video sharing websites.


In order to speed up the video streaming on your computer you just need to right click on the system tray icon of Bywifi icon and select Speed Up. More over you can not only speed up the video streaming but can also download or convert the video from any video sharing websites.

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ThunderFix – Fix Slow Thunderbird To Run Faster

ThunderFix is a small FREE tool which cleans the junk in thunderbird and improves the thunderbird performance to a great extent. This tool could be of great help specially if you are facing slow start time in thunderbird.


ThunderFix detects all the .msf files with in your thunderbird profile and removes them, so the next time when you run thunderbird it will generate the new MSF files and you will see the improvement in the thunderbird startup time.