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Free Video to Mp3 Converter Download

It could be a case when you have most of your songs or other multimedia songs which you want to listen on your mobile phone or mp3 player but they doe not support Mp4 (MPEG-4) formats.

Free Mp4 To Mp3 converter lets you convert any mp4 video song for example to mp3 which you can listen any time. It will not only convert mp4 to mp3 but also supports some popular formats like AVI, DivX, Xvid, FLV (Flash Video), Quicktime Video (.mov), DVD video, VOB video and more to be converted into Mp3.


You can use this program to make an original sound track from any movie you want it is so easy to use and fast in operation.

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Free New Working Rapidshare Premium Account Checker – Rapidshare Plus ACC

Rapidshare is one of the most oldest and reliable file sharing which is most widely used all over the world, we had recently featured some of the free download manager for rapidshare and some universal downloader which even work beyond rapidshare.

Rapidshare Plus ACC is a free rapidshare premium account checker which lets you find out the working rapidshare premium account from the list of the rapidshare username and password list which you may have got from different forums.

These rapidshare accounts list contains a large number of username and passwords out of which some of them are working and finding out which of them are working is really tedious process.

Rapidshare Plus ACC 

It will automatically test all the username in the list with an interval of standard 10 seconds which can be changed. This is the best program to find out the working rapidshare account from the large list of rapidshare user accounts in the list.

Download Rapidshare Plus Account Checker

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Easy Way To Install Ubuntu Linux On USB Drive

Ubuntu is one of most active group behind modifying linux and making it easy for windows users to accept and try ubuntu linux with more user acceptability.

Out of the all those Ubuntu community has taken the initiative of proving desktop edition of ubuntu linux which can be easily installed and uninstalled from windows itself. The only thing that was quite difficult till now was to install ubuntu linux on a USB portable drive.

But now with uSbuntu Live Creator which is the safest and easiest way to install ubuntu linux on your USB portable drive which enables you to install and run ubuntu directly from your USB drive.


You can install ubuntu on USB drive either from a ubuntu iso image you have, or from a ubuntu installation cd and you don’t have them then you need download the iso image of ubuntu from here.

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Shortcut To Change Desktop Wallpaper – Wallpaper Rotator

It happens with all of us when we get bored by the same wallpaper and want to change but due to time required to choose the next cool wallpaper and the effort required you may be not change it.

There are some free utilities which lets you change the wallpaper automatically by selecting any wallpaper form the folder randomly you specify. But still a utility which changes the wallpaper automatically which after a specific time interval which you may not want to.

A Reader Note:

I would like to change the wallpaper any time I want it to rather than specifying a time interval for changing it.

Wallpaper Rotator solves this purpose by creating a shortcut in the desktop to change the wallpaper, so whenever you double click the shortcut, it will change the wallpaper and set a new wallpaper from the folder you specify.


You can configure wallpaper rotator to specify the default layout to of the wallpaper to be set, pick order for selecting a wallpaper to be set on desktop.


After installation it will create a desktop shortcut to change the desktop wallpaper, if it does not create it. Then you can create a shortcut by pasting the following path in the target box of the shortcut.

"C:\Program Files\100dof_wallpaper_rotator\bin\wallpaper_rotator.exe" /rotate

To launch Wallpaper Rotate To Configure, create a another new shortcut by pasting the path below

"C:\Program Files\100dof_wallpaper_rotator\bin\wallpaper_rotator.exe"

Download Wallpaper Rotator

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Free Process Priority Changer For Windows

Process Manager for windows is a free program which lets you change the priority of any application in windows. The developer of this program is Arif Ali Saiyed is one of my friend.

Process Manager actually integrates lot many features in windows which makes this free program worth using.


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Free Online Youtube Video Downloader

We had discussed many ways to download youtube videos in out our previous posts, but today we will tell you the most simplest way to download a youtube video. is the most easiest way to download any youtube video instantly and speedily, as you just need to add pwn before the youtube video path you want to download and press go in the address bar of the browser. ( as shown in the image below)


You will see the download links when you press go after appending pwn to the youtube video download path.


You will need to right click on the download link and select save as to download the video.

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Mount / Add Any Folder In My Computer and Control Panel

Folder2MyPc is a FREE utility which allows you to add any folders and programs in “My Computer” and “Control Panel”

You can add,change,remove program shortcut to run any application or mount any folder on your hard drive under my computer, you can also choose how do you want to open the folder you have mounted in my computer in a new window or in the same window.

Application Shortcut In My Computer and Control Panel


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Change Default Icons In Windows – SysIcon

SysIcon is a FREE utility which allows you to change default sets of icons in windows, its not a image editor but performs necessary changes to registry in order to change default icons in windows.

It allows you to change the almost all the shell icons including default folder icon, start menu icon, control panel icon, unknown file type icon, my computer icon, drive icon, network icon and lot more other system icons can be changed.


You can also change the shortcut overlay, default run icon, all programs icons etc In short you can use this free program to change the default icons on any thing on windows.