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Desktop Shortcut To Restart Hanged Windows Explorer

It happens many times when windows explorer goes un-responding due to many reasons, in that case in order to recover the hanged state easily you can terminate and restart windows explorer through task manager.


But restarting windows explorer will take some time, another way to restart windows explorer easily as faster is by creating a desktop shortcut to restart window explorer, but you may not be able to click this shortcut in case of severe hang situation of windows explorer, at that point of time restarting windows explorer through task manager will work.

Let’s discuss both of these ways to restart windows explorer.

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Auto Reply For Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, Msn and AIM etc is one of useful FREE online service which works as a auto reply answering machine for your Instant Messengers like Yahoo messenger, Google Talk, MSN, AIM and ICQ.

This service could be really useful to auto respond to the messages on your instant messengers in case you are away from your computer or busy in doing some other important work.


It works in the following way mentioned below

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Free Rapidshare Downloader For Free Users

Recently we had written about a free download accelerator for rapidshare free users, which lets you download more than one file simultaneously with out any time lag in between. Today we will tell you about another free rapidshare downloader which lets you download any fie from rapid share with ease. 

Rapid Download is fast, portable and lightweight download accelerator for rapidshare, the use of this rapidshare downloader is quite simple as you just need to copy all the links of the rapidshare files to be downloaded in a file called download.txt and double click the executable of the application rapiddownload.exe 


Rapidshare downloader is very small in size with only 14 KB in size, moreover it also checks whether the file as per the download link is still there on the rapidshare servers before downloading.


WordCamp India Happening At Adobe India Noida

Finally after all the hard work of organisers from Delhi Bloggers Bloc and Blog Design, WordCamp is happening in India and venue is finalised to be Adobe India Office at Noida on 21st, 22nd Feb 2009.

What is WordCamp?

For those who don’t know about WordCamp, WordCamp is an event that was inspired by BarCamp and the idea is to have a get together of people who are interested in WordPress.

So, if you are using wordpress, then this would be a cool event to attend as you will get to learn more about wordpress from some amazing sessions scheduled for the event.

These are some sessions lined up for WordCamp India

  • Keynote :  by Surprise guest – one of the top 100 influential bloggers by CNET 🙂
  • How to get started after installing WordPress : Abhijeet Mukherjee
  • Talk : State of the word : by Matt Mullenweg
  • Optimising ads on your WP blog : Amit Agarwal, Digital Inspiration
  • Implementing SEO in your WP blog : Mani Karthik
  • Intellectual property rights/copyrights : Pavan Duggal, Advocate, Supreme court of India
  • WordPress as CMS for business sites : Ravish Ahuja,
  • WordPress, a lifestyle – Praval Singh
  • WordPress.TV – by Matt Mullenweg
  • Best Feature suggestion for WordPress – Matt Mullenweg, with moderator
  • Panel discussion – the amended India IT act 2000 – Pavan Duggal, Advocate, Supreme court of India
  • Writing WordPress plugins – Mayank Gupta, Blog Design Studio
  • Making WP lighter – Shreyas, from RadioVerve
  • Adobe’s new AIR apps – Adobe representative
  • Session on podcasting – Aditya Mhatre, Indicast
  • Blogging vs Journalism – Panel debate

There list is not complete as there will be some more sessions that will be added to the above list. I am also planning to speak on some wordpress related topic but no topic decided yet, lets see 🙂

Another great reason for attending the event is Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress is coming to attend the event and a special surprise guest, a very popular blogger residing in the US will also be there. Lets see who is he.

WordCamp Venue:

Adobe Towers, I-1A, City Centre, Sector : 25A, NOIDA-201301


Registration for the event is now open, register here

Individual day ticket : INR 250,

Full event ticket : INR 400.

Note: Your ticket entitles you to lunch/tea/coffee/snack, Welcome kit, WordCamp souvenir.

It is going to be one of the biggest event India on Blogging and WordPress, So wish to see you there, let me know if you can suggest a good topic on which Is should say few words in wordcamp india.

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Hide Files and Folder In USB Portable Drive For Free

Hiding your private files and folders could be very important when you don’t want others to see files on your pen drive, on the other hand some people may not like others to use their USB  pen drive.

Today we will share a simple trick which can make your drive contents invisible including all files and folders and will also make your drive write protected so that no one can add further files on your pen drive.


The whole process of hiding files and folders on your drive involves the use of a small third party program which is free to use, and a small command you need to run from command prompt.

Let’s discuss the trick, I hope you like this trick of hiding contents on your USB Drive.

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Free Audio Converter

Free Audio Converter lets you convert any audio file to mp3, wav or wma, you can also convert wav to mp3, mp3 to wav and wma to mp3.

Using free audio converter is quite simple as you just need add files to the audio converter. select the output format of the songs through settings and then click convert.


As you can see in the image above free audio converter provides easy 3 step conversion of audio files to any output format you select.

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Full Screen Image Viewer For Firefox and Internet Explorer

Full Screen Image viewer is a FREE program which integrates itself to firefox and internet explorer context menu’s i.e right click menu in firefox and internet explorer.

After installing full screen image viewer you can view any image in full screen mode just by right clicking on the image and select the image view mode.


The various options for viewing the image are following:

  • View Full Screen – Best Fit
  • View Full Screen – Cut Fit Bottom Right
  • View Full Screen – Cut Fit Equal
  • View Full Screen – Cut Fit Top Left
  • View Full Screen – Stretch Fit
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Free LAN Search Program – LAN Search Pro

In my last company one of the most amazing time pass things I used to do when I don’t have any work was to look for movies, and songs shared on the company local area network. But browsing every computer shared resources for movies, songs could be really tiring if there are large number of computers to search for on your local area network.

LAN Search Pro is a free utility which lets you search across your LAN network, you can specify the file names or file types you are searching for on your LAN network.


If you want to search for all the movies and songs shared across your company network you can simply type in the search term as


and press the green play button play to start searching.