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Change the default files save format from .docx to .doc in word 2007



Microsoft word is the mostly used out of all the Microsoft office 2007 applications, but I have seen people some times in a situation when they were cursing Microsoft Word 2007.

It happens when you have saved some important document while using microsoft word 2007 with .docx extension and taken that file some where else where office 2003 or any version later than office 2007 is installed and you cannot open .docx files. 

As .docx is the new file format recognised only by office 2007, and office 2003 or later versions of office cannot open .docx word document files.

What is .docx?

It is the default file extension for saving documents in word 2007. These docx documents are essentially a bunch of zipped XML documents  

Let’s see how can you change the default file save format to .doc which is widely supported in the backward version of office 2007.

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Safely Remove your pen drive with USB Safely Remove application


Yesterday, I came across a new cool application called USB Safely Remove which allows to remove your portable USB drives in a quick and easy way.

USB Safely Remove is a powerful program to handle all the portable devices connect to different USB ports on your computer.

It replaces your normal safely remove functionality of windows with the cool green coloured icon in the system tray (Highlighted in the image below).


Let’s see some other features it offers

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Remove ctfmon.exe in windows with CTFMON-Remover



There are so many useless windows process which keep on running in the background and consume your already slow computer resources and CPU usage.

One such windows process is Ctfmon.exe is one of them which always kept running in the background and using cpu all the time, although it does not consume so much of resources but most of the time ctfmon is useless for a user using windows.

What is Ctfmon ?

Ctfmon.exe is Alternative User Input Text Input Processor for Office. It activates the Microsoft Office Language Bar and the Alternative User Input Text Input Processor.

Let’s see how can we remove it with ctfmon-remover.

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Increase your laptop battery power with vista battery saver


It occurs many times when you need your laptop battery power the most, like when you are giving a presentation or doing some important work but battery goes down and reaches a critical battery level.

Specially with windows vista powered laptop this situation occurs more often, as the Graphic User Interface in vista like Aero, Vista sidebar etc. consumes much more battery power.

But you can make better and efficient usage of your battery using an application called Vista Battery Saver which will save 70% of the battery power in vista by disabling these nice looking features Aero and Vista Sidebar.


Let’s see what more features it can offer

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Add any program to your startup easily with Sent To menu


It occurs sometimes when you may like to add a program to your start up by dragging the program shortcut in All Programs >> Startup

But there is more better way to do it,  which could save your time and make it simple. (as seen in the image below)


Yes, you can add a shortcut to your startup folder in the send to menu, and when you want to add any program to startup with windows startup, you can right click on the program shortcut and select Startup.

Let’s see how can you do this tweak.

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Copy anything to your clipboard with out formatting with Clipboard Fusion


Have you ever feel the need to copy some text from an application like Microsoft Word or a Web Page etc. with out any formatting ?

Normally when you copy some text from one application to another the main problem arises because of the formatting of the text you copy is not removed. A Free application called ClipboardFusion makes this possible for you.


What is ClipboardFusion ?

ClipboardFusion is a small freeware nifty application which sits in your system tray and monitors your clipboard and when ever it finds any text in the windows clipboard it will srub ( “clean” ) that text, to remove all formatting.

Let see some more ClipboardFusion offers in features.

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Monitor your internet bandwidth usage with Netlimiter


I remember one of my friend was facing a problem some time back, when some application start using the internet bandwidth on his computer because of some unknown reason, due to which the limited bandwidth usage in his mtnl broadband plan got exceeded.

NetLimiter, is a software which comes to rescue in these types of situation as you can know how much internet bandwidth is being used by any program on your system.


NetLimiter is useful program which allows you to monitor each application on your system which connects to internet, it also allows you to easily manage your internet connections bandwidth and share it among the different applications on your system which connects to internet.

Some other features of NetLimiter

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Password Protect your files with Norton Secret Stuff


Did you feel the need to password protect any documents, pictures or any other file while sharing them with your friends.


Norton Secret Stuff allows you to encrypt and password protect any file on windows which you can share with anyone via Email, through pen drives or cd’s etc.

It creates secure self extracting password protected executable files which can be sent to any one and can be decrypted with out using any software, the intended recipient of the files needs to know the password only in order to decrypted the file.

Let’s see how can we use Norton Secret Stuff to encrypt