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Watch YouTube Videos Wide Screen In Your Browser

Recently, Rohit – a friend of mine, also a troublefixer with me on – ( we solve computer problems here ) send me a link to a youtube video to me on twitter


The youtube video was of A R Rahman Latest Album song – Jiya Se Jiya featuring free hugs by people. When he sent the link to the video he made a mistake in copying the URL of the youtube video which turned out be a trick all credit goes to him for the trick. Let discuss what did he changed in the youtube URL.

When ever you view a video on your browser the URL which you notice in the address bar will of the following format

If you paste this URL you will land up on youtube website with will load up the video in the small rectangle frame and other area filled up with the suggested videos and other information, but what if you want to view the video only.


Today we will tell you how to watch the videos in your browser full screen, you just need tweak the above given standard URL a little bit.

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Backup Offline Installers For All Windows Live Essentials Beta Programs After Download

Recently, Microsoft released all the programs under their windows live essentials beta pack. Windows Live essentials beta pack includes a variety of programs which lets you do various things


The programs which are included in windows live essentials beta pack are:

  • Windows Live Messenger
  • Windows Mail
  • Windows Live Writer
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery
  • Silverlight
  • Windows Movie Maker Beta
  • Family Safety
  • Windows Live Toolbar For Internet Explorer

When ever you want to download any of these programs who will need to first download a single web installer called wlsetup-web_2.exe which runs an installation wizard in which you can select which programs you need to install.

This small web installer actually download the offline installer which can be backed up and install programs on another computers which does need to be connected to internet in order to install these programs.

We will tell you how can you backup the downloaded installers for the specific programs from the system hidden folders after using web installer for installing these programs once.

Let’s see where does windows live essentials beta pack stores the individual installer for all these programs which can be backed up and used as a standalone installer.

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Download Windows Live Essentials Pack Beta Full Setup [ Offline Installer ]

Microsoft has recently released Windows Live Pack Beta which includes Windows Live Messenger, Mail, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Live Toolbar, Windows Live Writer and Silver light.


The Windows Live Pack which you download from will provide a web installer file wlsetup-web_2.exe to install all the above mentioned programs which will require your computer to be connected to internet in order to install these applications in windows live pack.

Windows Live Pack Web installer will download around 134 MB if you select all the applications But, if you want to install the same set of applications on another computer you will need to download the same amount of data again from internet and as it requires internet the second computer must be connected to internet.

Let’s see how can you install all these applications on various computer without downloading again and again on different computers

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What is pnkbstrB.exe and pnkbstrA.exe, Can I Stop Them

After a long time, I am back with this type of post which deals with the useless process running on your computer and let you know what those process are meant for and whether you can stop them.

Previously we have written post on various other useless process like stopping google updater, stopping windows media player network sharing process, stopping mdm.exe and some other process including how to stop ctfmon.exe and lot more you can see here

Today we have come up two process named pnkbstrA and pnkbstrB


Let’s see why both or any of these process in running on your computer and whether you can stop them.

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Install TweetDeck On Ubuntu Linux

Finally, I got my ubuntu desktop edition cds, I was much more excited to install the latest version of ubuntu linux. But after installing ubuntu on my hp tx1000 laptop I ran into many problems like with wireless, audio, graphics.


One of the major problem was for me was to find the daliy used applications like twitter clients, blogging clients for wordpress and some other applications like filezilla etc which finally gets installed through synaptic package manager.

I will start posting about what ever the ubuntu problems I faced on and off with windows tips and tricks, this one is first about how to install tweetdeck on ubuntu

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Clear Run History In Windows

We all use windows run prompt to launch various windows utilities like command prompt, msconfig but whenever we type a command in run prompt it gets saved in Windows as Run History as Run MRU (Most Recently Used) List.

Many of my friends gets annoyed to see recently typed commands in windows run as they do not want others to see what they had typed in run.


Today, we will tell you all the ways to clear run prompt history in Windows XP and Vista.

There two methods to clear the windows run history, the first method is via windows registry to clear windows run and second method involves a free utility MRU Blaster which lets you clear windows run history

Let’s discuss both of these methods to clear the recently typed commands in run


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Convert, Resize and Watermark Multiple Images with Pixillion

We carry out the these basic operations many times on various images using various tool for converting image format, then for resizing the image and then some tool for adding watermark to a image.

Instead now you can use a simple free tool called Pixillion Image Converter, Pixillion Image Converter can do all all these 3 main functions on converting, resizing and watermarking in single go and can do it on multiple images selected.


You can configure the format to which the final image will be converted, resizing attributes and specify how the watermark will placed on the images.

Let’s see how and what all you can configure with Pixillion Image Converter