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Revealer Keylogger Free Edition – Free Keylogger

After a long time I am writing about a utility related to hacking called Revealer Keylogger Free Edition which is a FREE keylogger to use.

Revealer Keylogger Free Edition is completely FREE without any adware, spyware, malware etc to use which lets you records the basic keystrokes on your computer.


Revealer Keylogger Free Edition is easy to install and use, logs every keystroke comes with password protection to run and can be hidden completely and moreover it FREE too.

Read on to know more about configuring and running Revealer Keylogger Free Edition

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Open Folder With An Alias Name Through Run Prompt

I was trying to get the quickest way through which i can open my favourite folders and programs through run prompt, you must be wondering why I should  rather make desktop shortcuts for those programs and folder and place them directly on the desktop and access them quickly.


But I don’t want flood my desktop with more shortcuts as I want it to be as clean as possible. So, I thought of accessing these folders and files with some alias names like through run prompt.

1. d for open C:\Downloads directory

2. a to open C:\abhi directory

3. i to launch iTunes program

and so on.

Finally after some googling and hit and trails I was successful to access any of my favourite program or directory with alias names as commands through run prompt directly.

Read on to know more about how did i do it.