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Remove ctfmon.exe in windows with CTFMON-Remover



There are so many useless windows process which keep on running in the background and consume your already slow computer resources and CPU usage.

One such windows process is Ctfmon.exe is one of them which always kept running in the background and using cpu all the time, although it does not consume so much of resources but most of the time ctfmon is useless for a user using windows.

What is Ctfmon ?

Ctfmon.exe is Alternative User Input Text Input Processor for Office. It activates the Microsoft Office Language Bar and the Alternative User Input Text Input Processor.

Let’s see how can we remove it with ctfmon-remover.

vista hacks

Increase your laptop battery power with vista battery saver


It occurs many times when you need your laptop battery power the most, like when you are giving a presentation or doing some important work but battery goes down and reaches a critical battery level.

Specially with windows vista powered laptop this situation occurs more often, as the Graphic User Interface in vista like Aero, Vista sidebar etc. consumes much more battery power.

But you can make better and efficient usage of your battery using an application called Vista Battery Saver which will save 70% of the battery power in vista by disabling these nice looking features Aero and Vista Sidebar.


Let’s see what more features it can offer