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Spiff NTFS Explorer – Open Access Denied Files and Folders On NTFS File System | Recover Deleted Files On NTFS File System

Spiff NTFS Explorer lets you access any file or folder irrespective of the user permissions on that file or folder. This small little handy utility lets you access the files on the NTFS file system directly without login to operating system.


It will show up all the files stored on the NTFS file system even if they are access denied, you can browse the folder on NTFS file system which is access denied peek in to see its contents but you wont be able to open the files.

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Hide Your Data Inside BMP, PNG and TIFF Image File Format

Hide&Reveal is a open source free stenography tool which lets you hide any type of data including your files and folders inside the image of BMP, PNG and TIFF format. The program is distributed user GNU General Public License so you can modify the program and distribute it anywhere among your friends too.


This program is quite simple to use to hide and reveal the data inside images, here is how you can hide or reveal data inside the images with this tool.

Tip:  Trick To Hide Files Inside A BMP Image