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Prevent / Lock Application Access In Windows

AppLocker is a FREE program which lets you lock any executable file on your computer or in other words prevent programs and applications from running. It could be case when you may not want other users on your computer to run and access some programs installed on your computer.


Some of the programs are there in the list of applocker but you can even add more programs to the list by typing the executable to the list.

When ever any user try running an executable locked by applocker they will see the error message as shown below.


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Access Hidden XP Applications and Features

No matter how much time you have been using windows xp as there are still some hidden features of windows xp you may not know about. There can be two ways to access the hidden tool and application in windows xp, first one is through some tool called XP Hidden Applications and Second is through simple commands. We will tell you both of these ways in this post.

Access Hidden Tools and Applications Through Third Party Tool

XP Hidden Application Interface is a free program which lets you access some hidden features of windows xp which are normally hidden from xp user. XP Hidden Application Interface will allow you to launch these hidden tools and application with single click.


This hidden application interface does not include any functionality of it own but it digs into windows to point and launch the hidden features in single click.

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Delete / Replace System Files in Windows

It happens some times when some of the windows system files got corrupted with time due to various reasons.

If you want to delete a system file in Windows XP you may be able to do it easily just by renaming the system file and just refresh the folder view. After refresh windows XP will create the missing file automatically or otherwise you will need to close and reopen the explorer window for that folder.


But In Windows Vista you can delete or replace a system files, even with administrative privileges. The default windows service called TrustedInstaller protects all the system files by default which will keep protecting the system files and prevent it from getting overwritten.

Today we will tell you how to replace or delete system files in windows both manually and by using software.

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Open Folder With An Alias Name Through Run Prompt

I was trying to get the quickest way through which i can open my favourite folders and programs through run prompt, you must be wondering why I should  rather make desktop shortcuts for those programs and folder and place them directly on the desktop and access them quickly.


But I don’t want flood my desktop with more shortcuts as I want it to be as clean as possible. So, I thought of accessing these folders and files with some alias names like through run prompt.

1. d for open C:\Downloads directory

2. a to open C:\abhi directory

3. i to launch iTunes program

and so on.

Finally after some googling and hit and trails I was successful to access any of my favourite program or directory with alias names as commands through run prompt directly.

Read on to know more about how did i do it.

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Backup Offline Installers For All Windows Live Essentials Beta Programs After Download

Recently, Microsoft released all the programs under their windows live essentials beta pack. Windows Live essentials beta pack includes a variety of programs which lets you do various things


The programs which are included in windows live essentials beta pack are:

  • Windows Live Messenger
  • Windows Mail
  • Windows Live Writer
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery
  • Silverlight
  • Windows Movie Maker Beta
  • Family Safety
  • Windows Live Toolbar For Internet Explorer

When ever you want to download any of these programs who will need to first download a single web installer called wlsetup-web_2.exe which runs an installation wizard in which you can select which programs you need to install.

This small web installer actually download the offline installer which can be backed up and install programs on another computers which does need to be connected to internet in order to install these programs.

We will tell you how can you backup the downloaded installers for the specific programs from the system hidden folders after using web installer for installing these programs once.

Let’s see where does windows live essentials beta pack stores the individual installer for all these programs which can be backed up and used as a standalone installer.

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Hide Drives In Windows XP and Vista

Recently I received a comment from one of the reader asking how can he hide some specific drives on his computer hard disk so that no one can access that drive or partition.

It means like you want to hide specific partitions on your hard disk like C, D or E etc. This trick of hiding your drive is really useful when you have some private files on a particular drive which you don’t want others to see. 


You can hide any of your drive in three different ways including you can easily hide your drives by using a free software called TweakUI, applying a registry hack to to hide drives and with simple commands through command prompt.

Let’s discuss all these three above mentioned methods to hide drives in windows

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How To Install and Run Console Application On Windows

Did you ever encountered any application or program which runs through command prompt only but does not work when you double click on it, this happens when you launch a program which is a console application. Instead when you try to launch it the command prompt window flashes for a second and closes automatically.


What is a Console Application?

A console application is a computer program designed to be used via a text-only computer interface, such as a text terminal, the command line interface of some operating systems (Unix, DOS, etc.) or the text-based interface included with some Graphical User Interface (GUI) operating systems, such as the Win32 console in Microsoft Windows

Console applications for windows could be some additional commands for windows which you may want to integrate with windows and some other programs which are completely console based or which does not have any GUI interface associated with them. 

Let’s see how can you integrate and install console based application in windows

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All Ways To Change Start Button Text In Windows XP

One of the most annoying thing in windows XP is the start button text, which almost every user want to change as per my experience. I my self changed my start button text to different funny start button texts.

In order to change the start button text you will need to tweak your windows explorer which is responsible for displaying the text on your start button.


The most traditional way or commonly used way to change the start button text is by using the popular program called Resource Hacker but it is some what more complex and meant for advanced users.

In this post we are going to mention all ways including some simple and complex ways to change start button text in windows XP

Let’s see all three ways through which you can change the start button text in Windows XP