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Open Windows Partition From System Tray

Hawkscope is a small utility which allows you to access and open any of your drive contents on your hard disk. It is really fast in enumerating files and folder in your drive and folder you want to browse with hawkscope.


This small tool will save you lots of useless clicks, as it represents a very good navigational way of browsing the folder contents and open the folder at the deepest level easily.

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Access Hidden Folders In Windows With Special Folders

Special Folders allows you to see the contents of those windows hidden folders on your computer. You can see all the hidden folders contents but will not be able to alter any thing inside those folders to avoid any problem.


Just press A for start exploring the hidden folders in windows and press the number of the entry for a specific folder entry to dig further in the list.

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Find Empty Folders With Fast Empty Folder Finder

Fast Empty Folder Finder is a free utility which lets you find out all the empty folders in windows on your hard drive which does not contain any file contents.

It will quickly scan the specified path by you, it depends on you whether you want to search a drive or subfolders under a folder.


After the search ends, you can select which folders you want to delete out of those empty folders found on your hard drive.

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Copy Paste Across Different Computers On LAN Network

When you working across different computers on your LAN network and performing the same related task, including the copy and paste of the same text across several computers on your LAN network it could be really helpful and time saving if you have a network copy paste or your a network clipboard which is being shared across computers on your network.


Today,  we will tell you almost all the ways pt perform a network copy paste or how to copy and paste text in between various computers on your LAN network.

There are several free tools which can allow to share the clipboard on in between the computers of your LAN network.

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Free Video Rotate With Free Video Flip and Rotate

Free Video Flip and Rotate is a FREE and easy to use tool to rotate or flip a video clip. It could really help you view a video which you had recorded from your mobile phone or video camera but the holding position of the camera or the mobile phone was not properly aligned for view.


It is best free software to fix the videos that have not been recorded properly and save the rotated video with in the AVI format which can be played in most of the video players including the default windows media player.

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Prevent / Lock Application Access In Windows

AppLocker is a FREE program which lets you lock any executable file on your computer or in other words prevent programs and applications from running. It could be case when you may not want other users on your computer to run and access some programs installed on your computer.


Some of the programs are there in the list of applocker but you can even add more programs to the list by typing the executable to the list.

When ever any user try running an executable locked by applocker they will see the error message as shown below.


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Access Hidden XP Applications and Features

No matter how much time you have been using windows xp as there are still some hidden features of windows xp you may not know about. There can be two ways to access the hidden tool and application in windows xp, first one is through some tool called XP Hidden Applications and Second is through simple commands. We will tell you both of these ways in this post.

Access Hidden Tools and Applications Through Third Party Tool

XP Hidden Application Interface is a free program which lets you access some hidden features of windows xp which are normally hidden from xp user. XP Hidden Application Interface will allow you to launch these hidden tools and application with single click.


This hidden application interface does not include any functionality of it own but it digs into windows to point and launch the hidden features in single click.

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Delete / Replace System Files in Windows

It happens some times when some of the windows system files got corrupted with time due to various reasons.

If you want to delete a system file in Windows XP you may be able to do it easily just by renaming the system file and just refresh the folder view. After refresh windows XP will create the missing file automatically or otherwise you will need to close and reopen the explorer window for that folder.


But In Windows Vista you can delete or replace a system files, even with administrative privileges. The default windows service called TrustedInstaller protects all the system files by default which will keep protecting the system files and prevent it from getting overwritten.

Today we will tell you how to replace or delete system files in windows both manually and by using software.