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Safely Remove your pen drive with USB Safely Remove application


Yesterday, I came across a new cool application called USB Safely Remove which allows to remove your portable USB drives in a quick and easy way.

USB Safely Remove is a powerful program to handle all the portable devices connect to different USB ports on your computer.

It replaces your normal safely remove functionality of windows with the cool green coloured icon in the system tray (Highlighted in the image below).


Let’s see some other features it offers

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Remove ctfmon.exe in windows with CTFMON-Remover



There are so many useless windows process which keep on running in the background and consume your already slow computer resources and CPU usage.

One such windows process is Ctfmon.exe is one of them which always kept running in the background and using cpu all the time, although it does not consume so much of resources but most of the time ctfmon is useless for a user using windows.

What is Ctfmon ?

Ctfmon.exe is Alternative User Input Text Input Processor for Office. It activates the Microsoft Office Language Bar and the Alternative User Input Text Input Processor.

Let’s see how can we remove it with ctfmon-remover.

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Add any program to your startup easily with Sent To menu


It occurs sometimes when you may like to add a program to your start up by dragging the program shortcut in All Programs >> Startup

But there is more better way to do it,  which could save your time and make it simple. (as seen in the image below)


Yes, you can add a shortcut to your startup folder in the send to menu, and when you want to add any program to startup with windows startup, you can right click on the program shortcut and select Startup.

Let’s see how can you do this tweak.

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Hide | UnHide Recycle bin icon on desktop


There are lots of people who do not want to see recycle bin icon on their desktop, as it would take unnecessary space which is not required for these people.

Recycle Bin Hider and Unhidder is a simple tool which lets you hide and unhide recycle bin icon from your desktop.


It is a free and very light application which lets you hide your recycle bin icon in just one click.

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Empty recycle bin by simply clicking a desktop shortcut or through command prompt


Yes I know we can easily clean windows recycle bin by right clicking on it, and select Empty Recycle Bin

Let’s go beyond this and discuss a geeky way out of cleaning the recycle bin, just by clicking a desktop icon. Yesterday I found an application called Empty Recycle Bin.

Empty Recycle Bin is a command line tool that will allow you to empty the Windows Recycle Bin.

It is a simple command line tool which can download and double click EmptyRecycleBin.exe to delete all files in your recycle bin.

Let’s see how can you merge EmptyRecycleBin.exe to windows commands and make a shortcut at the desktop.

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Top two free temporary data cleaner programs


There are several utilities available today for cleaning junk files from windows, these small nifty programs removes temporary unused files which degrades your computer performance over time.

CCleaner has been our favorite for a long time to remove system junk data and make it faster.



One of the most popular and our favorite utility for temporary data clean is CCleaner, it is a great utility which removes the following junk files.

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Synchronize your work folder at your office and home computer


Did you ever feel the need to synchronize some important folders across different computers you use at different physical locations, you can easily do this with Allway Sync.

Allway Sync is a free software for file and folder synchronization software for Windows.

It helps you to synchronize files and folder either through a USB portable device, ftp server or via amazon s3 server.



  • It’s free Sync Software. 
  • Does not contain any spyware, adware or malware
  • You can install Allway sync software on as many computers as you need but it should be for personal use only.

    How To Use?

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    Delete windows installer configuration on failed installs with windows installer clean up utility


    It happens with lot of us on windows when we try to install a program but it does not install sometimes it may not meet some installation requirement. 

    But we can remove windows installer configuration information which got stored in my computer with the help of Windows Installer Clean Up Utility.



    With the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility, you can remove a program’s Windows Installer configuration information after unsucessfull installation of the program.