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Scare your friends with Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Screensaver from Microsoft

The most feared colour on windows is blue colour, you must be wondering why, because it the colour of blue screen of death the biggest problem of windows XP which merely have no solution other than formatting your operating system.

Blue Screen of Death comes appears when your operating system becomes unstable, that means blue screen of death will be displayed when some thing goes terribly wrong and windows operating system cannot deal with it.


Bluescreen is a screen saver which emulates BSOD Blue Screen of Death, it will simulate startup screens during a system boot.

windows hacks

How to delete files which are locked by windows program with remove on reboot

Remove on reboot is a small freeware program, which lets you delete files which you can’t delete as they are in use by some other program all the time.

It’s a shell extension which allows you to delete files automatically after the next reboot.


Lets see how can you delete a used file with remove on reboot

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Reopen closed application with GoneIn60s with in 60seconds

It may happen some time when you may want to recover an accidentally closed application or even some of other applications which you have closed intentionally.

GoneIn60 seconds is small freeware which keeps on running in your system tray and lets you recover-reopen accidentally or intentionally closed applications.


But, if you don’t reopen any application with GoneIn60s within 60 seconds after closing the application then you can’t restore the closed application.

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Get low battery alert with Laptop battery monitoring for vista and xp

Lot’s of people always complain when their laptop battery goes down when they are in the middle of something very important, this happens as they either ignore the low battery popup or may be does not see it appearing.

In order to solve this problem we have already written a basic windows procedure on How to get alarmed when your laptop battery reaches critical low battery level on vista.

Today, we have come up with free utility called Battery Monitoring – For Laptop which will alert you with a loud notification sound when your laptop reaches a critical low level.


Let’s see how use Battery Monitoring – For Laptop to get a loud alarm before your battery dies.

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Download Zune theme with colour variations

We have already written about the most famous zune theme for windows xp by Microsoft.

Zune theme always gives that classic windows xp feel but it never offers any customization in terms of colors. Some people might get bored by the orange coloured start menu in the traditional zune theme by Microsoft

Today, we have come with some beautiful colour variations in the zune theme by a developer Usman Akhtar named Zune Usmanistan


Let’s see what more Zune Usmanistan has in color to offer.

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Clean your internet browsing history with internet privacy cleaner

Cleaning your internet browsing history becomes more important as it is a matter of personal privacy issue for most of us.

NVT Internet Privacy Cleaner is one of the freeware’s which lets you clean your internet browsing history.


This programs lets you clean your internet browsing history in a customised way as you can easily select what to erase and what not to erase.

Let’s see what more features it offers

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Find your files as you type with Find and Run Robot

The number of documents and programs keep on increasing, so it becomes more tedious to find programs and documents.

Find and Run Robot (FARR) is such a cool utility which will allow you to locate any documents or programs. It lets you specify the shortcut to display the FARR window.


It lets you run web searches, send email, manipulate files and control on-screen windows. Let’s see what more it offers.

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Download FREE licensed copy of Registry Mechanic 6

All of us install and uninstall large number of software on our computers, due to which our system speed degrades with time, as these software creates registry entries which may or may not get removed form windows registry due to improper un-install of these applications.


In order to clean registry, Registry Mechanic is one of the best and now free for personal use by PCtools.