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ZHider – Hide Programs Windows With A Hotkey Keystroke

ZHider is a tiny free to use program which lets you hide any running window from the view of the user, the program window will be hidden from the taskbar without a trace. There will be a single keystroke which can toggle in between the visibility in between hidden to visible state.


It allows you to hide any windows instantly with easy hotkey combinations that allows you to use virtually any keyboard, it operates in a silent and stealth mode does not display any visual windows, no sounds, no system tray icon etc.

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Easy File Locker – Lock Files & Folders In Windows, Specify Access Levels as View, Write, Delete and Visibility

Easy File Locker is a free program which lets you secure windows files and folders so that users will not be able to open, read, modify, delete, move or copy the locked folders and files with this application.


You can protect files and folders and apply various security levels like access, write, delete and visible individually on any file and folder you protect with this tool. It will keep on protecting hidden file and folders in safe mode also depending on the access rights you had specified.

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3 Ways To Create New Folder With Keyboard Shortcut In XP / Vista and Windows 7

From some days I was trying to figure out all ways to create a new folder using a keyboard shortcut or hotkey combination in windows, after some research I came to know about some of the methods and tricks which can make this possible.

Why would a user wants to specify a keyboard shortcut for creating new folder ?

The answer to this question is quite simple, as it increases productivity and speed, it is very easy and quick to create a new folder through a keyboard shortcut rather than through conventional right mouse click.


Lets explore all the ways to create new folder quickly with combination of keyboard keys.

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Drive Letter View – Change The Display Style Of Drive Letters In My Computer For XP / Vista and 7

Drive Letter View is a tiny little program which allows you to change the way drive letter are displayed on the drives under my computer,  you can choose in between 3 display styles for showing the drive letters or hide the drive letters from showing in my computer.


You can have the following layouts set for the drive letters to show in my computer

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Play .Mov Files In Windows Media Player

.Mov files are Apple QuickTime Movie format of video which normally you cannot play in other media player like windows media player, vlc player etc.

This format of video can rather played in free quick time media player by apple, but what if you want to play these .mov files in windows media player which is the default media player on your windows computer.

In order to play quick time .mov movie files in windows media player you would need to download the required codec for it first, The codec is called 3ivx which can allow you to play quick time .mov files in windows media player.


Here is the procedure on how to get everything going

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Toggle Hide File Extensions In Windows Via Right Click Context Menu

Hiding File Extensions in windows is a some settings which one need to toggle on and off, as sometimes it is necessary to see the file extension to recognize the file and program which can open the same in windows.

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But turning the setting of hide extensions for known files types on or off, you will need to manually open the windows explorer go to File Menu >> Tools >> Folder Options and then click the view tab and under view tab you will need to locate the setting which says hide extensions for known files types


Rather, avoiding this whole tedious process you can install a free shell extension which will work on xp, vista and windows 7 also. This shell extension is called FileExtToggle.

Additional Tip: Hide Files and Folder In USB Portable Drive For Free

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NetShareMonitor – Monitor Your Shared Folders Being Accessed By Others

NetShareMonitor is a free to use application which allows you to watch your shared folder being accessed and you can also protect your shared folders from unauthorized access.


It will detect when ever a remote user connects to your machine to access your shared folders. It will provide the session information includes remote host address, remote user name, list of accessed files and time of connection.

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DeskLock – Lock Desktop Icons – Prevent The Movement Of Desktop Icons – Fix Desktop Layout

One of the most annoying this I had experienced in windows is when ever I play a game on my desktop or laptop after resuming back from the game. I was used to find my desktop cluttered and all the desktop icons scattered every where.

This was really frustrating for me, as I had to rearrange them on the desktop area for easy accessibility. DeskLock is such free software which lets you lock your desktop icons locations so that they can not move from the specified positions you had set.


You just need to make sure that this small utility is running in the system tray and irrespective of what ever you do the desktop icons will not move from their locations