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Hidden File Scanner – Search and Locate Hidden Files On Your Computer

Hidden files are one the most suspicious files on any windows computer which could be dangerous or private as either they might be created by the virus or by the user who is using the computer.

If some virus infect your computer it will create some hidden files including the virus autorun.inf file and other executable which could be responsible to keep the virus active, as you cant see those files so cant delete those virus executables.

Hidden File Scanner solves the problem as it allows you see and delete the hidden files on your windows computer even if show hidden files and folder is turned off.


One the dangerous files created by several viruses these days is autorun.inf files and this program will automatically rate the autorun.inf found hidden files as normal, hidden, suspicious or dangerous file.

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PowerOff – Remotely Power Off Windows Machines Across The Network

PowerOff is a free to use tool which lets you power off any computer connected to your network from anywhere, however in order to power down any computer of your network the username with which you are logon has to be part of the local administrative group.


This is actually a command line utility, the executable should be placed in C:/windows to install and add it to the windows command, or just browse to any directory where the program executable poweroff.exe is placed. We had previously written about a utility called LanShutDown which solves the same purpose of shutdown the system on the LAN network.

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Download Free Windows Media Player Codec Pack Full Setup – Play Any Video In Windows Media Player

We all have windows media player installed on our windows computers, but many times it may happen when you try to play a video file with windows media player and it does not play the file rather throws the error codec required to play the file cannot be found and it will need to download the codec first and then play the file.


Vista Codec Pack allows you to play any format video in your very own windows media player, so you don’t need to install any other media player like vlc or klite codec pack to play videos of any other format for which windows media player does not have codecs by default.

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WinLoadFast – No More Waiting For Windows Start-up Programs

WinLoadFast is a free to use tool which lets you perform task while the windows startup programs keep loading in the background. It lets you solve the problem of waiting in windows till the startup programs load.


You just need to make sure that it is running and the icon of the program is shown in the system tray, so make sure to add it to the system startup.

Additional Tip: WhatInStartup – Enable / Disable / Delete Programs In Windows Startup

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Desk Topmost – Access The Floating Desktop With Pressing Show Desktop and Without Minimizing The Opened Applications

It happens sometimes when you need to access the desktop for some reason but you have a large list of opened programs and windows which cannot be minimized so easily and quickly.

So, when you press Show Desktop the taskbar or press Window+D to access the desktop it takes time as it will need to minimize all the opened programs and windows, but with Desk Topmost you can access the desktop icons and other files without minimising the opened windows.

Desk Topmost allows you to access the desktop in the floating mode by making all the opened windows transparent and lets you see the desktop icons and files in the translucent mode. (as shown in the image below)


The default hotkey to access the desktop without minimizing the opened applications and windows is Ctrl+Alt+D . It will keep running the system tray with a small show desktop icon.

Read Also: How to restore show desktop icon in quick launch in windows xp

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Spiff NTFS Explorer – Open Access Denied Files and Folders On NTFS File System | Recover Deleted Files On NTFS File System

Spiff NTFS Explorer lets you access any file or folder irrespective of the user permissions on that file or folder. This small little handy utility lets you access the files on the NTFS file system directly without login to operating system.


It will show up all the files stored on the NTFS file system even if they are access denied, you can browse the folder on NTFS file system which is access denied peek in to see its contents but you wont be able to open the files.

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AddToRun – Run Any Programs In Windows From Start Menu Run Prompt

AddToRun is a FREE to use utility which will allow you to run or open any file or application from start menu run command prompt (which open up when you press Window Key + R ).

It has a very easy and simple to use interface which will allow you to select a file or application shortcut and define a alias or friendly name with which you can run the application from run prompt. (as shown in the image below)


I had already written some article on the simple tweak being done by this software of running any application from run prompt by typing the custom set alias name for that application.

Previously I wrote on How To Run Your Favourite Softwares and Songs Directly From Run and on Open Folder With An Alias Name Through Run Prompt these are the same type of tweak being done on windows computer without using any software like AddToRun

Note: This small application AddToRun is supported on all the versions of windows released yet including windows 7

Download AddToRun

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Tip: Create Custom Shell Folders Like My Documents, My Pictures With My Shell Folder

I have been always fascinated by these shell folders like my documents, my pictures and my music etc as they can reside some where on your desktop and start menu which makes them easy to access and they can not be deleted or renamed.


All these shell folders in windows are based on folder redirection principle where a particular folder space is being redirected to a specific path in windows like My Pictures or My Documents will be actually placed in Documents and Settings >> Username >> My Documents or My Pictures

My Shell Folder allows you to create shell folders like My Documents, My Pictures which will be shown in My Computer and stay on your desktop and they cannot be deleted or renamed.