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Hide or Reset unread mail count on welcome screen in windows XP

Recently one of our reader asked us via email on how can he hide or reset the unread mail count displayed on the welcome logon screen in windows XP.

Anyone can get annoyed after seeing the unread mail count on the windows XP on the welcome screen every time when user see the login screen, unread mail count displayed on the windows logon screen when user uses the outlook or Mozilla thunderbird, outlook express and msn browser client to read mails

mail_count Image Credit Raizlabs

These X number of unread mails is displayed by default in windows form all the account configured in the above email accounts.  

There three different methods to get rid of this unread email count or hide it from the welcome login screen

Let’s discuss these methods one by one

Method 1:

Hide Unread Email Via Registry Tweak

Note: Before making any changes to your registry make sure to take the back up of your registry.

1. Open Start Menu >> Run, type regedit and press Enter key

2. Navigate to the following registry path:



3. Find the key named MessageExpiryDays on the right pane,  if its not there then you will need to create a new DWORD value name MessageExpiryDays and set the value of MessageExpiryDays to 0 and exit registry

Setting the value indicates that you have disabled the unread emails count notification so unread mail notification will not be displayed on the welcome screen.

Method 2:

Hide the unread email count notification with Tweak UI

1. Firstly you need to download Tweak UI power toy for windows XP from Microsoft from here.

2. Run Tweak UI and navigate to Logon >> Unread Mail


Unclick the check box which says: Show unread mail on Welcome Screen 

You can apply this settings to hide unread mail count for the current logged in user or to all the users by selecting the scope below.

Method 3:

Reset the unread mail count

Above two method lets you hide the unread email count displayed on the welcome logon screen. But what if you want to reset the unread email count in one go?

You can reset the unread mail count by using small size free utility called ResetUnreadMailCounts, download it from here. After downloading the application you just need to double click the ResetUnreadMailCounts.exe to run it, it does not require installation.

It will prompt before resetting the unread mail count shown on the login screen, click yes button to reset it. 


After clicking yes it will display the message Unread mail counts have been reset


If you know any other way to reset or hide the unread mail count, let us know we would like to include that way too.

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