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noPing Shutdown –Reboot / Shutdown / Logoff / Poweroff Your If Your Computer Is Not Connected To Internet

noPing Shutdown is a FREE easy to use utility which lets you Reboot / Shutdown / Logoff / Poweroff the computer if it is not connected to internet for a specified time interval you define in the program interface.


This will keep pinging the host name or the website URL you specified and when the Last Ping did not succeed then it will wait for the time you specified in minutes to take the set action by you.

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Download Free Broadband Internet Speed Booster

We all want to speed up our broadband internet connection so that we can download music, movies and other files from the internet more speedily. TCPSpeed is one of the best free software for speeding up your internet connection.


TCPSpeed allows you tweak the windows settings to optimize and use the maximum speed out of your internet connection. It make some tweaks on the windows operating system shutting down the useless TCP layer level things which would enhance the internet download speed for you.

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Trick To Hide Files Inside A BMP Image

BMP Wrap is a simple and easy to use tool which lets you hide any file inside a valid .BMP shell i.e you can hide data file of any type inside a .bmp image and send it anywhere and recipient can extract that file using BMP Wrap.


With BMP Wrap you can send exe, dll and other types of files which you were not able to send as email attachment as the destination mail server will never be able to find out about the hidden file inside the .BMP image file.

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Free OEM Info Editors For Vista and XP

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer, so if you bought a hp computer laptop or  a hp desktop computer, the OEM info displayed in the control panel in system volume information.

Just in case for any reason you want to change this information and take the complete ownership of the computer, or you just to play with it so you can amaze your friend by changing the OEM info with some simple tools which we are going to mention, these tools are FREE to use.

By modifying the OEM info you can change the manufacturer name, Edit OEM logo image, Hardware Upgrade the OEM settings and other OEM info displayed in the Control Panel.

Here are two different OEM editors for windows vista and xp

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My Folder To My Computer – Secure Any Folder By Converting It Into My computer Shortcut

My Folder to My Computer is a FREE program which lets you convert any folder on your computer into a shortcut to my computer, in this way you can easily secure the contents inside that folder as if any one clicks on that folder they would be redirected to open My Computer


Not only you can convert that folder into my computer but you can also set a password to secure that folder, moreover you can set a custom message with Message Title and Message which will be see when ever any one try to open that folder.

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Move Recycle Bin To System Tray

Some of my friends were very mush annoyed by seeing the useless recycle bin icon on their desktop which they use very less as they are used to shift delete thing on windows, same is the case with me.


One of my friend asked me some time back about, if it is possible to move the recycle bin on the system tray so that it can sit in the taskbar and no more occupies the icon space on the desktop. Moving the recycle bin really make sense for quicker access and to save some icon space on the desktop.

I found a free tiny tool which moves your recycle bin to your system tray, this little utility simply adds recycle bin in system tray in windows taskbar as shown in the image below 


MiniBin is a small executable tool which shows the recycle bin just when you double click the exe file, we would recommend that you place this executable in windows startup if you want access recycle bin from system tray.

Now, you need to hide the desktop icon of recycle bin so it does not take up additional icon space on your desktop.

Here is the step by step procedure to show / hide recycle bin desktop icon in windows vista and xp

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DisplayFusion: Set Different Desktop Wallpaper On Dual Multi Monitor or Extended Monitor

I have been using dual monitor setup from last 2-3 days and I must say I am quite addicted to the use my extended monitor Samsung 19 inch with my hp tx1000 laptop.


Yesterday, I was googling about how to setup different wallpapers on my laptop monitor and 19 inch extended monitor, I found a free utility called DisplayFusion which can make your multiple monitor experience more better and soothing by adding a separate taskbar on both the monitors attached to your machine and these taskbar will look like windows taskbar.


It will also allow you to set different background on both of the two monitor connected irrespective of which one is primary and which one is secondary.

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Hide and Show Taskbar With A Desktop Shortcut [ Tips and Tricks ]

Windows taskbar is some thing which many users don’t like while they are working on some coding work or any other application which could be best to work in with full screen mode like some graphic designing softwares.

RunAndHide is a cool utility which comes to good use in this case, this small portable executable allows you to hide and show up the taskbar when ever you want to.


This could be a good alternative to hide and show windows taskbar instead of the default option in windows of hiding the taskbar. As in case of the default option of hiding the taskbar in windows works only when you don’t hover with your mouse in the windows taskbar area.

Let’s discuss how can you hide windows taskbar to save some space just by clicking a desktop shortcut.