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xpy – Disable Windows Services, Tweak Internet Explorer, Tweak Windows Media Player, Remove Windows Messenger and lot more

Xpy is a small free to use tool which lets you disable the default useless services running in xp and windows vista, it lets you tweak a large number of settings related to windows


The tool has been released for both windows xp as xpy and for windows vista it is vispa, with this small free tool you can do a great and high number of optimisations in windows

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Play CD / DVD Image ISO, NRG, IMG Files Directly In VLC Player Without Burning Them To CD DVD

Many of my friends have movies copied from cd or dvd’s as image files as img, iso and nrg images, so in order to play the movie inside these images files we use several image mounting tools which lets you mount these images on the virtual drive or other hand some people burn these images to cd and dvd discs


Today, we will tell you a simple trick which lets you play these images itself directly in the VLC player.

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Trick To Stop Reliance Netconnect Broadband + 3.1 mbps Disconnection When Your Internet Activity Is Inactive or Your Computer Becomes Idle

Recently, I purchased reliance netconnect broadband + till now I am quite happy with the download speed and transfer rate it offers, Reliance claims that the technology they had used with reliance netconnect broadband + enables them to offer 30 per cent higher downlink rate in comparison to any other wireless internet technology available in the country.

The reliance netconnect broadband + device would cost you around 3500 Indian rupees which is non refundable and still you will have to subscribe to data plan to use it which are limited in terms of  the usage – the maximum usage with the unlimited plans offers is 10 gb of fair usage. 🙁

Now Some Problems I had Faced Using reliance netconnect broadband +

reliance netconnect broadband + Does Not Connect To Internet Automatically [ No Solution Yet ]

It does not connect automatically to internet you will need to launch the associated program connect to internet manually – Till now I have no solution for this problem but I am coming out with a solution to this problem

reliance netconnect broadband + Disconnects Automatically [ Solution Found ]

As reliance netconnect broadband + is dial up based so it will dial and connect you but if the connection remains inactive because of no application connecting to internet – it will disconnect automatically and will not even display a message that it has been disconnected – this is something I call bad software designing and poorly tested application.

Tweak to keep reliance netconnect broadband + connection active and stop disconnection

The disconnection is based on the fact if any of the application is not trying to connect to internet for some time it will disconnect, so I made a small desktop shortcut which keeps pinging the google server all the time, so once you are connected just double click the shortcut. This small shortcut will call the default ping command on your windows machine and will give an indication to reliance netconnect broadband + software that it is trying to connect to google server by sending some small data packets and reliance netconnect broadband + will not disconnect.

Note: You can minimize this command prompt of pinging google all the time, so that you does not occupy any space

Here is how you can create a desktop shortcut, right click on the empty area and select new >> desktop create shortcut

type the following in the target box – ping –t and click ok

Now when ever you connect to internet you just need too double click the shortcut to keep the connection active.

Another Easy Method To Solve The reliance netconnect broadband + Disconnect Problem

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Folder Destroyer – Empty Specific Folders At Periodic Time Intervals – Delete Contents Of Any Folder Automatically

Folder Destroyer is a cool free tool which lets you empty specific folders in windows xp, you can easily empty out the contents of specific folders like cleaning of temporary internet files folder and other custom folders which you clean or empty on periodic basis.


With this tool you can either delete files in a particular folder or place them in recycle bin. It also supports the command line options for use in the startup folder, registry startup keys.

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WinCDEmu – Mount ISO, CUE, IMG, BIN and RAW Image On Mouse Double Click

Mounting the CD / DVD images is one of the most difficult things for a layman windows user, as for mounting an image like ISO, CUE, IMG, BIN and RAW  which require a virtual drive. In order to create a virtual drive you will need some emulator drive software, but none of these software will allow you to mount the drive image on mouse double click. Some of the virtual CD emulators have complex user interface too.

WinCDEmu is one such free program which does not have any user interface, and it simply allows you to mount any CD / DVD image with mouse double click.  

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Gtalk Autoreply – Auto Answer Reply To Gtalk Friends

It happens when many time with almost most us when we are busy with some office work and a gtalk friend pings you but you cant respond as you are so much messed up with the work you are doing. So, it could be great if Gtalk itself has some auto reply which it does not provide.


But in order to solve this a developer named shobankr made a small software which can integrate itself with the gtalk installed on your computer lets you auto reply a custom text to your gtalk buddies when you are away.

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Lock Your Windows Workstation With Desktop Shortcut On Single Mouse Click

How quickly you can lock your desktop? as there are different methods of locking your desktop the most conventional one includes the pressing Alt + Ctrl + Del key and then pressing of Enter key at the keyboard to lock your windows machine.

Other than this there are is another shortcut which is pressing of Windows Key + L to lock your windows computer, but still it could happen when you would want to lock your windows computer more easily just through your mouse.

In order to lock your windows machine with in single mouse click either you can create a desktop shortcut with the following target text

%windir%\system32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation


You can name the shortcut what ever you want to or another way is to place this executable on the desktop itself which calls the same command as written in the quotes above, you can download the small executable from here or from here

Read Also: Avoid hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del or window + L key to lock your computer

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Toggle Hidden Files In Windows Via Context Menu Right Click

One of our reader asked us how can he quickly toggle to show hidden files and folders settings in windows, as we all know the process to show hidden files and folders in windows is quite tedious.

The normal process to toggle show hidden files and folders on and off is through windows explorer in which you need to first navigate to File Menu >> Tools >> Folder Options and then click the view tab and then uncheck or check the settings show hidden files and folders

What if you can quickly toggle hidden files and folders in windows via right click context menu, HiddenFilesToggle is a free shell extension for windows which works on windows xp, vista and windows 7 also which will add a new entry to the right click context menu which lets you toggle hide files in windows

This option in the right click context menu gives you the ability to toggle the display of hidden files on and off. This extension is very useful for those who frequently have to change this setting show hidden files and folders.


This small shell extension makes possible to turn off show hidden files and folders directly from your mouse right click.