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Deleted recently opened files list and protect your privacy with MRU-Blaster

We all open some files on various public and private computers which we don’t want let other come to know.

It could be a situation when you have opened some very crucial and confidential file and you don’t want any one to see the list of recently opened and get to know about that file and path where it is stored on your computer.

MRU-Blaster is a free program which lets you scans your computer for the list of MRU (most recently used) programs entries, cookies and internet cache files also.


MRU-Blaster can detect more than 30,000 most recently used items and present you with a list of items and lets you clean the traces which reveal that a file was opened, you just need to click the button Clean Now


Let’s see what the additional features MRU-Blaster except for cleaning list of opened files.

You can also schedule MRU-Blaster to run automatically after a defined interval in hours, seconds or minutes and minimize it to system tray.


Features of MRU-Blaster

Other than cleaning the list of recently opened files it offers several other useful features which includes the following.


As shown in the image above it also lets you, clean the other things like

  • Internet Explorer Typed URL
  • Windows Run typed history
  • Clean the Unread mail count at windows XP Logon
  • Google Toolbar History and lot more.

MRU-Blaster finds secure deletion of history, deletion of index.dat and other windows registry.

Download MRU-Blaster

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