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Access blocked orkut, gmail through opera mini simulator and WebToMail | Access banned sites without proxies

We have already written a lot more post on how can you access various blocked web site in your office, school or college. In countries like UAE and china a large number of websites like orkut, facebook, myspace and gmail etc.

I have seen lot of people using several proxies for accessing blocked web sites like orkut, gmail, myspace and facebook etc, all these proxies require the most crucial information i.e your email username and password which forms the basis of your online identity.

Your email id is always required when ever you sign up for any web service on the web or when you communicate via emails to other people.

It becomes a major security risk when you enter your username and password into those those proxies which let you access blocked web sites with some ads here and there, and when you get logged in through a proxy but you cannot perform every operation on the blocked web site like orkut, like you may not be able to scrap a friend, cannot accept a friend request etc.

A large number of organisation have adopted a high level of filtering including the word filter which works in way that it blocks any web page with a word orkut or proxy in it.


Let’s find out how can you access blocked websites through opera mini simulator and access banned websites via free WebToMail service and access the blocked websites with full functionality.

There are two possible ways with which you can access any blocked website without using any proxy.

Method 1: ( Opera Mini Simulator )

Opera mini simulator is another small browser with in your browser window, Opera mini Simulator is a live demo of real opera mini browser for mobiles.

Follow the procedure given below to access a blocked web site with opera mini simulator

Note: The only disadvantage of this tool is you will have smaller view of all the blocked or banned web sites you open in opera mini simulator.

1. Go to

2. Type on the url of the blocked websites.


3. Next, You will see the login screen of orkut.


4. Login, by entering your username and password, in the same way you can access other blocked web sites.

Method 2: ( WebToMail )

WebToMail is another free service which lets you browse any blocked web page for free via your company email, you just need to send a email to WebToMail on with the blocked website URL which you want to access as the subject of the mail.

1. Send a mail to with blocked web site URL in the subject of the mail like 

2. Wait for some time, you will receive a mail with access website embedded in it.


3. Enter your username and password and login to the blocked orkut, same steps applies to any other websites.

We are aware about these two methods to access blocked web sites without proxies through these two methods, if you know any other method to acces blocked website let us know through comments.      

4 replies on “Access blocked orkut, gmail through opera mini simulator and WebToMail | Access banned sites without proxies”

the opera mini thing didnt work on uni comps it gives a message sayin try again or something like that!

The opera mini website has been blocked in my organisation. Is there any similar website which we can use to access gtalk or other internet content?

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