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How to Locate your stolen laptop computer with LocatePC

The worst may happen someone when their computer gets stolen and when its stolen then possibly their is no way to get it back, or to track where it is.


LocatePC is FREE software which lets you track and finally get back your stolen computer or laptop back to you. LocatePC sends you a secret email message from your stolen computer or laptop with some crucial information.

The crucial information will help to you to contact the law enforcement agencies to track the stolen computer and help you get your stolen computer.

Let’s see how can you protect your computer with LocatePC

LocatePC works almost with all the operating system, but you will need to set up your email account so that it works with LocatePC. LocatePC runs successfully on Vista/XP/ME/98.

Let’s see how can you configure LocatePC on your computer

1. Download LocatePC from here, run it and set your password.


2. Click settings to configure pop3 email account.


3. Enter the secret email message.


4. Set Email Schedule


5. Press Ok and then press Hide button to let the application running in the background.

How re-configure LocatePC after hiding

1. Double click the downloaded LocatePC.exe of LocatePC


2. Select Open the copy of LocatePC that’s already installed


3. Enter your password which you had set for LocatePC


4. The main screen of LocatePC console will open up, so you can re-configure the LocatePC settings.


Download LocatePC

As far as this application is concerned it conveys a message, It is better to be safe then worry ( Have you heard this line in bollywood film ) 🙂

10 replies on “How to Locate your stolen laptop computer with LocatePC”

as Pavan said if we format the machine then the software cannot help us… I guess there should be some hardware for the ethernet card which will help us to find stolen Laptops..

Hi Guys, One of my friends laptop get stolen just 2 days back. That laptop is just 15 days old. nothing is install in that machine except genuine window vista and gtalk. It is make of HP. Please tell me ways…

Thanks in advance

Hey, my laptop was stolen 2 days ago and I’ve been trying to find ways to get it back but I can’t find anything!! My mom’s gonna kill me if I can’t find it!!


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