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See the thumbnail view of images or media files in a folder with ThumbViewer – A thumb.db viewer

For all those who are not able to see the thumbnail view of images and media files in windows, I have a solution to this problem.

ThumbViewer – A thumb.db viewer – It’s a FREE software which lets you view the thumbnail cache used by windows explorer to speed up the display of thumbnails of the images in folders.

The thumbs.db cache stores all thumbnails created in a folder of the images even if the original image has been deleted.

ThumbViewer - A thumb.db viewer   

The thumbs.db which is automatically created in all the folders with images which stores the thumbnails of all the images.

Let’s see how can you use ThumbViewer – A thumb.db viewer to view all images thumbnails

ThumbViewer – A thumb.db viewer does not require any installation, you just need to extract ThumbViewer.exe file and execute it.


Drag any thumb.db files of any folder into the Thumbnail Database Viewer to view the thumbnail view of the images in that folder.


It also lets you search for all the thumbs.db files stored on your computer and view the thumbnail view of images.


Some other features of Thumbnail Database viewer allows you to associate all thumbs.db files to open with Thumbnail Database Viewer, open any picture by clicking on the thumbnail of the pictures. 

options-ThumbViewer - A thumb.db viewer

In all aspects thumbnail database very is nice utility which does not any system resources, does not require installation and free from any adware, spyware or malware etc.

Download Thumbnail Database Viewer

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