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Send free sms to friends with google sms channels

Google has recently released their google sms channels which lets you receive various types of updates directly to your mobile phone by direct sms to your phone for free.

Google Sms Channels lets you receive alerts on your mobile via free sms to your mobile phone, you can receive alerts for latest news, blog feeds, daily quotes, horoscope , daily jokes, news from moneycontrol, cricket updates and lot more via free sms messages to your phone.


I have just created a free google sms channel called dailymeets to send messages to college buddies for planned or unplanned meets on weekends and weekdays some times.

Let’s see how can you create a group of family or friends and send them free sms messages via google sms channels.

1. Go to

2. Click here to create a new sms channel for your friends or family, you will screen as shown below


3. Fill up the SMS Channel Name, Description, Category, Location and select google groups option

4. Fill out the remaining information and click the button Create Channel.

5. Click Invite Others as highlighted in the image below  


6. Now Enter the mobile numbers of your friends or family members to join this sms channel.


7. After filling the above text message with mobile numbers, click Send invites to send sms channel link at the bottom.

You can send messages from google itself by clicking the channel you just created, you can send sms in many languages like Hindi, English, Tamil etc.

This is how you send free sms to your group of friends who have subscribed for the google channel ( shown in the image below ).


Enjoy sending free sms to your friends and family members via google sms channel.

From Google SMS Channels: Send SMS Text Messages to your Group for Free [ Via Digital Inspiration ]

8 replies on “Send free sms to friends with google sms channels”

Surely It is an attempt to catch the huge users of SMS Gupshup. The users will love Google SMS Channel because of following differences with GupShup or other Indian group SMS Site :

1> Google’s service doesn’t display anyAD .
2> It supports Hindi and other Indian languages .
3> The service number of Google SMS Channel is a NON Premium number. So , it is cheaper to post stuffs via SMS.
4> Multiple source option . As,one can use any RSS feed as source >>> So , bloggers will love this to send alerts to their readers !


To do something, however small, to make others happier and better, is the highest ambition, the most elevating hope, which can inspire a human being….

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