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Catch Phishing Sites With Hostname in Title bar [ For FireFox ]

It happens with many people when they got cheated by various phishing site which steal their username and password, these phishing sites are created by hackers who make the design of the site so much identical as the original site.

How do people got cheated by Phishing Sites

Normally, it happens when people got links via instant messengers from their friends who already got infected by the virus on their PC, When the user who receives the link, clicks on the link they get redirected to a page which look like their social networking sites like orkut, facebook, gmail, yahoo mail etc

After seeing the look and feel people just enter their username and password with checking the actual URL of the site displayed in the address bar

How Does Hostname In Title Bar Protects You From Phishing

Hostname In Title Bar is a cool add on for firefox which displays the actual URL or the hostname of the site on the title bar of every site you open in firefox. (as shown in the image below)


After installing Hostname in Title Bar extension in firefox you will see the actual hostname of the site displayed in between the two as # Hostname #

So, make sure to check the hostname of any suspicious site you connect with by clicking a link or on other redirected pages, phishing site which may look like orkut will not have the domain name instead it will have some other name as the hostname.

Note: As Hostname in title bar is in sandbox edition so you will need to register before you can download

Download Hostname In Title Bar

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Be Invisible In Gtalk

We all miss one of the great awaited feature of how to set invisible status in gtalk. Just like yahoo messenger invisible status in gtalk will allow you to be online without being bugged by gtalk friends when you are at work or don’t feel like to be annoyed by your gtalk friends.

But the regular gtalk version provided by google does not allow you to be in invisible mode when you are logged in.


As seen in the image above you can either set your gtalk to busy, show current music track or any custom message as your gtalk status message.

Today, we will tell you how you can be invisible using gtalk without being bugged by your gtalk contacts.

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Download Windows Live Writer Offline Installer Latest Version

Windows Live Writer is one the amazing software for web publishing for Blogs, News Journal and Windows Live Spaces etc

Windows Live Writer is cool FREE Desktop Based blogging tool which makes it easier to compile blogging post and publish them directly with a active connection to the internet.

Why do you need Offline Installer for Windows Live Writer?

When ever you try downloading the amazing windows live writer you will get a small executable file called WLinstaller.exe from

What is WLinstaller.exe 

WLinstaller.exe is an packaged online installer for windows live writer and other tools like Sign-in Assistant, Messenger, Toolbar, Photo Gallery and Family Safety


WLinstaller.exe need to connect to internet in order to install any of the above tools including windows live writer.

Let’s see how can you download offline installer for windows live writer

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Set double click in skype to open chat then call the skype contact

I have been using skype regularly for around three months, in my new office. From the day I started using I noticed a common problem which normally people face using skype.


By default in skype when ever you double click any contact skype will start a skype-call to that skype contact instead of starting a chat, double clicking a skype contact is quite normal as we have a habit of starting a chat as in other messenger’s like Gtalk and yahoo messenger etc.

But it’s very easy to to override the default settings of skype and set the default setting of skype to start a chat when you double click a skype contact instead of chat.

Let’s see how can change the default behaviour of skype.

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Send free sms to friends with google sms channels

Google has recently released their google sms channels which lets you receive various types of updates directly to your mobile phone by direct sms to your phone for free.

Google Sms Channels lets you receive alerts on your mobile via free sms to your mobile phone, you can receive alerts for latest news, blog feeds, daily quotes, horoscope , daily jokes, news from moneycontrol, cricket updates and lot more via free sms messages to your phone.


I have just created a free google sms channel called dailymeets to send messages to college buddies for planned or unplanned meets on weekends and weekdays some times.

Let’s see how can you create a group of family or friends and send them free sms messages via google sms channels.

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Know where does your website rank in google search results with SERPs Finder

Almost all us write so much on our blogs and web sites and we always got curious to know the ranking of our pages or posts in all the major search engines like Google, Live Search, and Yahoo! Search.

SERPs Finder

SERPs Finder is free utility for finding out the ranking of a particular web site in google search, yahoo search and live search.   

SERPs Finder-abhishek-bhatnagar  

SERPs Finder is quite a good program which can for a given query in Google, Live Search and Yahoo Search by analysing first 1000 of search results.

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Force google search results open in new window or tab on single mouse left click

Yesterday I found a cool feature hidden under google search preferences called Open search results in a new browser window.

Google Search offers this quite useful feature of opening search results you click on, get opened in a new tab in firefox or in a new window in internet explorer.

Why To Open Search Results in new window ?

We all use google for searching information and when we search for any information, we get a number of search results, and deciding which search result out of all those search results is best involves checking out some of them.

In order to check the search results we used to right click that search result and select open in a new window.

But, it becomes quite tedious when you right click on every new search result to open in new window.

With google search preferences you can set this cool feature to Open search results in a new browser window with single mouse left click.

Let’s see how to open search results in a new window.

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Check whether an email id is valid or not

It happens some times when you may want to check whether a email id on which you want to send an important mail exists or not.

The most simple method would be to send a test mail first and check if you receive a failure mail delivery receipt, but sometimes you can’t even send a test email as the email id could be of your boss or someone whom you may not feel comfortable sending test email to test the email id validity.


There has been some methods to check whether a email id is a valid email id, found two methods to check the validity of email if of them useful, easy and fast.