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Search Rapidshare To Get RealTime Working Rapidshare Links – Rapidstack

Rapidstack is another free search engines which lets you search on rapidshare in real time to get working rapidshare links to download the files you want.


One of the major plus point of using this search tool is that it will always show up the working not the dead rapidshare download links.

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Auto Reply For Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, Msn and AIM etc is one of useful FREE online service which works as a auto reply answering machine for your Instant Messengers like Yahoo messenger, Google Talk, MSN, AIM and ICQ.

This service could be really useful to auto respond to the messages on your instant messengers in case you are away from your computer or busy in doing some other important work.


It works in the following way mentioned below

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Check If Internet Connection Is Working or Stopped

Many of my friends asked me how can they get to know at any point of time whether the internet connection is actually working or stopped. My simplest answer to this question to them is that you can ping any of the sites like or to check whether the ping comes back.

But some of people don’t know what do I mean by ping, as they are layman’s and not aware with these command prompt commands. For all those who don’t know about ping command and its use can use a small free utility which lets you find out whether you are connected to internet on your computer.


DiamondCS NetCheck allows you to quickly test the status of your internet connection by attempting DNS resolve and TCP connection tests. You just need to run the program and click Start button to check for the internet connection status.

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Find Invisible People On Yahoo Messenger

Many of your friends may pretend to be offline on yahoo messenger but they are in invisible mode, some time back we also written about a trick on how to hide your online status on yahoo from various services like buddy spy. But this free web service which we are going to tell you will deface all the methods to hide the online status on yahoo. lets you find the exact status of any yahoo user irrespective of whatever status you have set already. You can use this tool to reveal the status of any yahoo user even if he/she is not in your contact list.


4invisible will display the exact status of the user you want know, if the user is in invisible mode it will display invisible. (as shown in the image below)


This is a free tool perfectly working to find out the actual hidden status of yahoo messengers.

[ Via ]

internet hacks & tips

4 Ways To Create A Free Pencil Sketch Of Your Photos

One of my friend just asked me how can she create a photo sketch her profile pic at facebook, its really amazed to see the pencil sketch of some of the pictures of your own.


As the pencil sketch are so natural to represent the real beauty of the picture as if its drawn by pencil only and you can impress your friends around on various social networks like orkut, facebook etc.

Today we will tell you 4 free ways to create a pencil sketch online and offline both. Let’s see how can you create a pencil sketch with some free tools available online and offline.

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Save / Download All Images From Websites

We all know if we want to download all the images form a website it becomes so much tiring task as you need to open all the images by clicking them all and then save them which becomes quite impossible if the images are larger in number.


Save Images is a cool free firefox extension which lets you download all the images form any website on the internet, this extension is specially designed to download all the photos from any website you want.

If the images you want to download are shown as thumbnails and not in full size on the current page, even then Save Images allows to generate a list of links to the images.

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Shutdown Your Computer Faster In One Click

After we are done with our work on our computer we want it to shutdown less effort and as faster as it can be. Today we will tell you all the ways not only to shutdown, restart or hibernate your computer faster in single click of the mouse.

Shutdown is a simple tool which lets you turn off your computer in single click.


This utility gets installed and creates a shortcut on your desktop to run it and shutdown your computer, this shutdown utility runs a basic command in windows again but it asks to close if there are any running applications.

Download Shutdown

So, you can also create a shutdown shortcut on your desktop which will run the same command with which you can shutdown your computer in single click.

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Download Videos From Youtube, DailyMotion, Metacafe and lot more other sites

Vdownloader is a FREE windows utility which lets you download videos from you favourite sites like youtube, google video and from other sites including.

Following list of sites are supported with Vdownloader from where you can download any video on these sites.

  • Youtube (in HD if available)
  • Google Video
  • DailyMotion
  • MySpace
  • Veoh
  • GoFish
  • Netlog
  • Blip TV
  • Porkolt
  • Metacafe
  • 123 Video
  • Bolt
  • Vreel (Beta)
  • Clevver
  • Tudou
  • VSocial
  • Lulu TV
  • Guba
  • HideBehind
  • Dale al Play
  • Yahoo! Video
  • Hispavista
  • Vimeo

    Vdownloader supports a large number of video formats for the video to be downloaded and saved on your desktop.