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Speed Up Your BroadBand or Dial Up Internet Connection and Web browsing.

With Tweak Network Settings you can tweak these settings for faster page loading and more simultaneous downloads.Speed Up Your Browsing speed in firefox with Tweak Network Extension for firefox. This extension allows you to access under the hood network settings.

internet hacks & tips

Change A Gtalk Buddy Name To Identify The Person – Who May Have A Messy Name at Orkut

It happens to almost all of us when we see people in our gtalk friend list with some some messy and irregular names in gtalk, this mostly happen with the gtalk buddies who are also your friend at orkut as well. On orkut people tend to have some style names by adding some special characters in their name, these poorly readable so called styled names become a problem some times when you are not able to identify that person due to these names. On of such situation can be explained form image given below


As you can see in the above image one of my friend in gtalk has such a special name that i cannot identify this person with this messy name, more over she has not added her image as well or any avatar on gtalk with which I can remember her. Now the last option with which i recognised her was her email id which is covered by black spray in the above image. Now once I recognize her I would like to set her name and so that in future it becomes easy for me to recognise her directly with her name.  


Let’s see how can you rename the person with some custom name you want to set to any of your gtalk buddies

internet hacks & tips

DomainResolver – Find The IP Address Of Any Website Through Its Domain Name

DomainResolver is small free to use tool which lets you find the IP address of any website on web with its domain name. You just need to type in the domain name and press the resolve button at the bottom of the application to get the IP address of the website.


It will also retrieve the domain location easily and even works with sub domain names.

internet hacks & tips

Free Sitemap Generator | Free Links Extractor | Extract All Links From Any Website On Web

Sitemap Generator is a free to use software which lets you extract all the links of any website on web. It is a free sitemap generator which lets you generate sitemaps in google (XML) or yahoo (TXT) format or just to spider your website and collect all the internal links for you.


This will collect all the links to the CSV or HTML file just for your convenience, moreover you can create google sitemap, yahoo sitemap, HTML map, CSV and get to know about the failed URLs and links given on your blog.

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internet hacks & tips

ScanDL – Extract All The Links To Download All The Files Linked From A Webpage

ScanDL is a freeware program which simplifies the downloading of files from the internet by extracting and compiling a list of direct links to download all the files linked on a specific webpage.


You can easily use the generated list file in your favourite download manager to download any file from the list of links to all the files linked in webpage.

internet hacks & tips

Automatically Upload and Sync The Photos In Your Local Folder On Your Computer With Your Flickr Account

FlickrSync is a FREE tool which lets you upload and sync all the photos you store in a particular folder on your computer with your flickr sets and photos online. It displays flickr your local folders and your flickr profile folders and establish synchronization rules between them. so with this free utility you can keep your local photos folder on your computer with flickr.


Please note that the synchronization is done one way only – Your local photos folder will never be changed and the local folder image will be replicated on our flickr account.

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internet hacks & tips

10+ Free Live Streaming Links To Watch IPL T20 2009 Matches Online Season 2

IPL T20 2009 matches are going on these days in south Africa, but we all are so much busy with our office and other work may not find time to watch these matches sitting in front of the TV.


Most of my friends are at their offices where there is no television provided to watch ipl t20 2009 cricket matches, but as they are mostly software engineers and some other people who have a active internet connection on their office computers, so they can watch ipl t20 cricket matches online on internet.

We had already written a post on how to

Watch IPL t20 2009 Cricket Matches Online Live On IPL Official Site and Watch Highlights On Youtube Channel

Above post includes all the possible official links where you can watch, so if due to any reason the official links does not work to watch IPL t20 2009 matches you can use the alternative links given below to watch t20 2009 ipl matches online live on these sites mentioned below.

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Youtube Downloader HD – Free Youtube High Definition Video Downloader

Free youtube high definition video downloader lets you download any youtube video in high definition format. It is just like any other youtube desktop video downloader which will download the video directly on your Hard Drive.


Downloading any youtube video with this tool is easy as entering the URL of the video which you want to download and hit the start button. It allows you to download in four basic formats which includes FLV (Flash Video), AVI Video, MP4 and AVI HD (High Definition)