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10+ Free Live Streaming Links To Watch IPL T20 2009 Matches Online Season 2

IPL T20 2009 matches are going on these days in south Africa, but we all are so much busy with our office and other work may not find time to watch these matches sitting in front of the TV.


Most of my friends are at their offices where there is no television provided to watch ipl t20 2009 cricket matches, but as they are mostly software engineers and some other people who have a active internet connection on their office computers, so they can watch ipl t20 cricket matches online on internet.

We had already written a post on how to

Watch IPL t20 2009 Cricket Matches Online Live On IPL Official Site and Watch Highlights On Youtube Channel

Above post includes all the possible official links where you can watch, so if due to any reason the official links does not work to watch IPL t20 2009 matches you can use the alternative links given below to watch t20 2009 ipl matches online live on these sites mentioned below.

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Youtube Downloader HD – Free Youtube High Definition Video Downloader

Free youtube high definition video downloader lets you download any youtube video in high definition format. It is just like any other youtube desktop video downloader which will download the video directly on your Hard Drive.


Downloading any youtube video with this tool is easy as entering the URL of the video which you want to download and hit the start button. It allows you to download in four basic formats which includes FLV (Flash Video), AVI Video, MP4 and AVI HD (High Definition)

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Twin Searching – Search and Compare The Search Results Of Two Search Engines For The Same Keyword

Twin Searching is a free utility which allows you search and compare the search results of two search engines for the same query. It will show up the search results in a dual frame pane of the default browser configured on your computer.

You can carry out the search in any 2 search engines you select from the list as right now it allow you to select more than two search engines.


With in three easy steps you can search and compare the search results for the same keyword with dual pane in your system default browser, Lets see how

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Free YouTube Video Uploader Popular Video Formats Supported

Free youtube video uploader allows you to upload videos to your youtube account. It allows you to upload multiple videos together in one go to youtube.


Another reason for you to use this application to upload videos to your account is that you can optimize the video before uploading the video. You can specify the Title of the video, Description of the video, Tags to be added for the video and category in which video should be added.

It supports almost all the popular video formats like avi, mpeg, mpg, 3gp, mp4, flv, wmv. amv etc and lot more other video formats also. 

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All Ways To Download MP3 Music From MySpace

I was reading an article of on how to download mp3 from myspace, downloading your favourite music from myspace is something which everyone want to do.

I found out all the ways including the utilities to download mp3 music from myspace and some free web services which allows you to download music from Myspace. These tools and services will automatically download any music you want on myspace.

Lets discuss these tools and web services to download myspace music

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Free YouTube Batch Videos Uploader

RZ Youtube Videos Uploader is a FREE software utility which allows you to upload multiple videos to your youtube account. It allows you to upload any number of FLV videos on your computer to youtube directly.


So, if you want to upload multiple videos to youtube, you will first need to convert videos to FLV format which you want to upload.

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Fosimo – Free Facebook Desktop Client To Watch Changes To Your Facebook Account

Fosimo is a small FREE and small facebook desktop client which lets you update facebook status, synchronize facebook friend list with outlook.


You will be notified about your friend status updates, get notifications for unread messages, new friend request and event invites and more important you can do all this without browsing the heavy and slow interface of facebook in browser.

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Shouttr – Listen To Your To Tweets Rather Than Reading Them

Shouttr comes under such those innovative twitter clients which offers some different and innovative features which you may have not thought of.

Shouttr allows you to listen to the tweets you receive on your public timeline rather than reading them, it sits in your system tray in windows and shouts the tweets received. You can also repeat tweets to listen them again in case you haven’t listened them properly before.


Shouttr is currently in alpha stage and it allows you to read and post tweets, more over you can configure the voices which you want to hear including the voices accent like male, female, sexy and so on.