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Shouttr – Listen To Your To Tweets Rather Than Reading Them

Shouttr comes under such those innovative twitter clients which offers some different and innovative features which you may have not thought of.

Shouttr allows you to listen to the tweets you receive on your public timeline rather than reading them, it sits in your system tray in windows and shouts the tweets received. You can also repeat tweets to listen them again in case you haven’t listened them properly before.


Shouttr is currently in alpha stage and it allows you to read and post tweets, more over you can configure the voices which you want to hear including the voices accent like male, female, sexy and so on.

internet hacks & tips

Prevent Spiders From Extracting Your Email ID – Email Link Encoder

Email Link Encoder is a free software which lets create a image out of your email id so that email spider cannot extract email address from different places on web.

Email spiders crawl web pages over the web on various web sites to get various email id for spammers which add you to their mailing list and start sending spamming mails on these ids.


Email Link Encoder allows you to create protect email id signature in the form of a image, encrypted HTML link and javascript which again prevents your email to get grabbed by email spiders.

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Twittastic – A Twitter Client With Lots Of Features

Twittastic is a FREE twitter client based on .net framework which has a quite clear, minimalistic and a sleek design as a twitter client. It offers some amazing features like you can directly update your personal profile on twitter, take a screenshot and share it with your twitter followers, upload a picture directly to Twitpic just by drag and drop over the application.

Shorten the URLs you want to share on twitter on the go, you can also take webcam snapshots and upload them to twitpic and share them with your twitter friends.


After Tweetdeck this is the second best client I would love to use, moreover you can do lot more amazing things like sending a file to any one via twitter with this application, the sent file will be shared through

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NetWorx – Free Network Bandwidth Usage Monitoring Tool

NetWorx is a free program which lets you monitor your internet bandwidth usage, tells you when you are running out your bandwidth limit and exceeding your internet bill of the month.


You can not only collect bandwidth usage data but can also measure the speed of your internet or any other network connection. It helps you identify the sources of network problems and always ensure that you do not exceed the bandwidth limits specified by your ISP.


The programs allows you to monitor all your network connections including Ethernet or PPP. It is highly customizable visual sound alerts, you can also configure it to alert if your network connection goes down or there is any suspicious activity like heavy data flow.

If by any chance any application try to use a heavy data flow to or from internet it can automatically shut down or disconnect at that time depending on your configuration.

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Simplest Way To Translate A Page or Website with Google Search

It could be a case when you suddenly land up on a web page of a website which does not seem to be your native language or any other language you understand, then you start searching for the translation flags or some translator widget.

But some times you may not find the translator widget on the web site itself, so in that case you can simply translate the page and the entire web site by using google search.

Google translator is the best tool which lets you translate any web page or web site in the easiest and the precise way in terms of translation.

Let me tell you how to translate any web page with google translator

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Free Flv To Mp3 Converter Download

Free flv to mp3 converter is a FREE tool which lets you convert the downloaded flv files from youtube or any other video sites. It lets you convert you favourite video songs into mp3 audio which you can listen on your mobile phone or pc in any mp3 player.

Today we will tell you two easy to use methods which lets you convert downloaded flv to mp3 and how to convert and download any flv video from youtube to mp3 to your pc.


You can convert more than one flv videos to mp3 with this free flv to mp3 converter, it is the best tool for batch conversion of multiple flv files together.

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Automatic RapidShare Downloader For Free Users

Rapidshare Plus 3.1 is a free and easy to use automatic downloader which allows free users to download multiple files automatically from rapidshare. It can save you from frustration of seeing the message of download limit exceeded for the free users.

Rapidshare Plus 3.1 can queue all the files you want to download, this is best rapidshare downloader for free users who face download limit exceeded and download waiting time when they try to download.


This rapidshare downloader will queue all the files to be download and lets you download automatically by trying after a fixed time interval of time.

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Free New Working Rapidshare Premium Account Checker – Rapidshare Plus ACC

Rapidshare is one of the most oldest and reliable file sharing which is most widely used all over the world, we had recently featured some of the free download manager for rapidshare and some universal downloader which even work beyond rapidshare.

Rapidshare Plus ACC is a free rapidshare premium account checker which lets you find out the working rapidshare premium account from the list of the rapidshare username and password list which you may have got from different forums.

These rapidshare accounts list contains a large number of username and passwords out of which some of them are working and finding out which of them are working is really tedious process.

Rapidshare Plus ACC 

It will automatically test all the username in the list with an interval of standard 10 seconds which can be changed. This is the best program to find out the working rapidshare account from the large list of rapidshare user accounts in the list.

Download Rapidshare Plus Account Checker