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Free Spam Filters For Outlook and Outlook Express

If you had landed up on this article you must be already annoyed by a large number of spam messages in your outlook mail account. Fighting with spam is one of them most common and difficult task when it comes to outlook as there is no automatic default mechanism in outlook to check whether a mail is spam or not.    spam-mails 

There are two free spam filters which lets you keep your outlook inbox clean and removes or deletes the spam mails before reaching your outlook inbox.

Let’s discuss about both of these free spam filters for outlook and elaborate their features more deeply.

Free Spam Filter Program 1:

Remove Spam In Outlook With Spamihilator

Spamihilator works in between your E-Mail client and Internet – so it examines all the mails coming to your inbox. Useless spam mails will be automatically filtered out without showing any window as it runs automatically in the background.


Spamihilator is based on the learning spamming filter which uses the rules of Thomas Bayes(A Mathematician) so it also calculates the spam-probability for every E-Mail. It also searches the E-Mail messages for some known keywords and regular expression.

Some Other Features Of Spamihilator

Spam Recognition – The Learning Filter recognizes more than 98% of all the incoming spam mails and uses the Training Area to increase the recognition rate with time.

Support For Pop3 and IMAP – After recent upgrade Spamihilator can receive mails from POP3 and IMAP Accounts

Support Secure Connections – Spamihilator also works over secure connections over SSL/TLS

Maintains A List Of Senders – Spamihilator also keeps a list of allowed and blocked senders so any mail coming from a blocked sender will be automatically blocked.

Download Spamihilator

Free Spam Filter Program 2:

Remove Spam In Outlook With SPAMFighter

SPAMfighter is another free program which lets you remove all the spam from your outlook inbox, it gets integrated with outlook seamlessly and works smoothly with outlook , outlook express and windows mail.


SPAMfighter test all the mails before it reaches your inbox and moves the spam mails directly to your spam folder. If it does not detect the spam for any reason you just need to click one single button and the spam mail will be automatically moved to your spam folder. 

Some Other Features Of SPAMfighter

SPAMfighter is a standard 100% free program, with some award wining spam filter technology recently partnered with Microsoft also.

Protects You against Phishing, Identity Theft and other Email Fraud

Used by more than 5 million user around the world

Blacklist Domains and Emails

Automatic White List Management

Spam Abuse Reporting With One Click          

SPAMfighter also protects your privacy by hiding your email id from outside world

It supports the following languages including – English, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, Greek, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Russian, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Japanese, Czech, Thai and Danish

Download SPAMfighter

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