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Download Beijing Olympics Stadium 3D Screensaver

Most of my fellow friends blogger’s written a lot about Beijing Olympics 2008 already, So I also thought of writing some thing new and unique about Beijing Olympics 2008.

Yesterday, night I found a cool Olympic Stadium 3D Screensaver for all windows edition including windows XP and vista.

These Screensaver provides a realistic 3D environment of the stadium of Olympic Stadium.


Feel the spirit of Beijing Olympics 2008 by installing Olympic Stadium 3D Screensaver on your computer.

internet hacks & tips

Recover Web / FTP / POP3 / Email passwords with SniffPass

It happens, when we forgot our email passwords after sometime configuring your email accounts in pop3 email client, as the most of the application like ftp clients, pop3 client offers the feature to remember the password.

Just as all these applications offer to remember passwords which makes us lazy and set the option to remember it. Now, the main problem occurs when you may need to reconfigure these type of application some where else or on the same system for any reason.

SinffPass is small nifty freeware by Nirsoft which comes to rescue in these type of situation. It listens to your network and capture the passwords that pass through your network adapter.


internet hacks & tips

Download YouTube video via bookmark with All-In-One Video Bookmarklet


There are numerous ways to download youtube videos but most of the methods either require downloading software or some user script to be installed at the user end.

At the end using the software or the user script becomes tedious for a layman user, but there can be a simple way out also to download any youtube videos.

You can simply download any youtube video just by clicking a bookmark in firefox or opera


It involves a simple link which you need to make a bookmark in the toolbar by dragging the link to the bookmarks toolbar.

internet hacks & tips

Monitor your internet bandwidth usage with Netlimiter


I remember one of my friend was facing a problem some time back, when some application start using the internet bandwidth on his computer because of some unknown reason, due to which the limited bandwidth usage in his mtnl broadband plan got exceeded.

NetLimiter, is a software which comes to rescue in these types of situation as you can know how much internet bandwidth is being used by any program on your system.


NetLimiter is useful program which allows you to monitor each application on your system which connects to internet, it also allows you to easily manage your internet connections bandwidth and share it among the different applications on your system which connects to internet.

Some other features of NetLimiter

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Change your network connection settings with a shortcut on your desktop


If you are a laptop user like me, who needs to configure network settings every now and then to connect to your internet at your home place and at your office, you will definitely love this application called net profiles

Net Profiles is a freeware which help you configure the internet connection with a single mouse click, it allows you to switch in between the various network profiles you create through the application.

Net Profiles saves your network settings as profiles,you can easily activate different profiles to change the network connection settings.


As shown in the image above you can create a network profile, after selecting your network card you need to specify IP Settings and click Save button.

Automatically change your profile via program shortcuts,

Some other features includes:

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Tweet your blog RSS feed on twitter with twitterfeed


I just found a cool way of sharing your latest articles with your twitter followers if you are blogger or a person writing some thing on the internet.

I just got this idea from some of the fellow blogger’s so, I am assuming that most of the people already know about twitterfeed.


For those who don’t know

As it says in the tag line of twitterfeed says: “feed your blog to twitter” you can use twitterfeed free service to tweet your latest articles you publish on your blog automatically.

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By pass blocking firewall restrictions using HTTP-Tunnel-Client


We have written numerous articles on how can you access blocked web sites like at your work place listed below.

But still we are receiving many comments where the users complains they are not able to access blocked web sites.

We found a free http tunneling utility called HTTP-Tunnel-Client last night which lets you bypass the restrictions of the firewall.


How it removes restrictions?

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Monitor rss Feeds with Symbolic rss Alert Application directly from your desktop

Simbolic RSS AlertIt is a FREE simple application for monitoring RSS feeds. It is very light low memory consuming application which sits in your system tray and monitors different rss feeds which you specify.



The main purpose of the application is for users who don’t need a complete RSS application but would like to know when a couple of feeds have changed.

This application is really use full when you want to monitor some feeds like latest cool freeware’s released, new Microsoft products released or when you want to monitor some of the official google blogs like Google Reader Blog, Google Blog, etc which does not offer subscribe via email option.

Symbolic rss alert application allows you to customize the interval for checking for new updated feed items on the feeds which you specify ( as shown in the image below ).








As shown in the image above, I have set the time interval as  5 minutes in my case. Right click on the application icon in the system tray to play with the options and features.