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No need to remember or enter username and password hack or trick for yahoo mail!

This post is an answer to a question raised by a reader “Sumit” a very good friend of mine. He asked about “Some way for “remembering yahoo id n password” in the yahoomail” here is your answer in this post.

There are so many ways of making your password remembered in yahoo

Some of them are..

1.AI Roboform Toolbar with Firefox

NOTE: “You need to download and install RoboForm to use extension.”
RoboForm is Top-rated Password Manager and Web Form Filler that completely automates password entering and form filling.
– Memorizes your passwords and Logs You In automatically.
– Fills long registration and checkout forms with one click.
– Encrypts your passwords to achieve complete security.
– Generates random passwords that hackers cannot guess.
– Backs up your passwords, Copies them between computers.
– Gives you one set of bookmarks and passwords for
IE, Firefox, Mozilla, AOL, MSN, Avant, MaxThon browsers.

Download Roboform /Link to AI Roboform Toolbar For firefox

2.A Script for greasemonkey thats automatically remembers the password for yahoo mail.

Description: Enables autocomplete for you need to install this script in grease monkey and thats all.

Download GreaseMonkey For Firefox / Link to install the script for greasemonkey

3. Use Sxipper to Remember your usernames and passwords

Description: Sxipper is a free plug-in for Firefox that lets you log into any website with a single click. Sxipper saves you time by keeping track of all of your user IDs, passwords, and the personal data you share every day over the web. Sxipper logs you in securely and helps to prevent you from being victimized by phishing sites and phony logins

Download or Install Sxipper Plugin For Firefox

I hope some of the above may be able to solve your problem..

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14 replies on “No need to remember or enter username and password hack or trick for yahoo mail!”

yeeeeeah…those are not “hacks” tho lol..they are readily availably application for that purpose..hahaha.nice blog :D.

please i lost my yahoo id i want to know my password so please help me mail me please

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