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Build and Test your Code with in Your Web Browser at

What is ?
codeide is a site that lets users program online and then see the results online..It allows to build the code of different programming languages in Web Browser for all visitors.

This service is for the people who want to start programming and for those, who want to remind previous experience.This service is entirely dedicated to the coders all over the worlds who want to share as well as learn through others ,So we can say it is place where all the programmers come together.

Supported languages for Now: Basic,

Pascal, C/C++, JavaScript, Perl .
Future Languages support that will be added (info from Live Help on this site): Lisp, Java, Assembler, Python, PHP

Syntax Highlighting function helps programmers to understand the code quicker. Registred users can chat online and save your programs on the service [2] Also, there is a local WIKI , that helps to learn programming

And Forum that helps in discussion of programming, etc..

To start programming is enough to visit the service and click Run.

For instance, in Basic:
for i=1 to 10
circle (120,120), i*10
next i

Also, every user could have own page with blog, his programs sources, his scripts (running like on typical hosting) etc..So To run the program in different languages only Browser needed

Try Codeide / Visit Codeide Blog

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