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Yahoo Messenger Hider – Show Or Hide Running Yahoo Messenger With F11 and F12 Function Keys

Yahoo Messenger Hider is one such useful utility which lets you show / hide the running main yahoo messenger window by pressing F11 key, on the other hand it will enable you to show / hide all the messenger windows by pressing F12 key

This utility can be very useful at work where you use yahoo messenger and fear of being caught, all the chat windows title are renamed with the windows handle. You can even start /  stop the service from tray icon.

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Remove Ads from yahoo messenger 9 final version with A Patch

Yesterday, we wrote about how you download the full offline installer for yahoo messenger 9 final version released.

Today, we have come up with a solution on how can you remove ads from yahoo messenger 9 final version.

With A-Patch for yahoo messenger you can remove the advertisements and also run more than one instance of yahoo messenger 9


One of the good option provided with a-patch for yahoo messenger is you can any time undo Remove Advertisements from yahoo messenger and Polygamy ( open multiple instances of yahoo messenger ) any time by selecting the check shown in the image above which says Undo the above options.

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Hide your online status on yahoo from various services like buddy spy

Now a days ,there are large number of applications and services available on web to track your online or offline status activity of your yahoo ID.






If you want to pretend your self offline to all these applications from where your friends or buddies would be tracking your online offline status , you just need to set a simple option which is available Account Information Section of your yahoo id.

Let see how can check that option which says: Check the box to hide my online status ( 🙂 ) from other users.

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Stop Gtalk and yahoo messenger to load automatically at startup.

It happens some times when you remove some particular program like yahoo messenger ,gtalk from system startup. But when you restart your system these programs get loaded again.

When you open msconfig will see a new entry for yahoo messenger in the startup tab.This happens because there is a option being checked in yahoo messenger which says automatically adds yahoo messenger to system startup when ever you run yahoo messenger.(as shown in the image below)





Removal of Yahoo messenger from startup , follow the steps given below

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How to use Patch It To Run Multiple Instances of Yahoo Messenger.

Patch It is a new patch which will allow you to run multiple instances of Yahoo! Messenger.It almost supports all the versions of yahoo messengers released till yet.

How To Run Multiple Instances Yahoo Messenger With Patch It

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How to Hack or Recover Password of Instant Messengers and Internet Explorer for free.

This is the first time I am writing about some freeware hacking utilites for recovering passwords .There are large no. of softwares available in the market for recovering password of various instant messengers , also for recovering the passwords stored in various other email clients used now a days and other passwords stored in internet explorer and other applications . So I am going to share some information about these utilities with my readers.

Hack Tip: Hack / Recover Windows Live Messenger Password

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No need to remember or enter username and password hack or trick for yahoo mail!

This post is an answer to a question raised by a reader “Sumit” a very good friend of mine. He asked about “Some way for “remembering yahoo id n password” in the yahoomail” here is your answer in this post.

There are so many ways of making your password remembered in yahoo

Some of them are..

1.AI Roboform Toolbar with Firefox

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Top Five Web Messengers To Access Yahoo Messenger On Web…

This post is for all the chatting freaks who actually chat whole day all the time where ever they when ever they are connected to the internet ,one of the other for writing this post as i get lot of queries from my friends and colleges on how to access yahoo messenger from their offices and colleges.