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Yahoo Messenger Hider – Show Or Hide Running Yahoo Messenger With F11 and F12 Function Keys

Yahoo Messenger Hider is one such useful utility which lets you show / hide the running main yahoo messenger window by pressing F11 key, on the other hand it will enable you to show / hide all the messenger windows by pressing F12 key

This utility can be very useful at work where you use yahoo messenger and fear of being caught, all the chat windows title are renamed with the windows handle. You can even start /  stop the service from tray icon.

Yahoo messenger tray icon is hidden upon start of the application and gets restored upon exit. Yahoo messenger creates a shortcut in the startup folder hides and restores the yahoo messenger tray icon.

Requirement: You would .NET Framework 2.0 and yahoo messenger 8.1 to run this program

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Download Yahoo Messenger Hider

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