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Free Broadcast Your Presentations and Training Sessions

ScreenStream is a FREE program which lets you do free screen sharing or you can say watch your screen on the computers on your network and other computers connected to you via internet. This tool can be really useful to broadcast your presentation and other related training sessions.


Another major advantage of using ScreenStream is that the viewers connected do not need any additional software to view the broadcasting screen.

They can view it through their normal internal browsers installed on their computers, it also supports optional audio streaming so the client computers can also hear what the you are saying in your presentation while broadcasting.


This free application can be really useful for the following uses

  • In boardroom presentation (if everyone has a laptop it will replace the projector).
  • In university lectures where people take their laptops.
  • In the computer lab or classroom where students are sitting in front of computers.
  • For remote power point and other presentations.
  • To assist remote computer support so the helpdesk staff can see what the user is doing or vice versa.
  • As a white board equivalent during telephone or video conferences.
  • Perfect for use with tablet PCs so others can see as you draw directly on your tablet screen.

    System Requirements:

    For the Computer Running ScreenStream

    • Works on Windows Vista/2008 XP/2003

    For any computer viewing ScreenStream

    • Any computer (Windows, Mac or Linux). Almost all computers made since 1996 will work.
    • An Internet Browser (eg. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox etc.).

    Some Exclusive Features Of ScreenStream:

    • Runs in the background and captures your screen while in any other program
    • The image can be viewed by anyone with using an ordinary web browser (from any type of computer).
    • The screen can be viewed by users with Windows, Mac or Linux computers.
    • Optional access code can be set to secure the connection.
    • Optional audio streaming lets others listen as you speak.
    • Perfect for desktop screen sharing or application sharing.
    • The number of viewers is almost unlimited (the only limit is the size of your bandwidth).
    • Installs and runs in just minutes.
    • Very simple user interface.

    Download ScreenStream

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