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UltraMon – The Best Smart Application For Multi Monitor Setup

UltraMon is the one of the best application you should use if you are on multi monitor setup, it has all the most useful features and tool you would need to organise the display, screensaver, desktop wallpaper, windows, applications, desktop icons, display profiles, mirroring on multiple monitors connected to your computer.


Note: It can even support more than 10 monitors to provide custom display settings like different desktop resolution, separate or widescreen monitor wallpaper and separate taskbar for all these multiple monitors connected.

From the time I had setup the multiple desktop monitor this application is the most useful for me with extensive set of features like I can restore the desktop icons positions after connecting to extended monitor, toggle to set any monitor connected as primary, disable the secondary monitor with single click and lot more other things discussed below

Some Concluded Key Features Of UltraMon

1. Window Management – You can quickly move the windows or opened applications and programs with single click by using the additional buttons added by UltraMon on each window with minimize and close button.


2. Smart Taskbar – UltraMon will add additional taskbar for each of the secondary monitor connected, so all the applications open in secondary monitor will be shown in the taskbar of the extended monitor itself which saves a lot of space on the taskbar of the primary monitor

3. Application Positioning – You can customize the shortcut for any application to open the program in a specified monitor and its positions also.


4. Display Profiles – You can configure display profiles and save them with UltraMon, so that you don’t have configure every time whenever external display or secondary monitor is connected.

5. Screen Savers – Most of the screen savers run on primary and extended monitor, but with UltraMon you can blank the secondary monitor when screen saver is running.

6. Desktop Wallpaper – UltraMon adds the ability to use a different picture on multiple monitors or you can stretch a single picture on each monitor as a desktop wallpaper.


7. Mirroring Of Monitors – You can mirror the primary monitor on one or more secondary monitor but this feature is supported on windows 2000 and xp only.  

Download UltraMon (32 bit) | Download UltraMon (64 bit)  

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