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Make small tinyurl for your pages fast with Tinyurl creator for firefox

Small Announcement for Readers: From now on, I will be more active in blogging so you can expect more frequency of  articles posted.I will try to give at least one post a day.


Let come to the post topic. Today I tried some of popular and on growing adobe air applications like uvLayer, twhirl etc.

Was seeing some of the friends blogger’s sharing there latest articles via twitter as the actual url of the articles were some what longer so every one was using TinyUrl in order to shorten them.

If you don’t  know what is tinyurl?

For your FYI: With TinyURL, you can also make a smaller URL that will work for any page on your site.

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Get more keyboard savvy while using gmail with google experimental search

Yesterday, gmail my inbox was flooded with large number of mails, most of them were comments , readers computer related problems etc.

But I was having a short time to read them they were more than hundreds in numbers, and even after using gmail handy keyboard shortcuts I was not productive enough.

After than I was trying to find out a different way to browse through large number of mails in gmail in some quicker way.








Then, I remembered the google experimental search which I had used some time back to navigate through results in google.

Here comes the key-point that is if you activate google experimental search into your google account , you can automatically use those keyborad shortcuts into gmail if you have gmail on that account.

Let’s see how can you use google experimental shortcuts in gmail   

internet hacks & tips tips & tricks

Make your self more productive using gmail with some useful shortcuts

I have become more addictive using gmail these days specially because we have to reply to users who send their computer problems on TroubleFixers

While handling these large number of email, I was just trying to get to know quick and easy to remember shortcuts for gmail. So, I google for gmail keyboard shotcuts and got landed to a page here

But after seeing these shortcuts I was even worried how could any one remember all of them, I filtered out some easy to remember shortcuts.