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Rapidshare Hack – Kill Download Waiting Time

Its been some time now Rapidshare has removed CATPHA ( entering the code shown in the image to download file). But another very annoying thing you see while downloading any file from rapidshare is the annoying download time before getting the download link.


Today, we will tell you a simple hack which lets you kill the rapidshare download timer and lower it down to zero with in a second. After the timer is zero you will see the Download Link immediately to download your file.

Let’s see how can you make the rapidshare download counter to zero instantly with in a second.

1. Copy the rapidshare link of the file to be downloaded in the address bar

2. Click on free user button, and after clicking it the download timer will get started.

3.  Copy and Paste the following to the browser Address Bar


4. and Press Enter

5. That’s it the download timer is gone and you will the download link immediately to download the file.


You can also drag and drop this link to your firefox toolbar to save this text as bookmark, which you can press to kill the download time on rapidshare.

Rapidshare-Kill Download Time

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10 replies on “Rapidshare Hack – Kill Download Waiting Time”

Yeah exactly we were afraid of this. Somebody is not enough clever.
Small amount of people used this a long time a year or so.
And now you came and started to spread this thing out.
Lets go tell it to everybody, contact your local press, don’t forget to put it on yahoo just for sure that somebody didn’t get it.
Dumbs are spreading it rapidshare will get it and fix it.
So for your 5 minutes of “fame” and “glorious” feeling that you are the big H4CK3R with the best source of “cool” stuff are others going to loose.
I hope you are proud of yourself.

As far as I know, this no longer works. This technique is called JavaScript injection and it used to work earlier because RapidShare used a JavaScript countdown timer on the page for download delay. Now, besides the JavaScript countdown they also check at the server end whether the required download time has passed. Thus, this no longer works.

i have been doing this for a while 😀 it hell lot of fun! you can alter lots of things with this simple code 😉

if you cant wait downloading through (only captcha part… i think there is somekind anti-injection where it says “you must wait 60min for next download, it goes away with this but stupid link does not work…)
copy/paste and voila! not that 30sec waiting and idiot banner! 🙂

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