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Change XP To Windows Live Look – Vista Live Shell Pack

After the release of windows vista and windows 7 beta, Windows XP looks so boring and monotonous as compared to the amazing look and feel of windows vista and windows 7.

We have recently written about a free transformation pack which lets you convert the look and feel of windows xp to windows 7, Vista Live Shell Pack is quite different as it changes the windows xp look and feel as well as the icons of windows xo to windows vista icons.


This shell pack will actually modify the system resources to change the windows xp look in windows live look, it will bring some awesome changes including cool new vista style start button and vista drive icons.

All system files are backed up while installation of this vista live shell pack so you can revert to the original look of windows xp anytime by uninstalling Vista Live hell Pack.

There are two variants released for vista live shell pack, one of them is Blue and the other one is Grey.

Download Blue Vista Live Shell Pack | Download Grey Vista Live Shell Pack

One reply on “Change XP To Windows Live Look – Vista Live Shell Pack”


I installed this, it looks good..but i had to go back to my normal xp look…it had some problem with, i wasnt ablt to run new programs that i wanted to install. I wasnt able to open my calculater.

the error message was this

“the system Dll user32.dll was relocated in memory. the application will not run properly. the relocation occurred because the Dll c:\windows\system32\shell32.dll occupied an address range reserved for the windows system DLLs. the vendor supplying the DLL should be contacted for a new DLL”

iv gone back to the normal xp, and thers no problem now.

just wanted to mention.

thanks anyway

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