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Transform XP Drive Icons To Vista Drive Icons With Horizontal Free Space Usage Bar

Changing the drive icons can be really fun if you want to tweak the look and feel of drives icons in xp or vista.

One of the most liking things about vista is the cool looking vista drive icons which looks so cool as compared to the boring drive icons in xp, moreover it also displays the usage of the drive as per the space occupied in that drive by files and folders.


It will change and convert the primary disk drives icons and other drive icons to look similar to vista drive icons, moreover the new icons will also show the free space usage bar which gives an idea about the current free space in the drive.

xp hacks

ViSplore – Get Transparent Vista Explorer With Aero Glass Effect In XP

ViSplore is small free tool which let you convert your windows explorer in windows xp to amazing looking vista explorer, not only it will convert xp windows explorer it will also provide aero glass interface, addressbar and breadcrumbs which is one most useful features in revamped vista explorer.


The converted windows explorer look exactly like vista explorer with all the functions of vista explorer provided and other xp explorer things like files and folders remains intact.

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ViStart – Get Vista Start Menu In Win XP Free with Desktop Search Feature

ViStart is a free program which will convert your boring looking xp start menu to the amazing looking vista start menu, it comes with all those features of vista start menu like search programs right away from start menu, fading menu icons and also have Multilanguage support for non english users


ViStart menu skin looks exactly like windows vista start menu and it also supports third party skins made at deviantart.

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ViGlance – Windows 7 Taskbar In XP

One of the most amazing feature I liked in windows 7 is it most useful and productive taskbar which consist of iconized taskbar items which can rearranged when and how you feel like arranging them.

The most amazing thing about the windows 7 taskbar is that it no longer displays the name of the programs, on the other hand it displays only icons by default which provides more space for other programs and opened windows to fit in


It will replace the normal taskbar of windows xp with this windows 7 like taskbar which is more beautiful and manageable for different windows and  applications opened. It provide more space and good look feel as compared to the boring looks of windows xp taskbar.

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Change XP To Windows Live Look – Vista Live Shell Pack

After the release of windows vista and windows 7 beta, Windows XP looks so boring and monotonous as compared to the amazing look and feel of windows vista and windows 7.

We have recently written about a free transformation pack which lets you convert the look and feel of windows xp to windows 7, Vista Live Shell Pack is quite different as it changes the windows xp look and feel as well as the icons of windows xo to windows vista icons.


This shell pack will actually modify the system resources to change the windows xp look in windows live look, it will bring some awesome changes including cool new vista style start button and vista drive icons.

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Free XP To Windows 7 Transformation Pack Download

Windows 7 is looks much better than both windows xp and windows vista, so almost every user of windows wants to get rid of the boring looks of windows xp and vista.

Today, we will tell you about two free transformation pack developed recently which can transform windows xp or windows vista. These tarsformation packs has been designed by niwradsoft.

XP To Windows 7 Transformation Pack ( Via NirmalTV )

Seven Remix XP is another free transformation pack which lets you change the look and feel of your windows xp into windows 7


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Rename My computer, Recycle Bin, My Documents and My Network Places with Desktop Renamer

You could had annoyed some times when you may want to change the text below the My Computer, My Documents, Recycle Bin and My Network Places icon on your desktop but windows default behaviour will never let you change these names.

Desktop Renamer is small cool free utility which lets you change the name of My Computer, Recycle Bin, My Documents and My Network Places


Desktop Renamer runs on windows XP to later versions also like windows 98, Me, NT etc.

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Download Hibernate, Shutdown Screensaver for windows and save energy and power

There are lot of times when we start our computer and after sometime left it running with all the applications opened as we may have some other important work.

In that case when you leave your pc running and you want all applications to keep running, then this free hibernate Screensaver could be very useful to save a large amount of energy and power.

Hibernate Screensaver

Hibernate - green 

Hibernate Screensaver will hibernate your computer after 2 minutes from the time when computer becomes idle, all your applications will kept in running state and your computer will enter a suspended state and will get hibernated.