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Tweak your common dialogs placebar with PlacesBar

When ever we browse or locate any application or file we do it through windows common dialogs box. Windows Common dialogs (Open and Save) have a PlacesBar that appears on the left side of the dialogs.

PlacesBar is small freeware program which lets you tweak and customize these locations on the place bar in the windows common dialogs


It lets you customize the location to a system folder, such as desktop, My documents, My pictures etc.

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Patch uxtheme.dll to apply custom msstyle in windows xp

There are hell lot of themes available these days in the form of custom mssstyles which lets you change the look and feel of windows xp easily.

But, the main hindrance for applying custom mss styles on windows xp is due to uxtheme.dll which is a Microsoft system file in windows xp which blocks from using any custom mss styles.

So, before you can apply any mss styles you need to patch Microsoft system file, you can easily patch uxtheme.dll file with a small freeware program called UXTheme MultiPatcher 

UXTheme MultiPatcher

Let’s see how to use UXTheme MultiPatcher

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Top 4 applications for Flip 3D and aero effect on XP


People love the vista always for the fancy looking GUI effects not for functionality, and quite opposite is the case for windows XP. 😛 

Today, we have come up with top 4 applications which enables flip 3d and aero effect XP just like vista.

TopDesk Flip Windows

Let’s discuss about all these applications which will implement flip 3d effect in XP

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Know about any process in windows with process explorer


There are hell lot of process which keep on running in windows using system resources like RAM and CPU usage, some of these processes may or may not relevant to the user.

But a how does a windows user know? Which process are useful and which are not out of all the process running on your windows.

Process Explorer is another useful utility by sysinternals which shows you all the process running on your windows system.

Process Explorer

Let’s see how can we use process explorer to get the information about a particular process running.

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Make desktop icons background colour as transparent in windows xp and vista

I have been juggling around for so many days in order to find the correct settings in Windows XP , so as to make the icons appear smooth with each and every desktop wallpaper. ( as shown in the image below ).

Icons With Background Colour


Icons Without Background Colour


Out of the above two which one do you like, your choice is up to you but most people like the second one ( icons without background colour ).

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Download and Install some vista screensavers in windows xp

I was searching a way on how can we convert any screensaver of windows vista to make it work in win xp and I found some vista screensavers prorated for xp.

Windows vista offers some very cool screensavers like.. Aurora, Bubbles, Mystify, Ribbons.

Out of all these I like the bubble screensaver the most, all these screensavers looks awesome but the bubble screensaver is the best as it does not change the desktop background when it’s running. ( as shown in the image below )




( Click the image on the left to enlarge it )



How to Install these screensavers?

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Use windows clipboard more effectively with Clipx

Recently, I was searching for a utility that can be used for using the windows clipboard more effectively for fast and easy copy paste of any text/image simply with a keyboard shortcut.

I found many application on web that solve the purpose but I don’t want to buy any application for this task, after a lot of googling I found lot of utilities like Yclipper , Clipboard History etc.

But still none of them were so much powerful in their freeware mode, then I found ClipX which is completely free.






What is ClipX?

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Open any Folder on C Drive from run prompt in vista and xp

Recently just by chance when, I was normally writing some new articles for

I opened run prompt to to test something, but accidentally make a typo by typing \ (backward slash) in run. I get a list of all the folders in the root directory which I can select to open just by pressing up and down arrow key (as shown in the image below).









This small windows tip applies to both windows XP and Vista can be very productive at times.

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