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Download The Best Free Matrix Style Screensaver

Recently I attached an extra extended monitor with my laptop, as believe me adding a extra monitor really increases productivity to a great extent. But then I saw a pictures of a home office workspace which had that matrix styled screensaver which looks great when running.

I goggled for the same and landed on the best free matrix movie style screensaver. I also landed on some other matrix styled screensavers which were not that good as this one.

You can see the picture below of my new desktop workspace, however it the sample preview of my home office workspace.


It is the best matrix screensaver because it has those actual matrix characters no look alike characters, In this matrix screensaver you can choose among the various colors like red, yellow, blue, gold, white, pink and green which is the default color of the screensaver.

desktop customization

Free Automatic Desktop Wallpaper Changer Download

We all get bored with the same wallpaper on the desktop with time, Wally is a FREE program which lets you change the desktop wallpaper automatically.

You can select the wallpaper images source from various sources like local files and folders, FTP remote folders, Flickr photo stream, Yahoo, Panoramio, Pikeo, Ipernity, and Photobucket images etc.


More over with this program you can further customize the appearance of wallpaper like

desktop customization

Free Music Quilt Screensaver – Rotating Album Covers

Music Quilt Screensaver is a FREE screensaver by, It transforms your screen monitor into slowly rotating grid of album covers. These album covers are take according to the reading habits of your account or any other user you define.


The screen saver is a grid of 10 by 10 images which changes with a smooth transaction. The configuration and installation of Music Quilt Screensaver is quite simple and easy.

Let’s see how can you configure Music Quilt Screensaver to use

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Create shortcuts without the default prefix Shortcut TO

We have just received a mail from one of the readers regarding a tweak which a user want to implement.

Vikram says: "I want to create shortcuts on my desktop without the default text Shortcut to" 

This happens when a user selects a file or program right click on it and select create desktop shortcut. ( a shortcut is created on the desktop with a default syntax shortcut to <program or file folder name> ).

There can be two ways through which we can implement this tweak to solve this problem.

It is due to the windows registry which always add the text Shortcut to with each and every shortcut we create on the desktop.

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what is google updater and why its running?

If you have ever downloaded any of the google products like picasa ,google screen saver etc, you may have googleupdater.exe running as a process in your system right now.

You can check by pressing "alt+ctrl+del" to open task manager and click the process tab.

What is googleupdater.exe?

GoogleUpdater.exe is a process which belongs to the’s range of Internet search facilities provided. This program is a non-essential , can be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems.

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5 most usefull software to speed up and make windows Vista and Xp more productive.

There are large numbers of users who are just feed up of the normal windows operation speed ,because as new softwares getting installed on vista or windows xp make them more and more slower day by day and makes these awesome operating system difficult to use.

So in such a situation you will have to think out of the box as you can’t just keep seeing your windows without installing the usefull softwares you want to use on them.

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Free download of windows vista visual styles pack..a free Vista theme pack for Windows XP

If you are really bored of your windows xp regular looks then try the vista visual styles pack comprising of three types of themes.

The visual styles pack contains.

  • Windows Aero
  • Windows Vista Basic
  • Windows Vista Aero (window blind style).
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Give a makeover to your boring windows xp desktop and make it look like vista.

Are you bored with the boring look of your desktop ? If yes then this post is for you ,as today i am going to tell you how you can optimize and tweak your regular boring look desktop to look and feel like vista without even upgrading your system ram(random access memory).

So i am going to tell you about some amazing utilities which you have to use to change the appereance of your desktop look an feel and i am not posting any snapshot of the final desktop as , i think it depends on you what kind of makeover do you give to your desktop.