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Give a makeover to your boring windows xp desktop and make it look like vista.

Are you bored with the boring look of your desktop ? If yes then this post is for you ,as today i am going to tell you how you can optimize and tweak your regular boring look desktop to look and feel like vista without even upgrading your system ram(random access memory).

So i am going to tell you about some amazing utilities which you have to use to change the appereance of your desktop look an feel and i am not posting any snapshot of the final desktop as , i think it depends on you what kind of makeover do you give to your desktop.

Requirements: I would recommend 1gb ram system but a system with 512 mb ram would be fine but those who have physical memory less than 512 mb can also try some of the software listed below.

List Of Utilites Needed

1. Firstly download Microsoft zune theme from here – To change the normal look of Win XP.

2. Now Download Google Desktop Search from here – Run the sidebar with some cool gadget of your choice to make it look like vista sidebar.

3. Download Top Desk from here – With top you will be able to run filp 3d effect in Win XP just like as in windows vista.

4. Last but not the least Download ObjectDock Bar from stardock – Another toolbar to access to common applications and frequently used folders.

So ,lets see how you can use all or some of the applications specifiod above to give a new look to your desktop.

If you want to know how i have customised my desktop look and feel see it here. Please do give link to the new look and feel pictures link of your desktop in comments.

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