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Date and time reset or lost problem in windows.

This post is in response to a query fired by one of the reader ,problem is when she restart her system the time and date setting get lost.

Why this problem occurs ?

One of the most general perception about the problem is that this problem occurs only due to weak battery of the motherboard.

But this is not the case as even after replacing the battery the problem is not solved.

So What could be other cause of this problem.

This problem could be could be due to:

>>If you are running Windows 95, 98, or Windows ME user.

>>If you have any Third-party utility or program affecting BIOS.

>>Computer CMOS battery failing or bad.

>>BIOS not Y2K compatible.

    If you have this type of problem and your system doesn,t fall under any criteria specifiod above please leave a comment here with some description about your problem.

    4 replies on “Date and time reset or lost problem in windows.”

    We have Windows Vista Ultimate. The clock time and/or date is wrong. Change it to be correct. Then after a couple weeks or so we will notice it is wrong again. Replaced battery. No change. Computer is only 6 months old.

    Vista home premium on a FZ240 Vaio laptop. Date and time resets after a couple of weeks. After correcting it, it will reset again after a couple of weeks or sometimes after a few days. The reset happens usually the very first time it’s turned on after being turned off overnight.. Bought the laptop just a month ago.

    The system time in my pc used to reset itself to december 2nd, 1998. I went through a few forums and having read that the problem could be with the CMOS battery, I have changed it. Now i have a very strange problem. My system time is still wrong.. and even if i correct it, it resets itself to the last saved time within 30 mins. Please help me with this.

    Windows XP Pro. Upon logging on to a user account as you log in the time is right. An instant later every time it resets the time to 10:01 PM, december 21, 2021. I have not changed mobo battery but i do not believe this is the problem as the time in the bios stays correct while the windows time does not.

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