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5 most usefull software to speed up and make windows Vista and Xp more productive.

There are large numbers of users who are just feed up of the normal windows operation speed ,because as new softwares getting installed on vista or windows xp make them more and more slower day by day and makes these awesome operating system difficult to use.

So in such a situation you will have to think out of the box as you can’t just keep seeing your windows without installing the usefull softwares you want to use on them.

So, Today i am going to share five most essentials and small light weight freewares which you can use to increase your system performance and get more productivity out of it.

1. Startup Faster! 2004 2.1.6  – A revolutionary tool to make your computer boot much faster.

Download Startup Faster! 2004 2.1.6

2. Unlocker 1.8.5 – Overcome the “error message like Error deleting file or folder, it is being used by other programs cannot delete folder: it’s being used by another person or program.

Download Unlocker 

3. MasterBooter 3.4 -  It is used to install and maintain more operating systems on a PC.

Download MasterBooter  

4. Double Driver 1.0 – Take backup the drivers you choose, save and print the drivers list with double driver.

Download Double Driver 

if you like any of the above software or like to say anything leave a comment here.

4 replies on “5 most usefull software to speed up and make windows Vista and Xp more productive.”

there is a problem after installing vista….due to compatabilty of certain software in vista most of then does not run in vista so i try to install xp again but it say that harddrive not found..the boot order are correct but still the error come in vista…do u have any solution of how to install xp again?

heyyyyyyyyyyyy man…….. thanks for the softwares…..
They’re realy cool and freally helful too.
Thnks once again..

Does downloading and installing StartUp Faster on Windows XP SP2 have a marked effect on startup time if I dont have any programmes scheduled to start after boot except my Anti virus? Besides, the above link downloads but a 15 day trial and then the programme becomes redundant if not patched! I believe it prevents simultaneous loading of programs and processes scheduled to startup thus increasing efficiency but if one has only a couple of startup items does such an installation help?

i bought a new laptop (Compaq presario CQ60104 TU) without any OS, than dealer load pirated vista on it , but i m not satisfied with it, i want to install WindowsXP , but after 1 minute (when i try install winXP by CD)I always get a buleScreen & error msg . Last Digit of msg is 007b , my MCSE qualified friend told me that it is hardware problem. but he don’t know how to solve.

Plz Help Me Abhishek

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