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what is google updater and why its running?

If you have ever downloaded any of the google products like picasa ,google screen saver etc, you may have googleupdater.exe running as a process in your system right now.

You can check by pressing "alt+ctrl+del" to open task manager and click the process tab.

What is googleupdater.exe?

GoogleUpdater.exe is a process which belongs to the’s range of Internet search facilities provided. This program is a non-essential , can be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems.

Why its running?

This process informs the user about the new version and updates for the all the google products installed.

What’s cost of having the google updater running? 

Normally when ever you use any of the google products like picasa or google screensaver you can manually update these applications but google updater on the other hand keeps on running and consuming the system resources like physical memory like RAM all the time.

So, google updater is like all those unwanted tiny applications which keeps on running in the background and making your system slow.

How to stop Google Updater from running?

1. Open start >> all programs and find Startup

2. now right click on google updater and delete it.

3. now Open Start >> Run and type services.msc

4. find the Google Updater Service, right click and select properties and select disabled in the startup type.(as shown in the image below)









5. that’s it done.

Tip: You can also uninstall google updater from your system by using add/remove programs in Windows XP and through Programs and Features in Windows Vista.

5 replies on “what is google updater and why its running?”

With Chrome, googleupdate gets installed as a scheduled task. Be sure to delete that if you want it to stop coming back.

Google Updater is a virus according to me… it comes again and again even if we don’t want it… batter option is to delete Google Chrome.. I installed it but fond worth less… though i love Google, but not this meaningless creature

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