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Make your my computer open faster by disconnecting the network drives

I have already published one post on How to fix slow opening of my computer and delayed contents display here.

There are still some issues like connected network drives when you use office at your work place.

Like in my office when I login at my system at my work place, according to the user policy every user is connected to the network drives at the server location.

These connection to the network drives make my computer more slow at the time of opening.

Let see how can you disconnect network drives.

With the help of simple vbscript you can simply disconnect to network drives and printers.

1. Download it and open this script in notepad.

2. Replace with your network drive letter no.9 strDriveLetter = “<drive letter>:” For example: strDriveLetter = “H:”

3. Save this script and place it in the startup programs

4. Open Start >> All Programs >> Startup , right click on it and select open.

5. paste the script here in this startup folder.

6. Now restart your windows, your network drives will be automatically disconnected and your my computer will open faster.

7. That’s it done

I hope this will speed up opening of my computer to great extent, and my next post will target the same again to speed up the opening of my computer.

3 replies on “Make your my computer open faster by disconnecting the network drives”

I use two T60 laptops. Accessing ‘my computer’, and interacting with ‘save as’ windows is very slow on one of them – my ‘main’ T60. The other T60, which is used in the same (wireless) environment, does not have the same delays.

I am not connected to network drives. I am connected to an HP 9130. (Comments apply to both T60s.)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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