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Download The Best Free Matrix Style Screensaver

Recently I attached an extra extended monitor with my laptop, as believe me adding a extra monitor really increases productivity to a great extent. But then I saw a pictures of a home office workspace which had that matrix styled screensaver which looks great when running.

I goggled for the same and landed on the best free matrix movie style screensaver. I also landed on some other matrix styled screensavers which were not that good as this one.

You can see the picture below of my new desktop workspace, however it the sample preview of my home office workspace.


It is the best matrix screensaver because it has those actual matrix characters no look alike characters, In this matrix screensaver you can choose among the various colors like red, yellow, blue, gold, white, pink and green which is the default color of the screensaver.

As such it is a free program but the developer accepts donations if you want to give any. It has automatic support for dual, tri and quad band monitors. There are hell lot of more options you can customize in this free it use matrix screensaver.

Matrix- screensaver

Some Key Features Of Matrix Screensaver Includes

  • It includes an option of mini slideshow of images
  • It also includes options to play your Mp3 while the screensaver is running to get the perfect feel of matrix
  • It will also display the user and system information displayed at the top of the screen
  • You will also see the improvements in the animation logic as the mouse moves
  • It also includes a small digital clock in the top right of the screen

Download Free Matrix Styled Screensaver Beta | Matrix Styled Screensaver Stable

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