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Hide and Show Taskbar With A Desktop Shortcut [ Tips and Tricks ]

Windows taskbar is some thing which many users don’t like while they are working on some coding work or any other application which could be best to work in with full screen mode like some graphic designing softwares.

RunAndHide is a cool utility which comes to good use in this case, this small portable executable allows you to hide and show up the taskbar when ever you want to.


This could be a good alternative to hide and show windows taskbar instead of the default option in windows of hiding the taskbar. As in case of the default option of hiding the taskbar in windows works only when you don’t hover with your mouse in the windows taskbar area.

Let’s discuss how can you hide windows taskbar to save some space just by clicking a desktop shortcut.

1. Download this small utility (RunAndHide) from here.

2. Place RunAndHide.exe anywhere on your computer and create a desktop shortcut by right clicking on the file >> Send to >> Desktop (create shortcut)

3. That’s it, this desktop shortcut can be used to toggle the hide and show activity of windows taskbar.    

If you don’t want this utility, here is how you can configure in windows to auto hide and show taskbar as per mouse movements.

Right click windows taskbar, select properties and select the checkbox which says auto hide the taskbar


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