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MagicTray – Hide Windows System Tray Icons, Change Start Button Caption, Hide Desktop Icons, Hide Quick Launch Icons and lot more

Magic Tray is a free for personal use program which lets you play with windows and do all those nifty optimisations, you would like to try to save more space for the applications running on the desktop. It contains toggle button for all the tweaks, and to apply those tweaks is just the matter of one mouse click.


This application is another safe way of applying all these tweaks on windows as it does to involve playing with system registry at the user level. It will also show up the available RAM memory.

Some Cool Optimizations It Can Do In Windows Are:

  1. You can change the start button text with Magic Tray with single click
  2. You can hide / show the start button in single click with Magic Tray
  3. You can hide / show the desktop icons in single click with Magic Tray
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Hide and Show Taskbar With A Desktop Shortcut [ Tips and Tricks ]

Windows taskbar is some thing which many users don’t like while they are working on some coding work or any other application which could be best to work in with full screen mode like some graphic designing softwares.

RunAndHide is a cool utility which comes to good use in this case, this small portable executable allows you to hide and show up the taskbar when ever you want to.


This could be a good alternative to hide and show windows taskbar instead of the default option in windows of hiding the taskbar. As in case of the default option of hiding the taskbar in windows works only when you don’t hover with your mouse in the windows taskbar area.

Let’s discuss how can you hide windows taskbar to save some space just by clicking a desktop shortcut.