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How to create a simple fake virus for windows by using the nircmd utility by

Have you ever dreamed of creating a fake virus yourself to play a prank by installing the virus on your friend computer and a making a fool of him. If Yes then this post is of great interest to you.

So what would you like to do with a virus to make your friend believe that a virus has infected his/her computer.

Hmm….let me guess ?

1. Suddenly Opening and closing of cd drive.

2. Power off the monitor.

3. Log out the user out of windows xp.

4. Turn off the computer.

tips & tricks xp hacks

Speed up windows Xp system with a simple trick and make it like new faster Xp.

Almost most of us get bored by the operating system speed of windows Xp with the passage of time as it keeps getting slower and slower day by day with hell lot of new softwares getting installed.

Even if you don’t normally install a lot of softwareon your machine Windows Xp becomes very slow due to the alterations of system files and personalized settings of different users on Win XP.