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Make your self more productive using gmail with some useful shortcuts

I have become more addictive using gmail these days specially because we have to reply to users who send their computer problems on TroubleFixers

While handling these large number of email, I was just trying to get to know quick and easy to remember shortcuts for gmail. So, I google for gmail keyboard shotcuts and got landed to a page here

But after seeing these shortcuts I was even worried how could any one remember all of them, I filtered out some easy to remember shortcuts.

Quick Easy to Use Shortcuts For Gmail

1. To Select Unread Mails press SHIFT+8+u or *+u

2. To Mark the Selected Emails as read press SHIFT+i or *+i

3. To Unselect any of the mails press SHIFT+8+n or *+n

These small sets of shortcuts could be much useful when you have to mark some unread mails in your gmail inbox quickly as read.

Tip: You can see the complete list of shortcuts here

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