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Make small tinyurl for your pages fast with Tinyurl creator for firefox

Small Announcement for Readers: From now on, I will be more active in blogging so you can expect more frequency of  articles posted.I will try to give at least one post a day.


Let come to the post topic. Today I tried some of popular and on growing adobe air applications like uvLayer, twhirl etc.

Was seeing some of the friends blogger’s sharing there latest articles via twitter as the actual url of the articles were some what longer so every one was using TinyUrl in order to shorten them.

If you don’t  know what is tinyurl?

For your FYI: With TinyURL, you can also make a smaller URL that will work for any page on your site.

Every time I want to make a tinyurl for a page I need to copy the full url from the address bar and paste it in the text box on the which takes some time to produce the tinyurl for the same.

So, after then I was searching for some simple ways for using tinyurl and I found two plugins one of which works with firefox.

Tiny URL Creator: This extension brings the functionality into your browser itself. It takes a long URL as input, and gives you a short URL to use in it.

Install the TinyUrl Creator from here 

There is also another similar add on for Maxthon and Internet Explorer called TinyURL 1.1 which can make the tinyurl for any webpage. download it form here 


I just found a another new method to make TinyUrl more faster on the go, but this applies to firefox I guess.






HowTo:  Left click on the link above ( TinyUrl ) and drag it to the firefox bookmark toolbar to create a bookmark for making tiny url of any webpage (as explained in the image above).

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