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Download Windows Live Writer Offline Installer Latest Version

Windows Live Writer is one the amazing software for web publishing for Blogs, News Journal and Windows Live Spaces etc

Windows Live Writer is cool FREE Desktop Based blogging tool which makes it easier to compile blogging post and publish them directly with a active connection to the internet.

Why do you need Offline Installer for Windows Live Writer?

When ever you try downloading the amazing windows live writer you will get a small executable file called WLinstaller.exe from

What is WLinstaller.exe 

WLinstaller.exe is an packaged online installer for windows live writer and other tools like Sign-in Assistant, Messenger, Toolbar, Photo Gallery and Family Safety


WLinstaller.exe need to connect to internet in order to install any of the above tools including windows live writer.

Let’s see how can you download offline installer for windows live writer

What does offline installer for windows live writer mean?

Offline installer for windows live writer lets you install windows live writer on any computer without any connection to internet needed.

You can carry the offline installer on your portable USB device like Pen Drive, iPod etc and install anywhere without any connection to internet.

Download Windows Live Writer 14.0.5025.904 Beta (Wave 3) | Download Windows Live Writer SDK Technical Preview

3 replies on “Download Windows Live Writer Offline Installer Latest Version”

I don’t think its cool software.

It has some bug if you are using self-hosted wordpress blog, like mine.

Check out my pages, i already reviewed it.

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