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Convert Rapidshare links to direct download links

I used to download a huge number of files from my college days, when I had not premium account on rapidshare. Then I purchased a premium account which is now being mostly used by my brother to download new movies with their latest release.

So If you have a rapidshare account whether a premium or any other account, Rapid Assist lets you convert rapidshare indirect links to direct downloadable links which can be then feed to your internet download manager.


Rapid Assist is quite useful when you have a premium account or collectors account or any other valid rapidshare account.

Rapid Assist does require installation, you just need to execute the standalone executable (RapidAssist.exe) to run it.

How to use RapidAssist with your download accelerator

1. Run RapidAssist and add rapidshare account by selecting Options >. Add account


2. Enter your Username and Password for the rapidshare account and press Okay


After configuring, copy the indirect download links from rapidshare to the RapidShare Links section and get the direct download links for your download accelerator from Direct Download Links


You will need .Net Framework 2.0 installed

Download RapisAssist

8 replies on “Convert Rapidshare links to direct download links”

Good to know; but where do I download the software from? I couldn’t locate a link in this page!

@Vikas SN – no it does not work for free accounts

@Patrick, @Jeenu – Article updated with download links, sorry i forgot to add the download link

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