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Convert vista taskbar to windows 7 style taskbar

Windows 7 is under active development these days, recently the first beta version of windows 7 was released at PDC 2008 but not for public.

One of the most amazing things in terms of different looks in windows 7 is it all new style cool looking new taskbar.


In windows 7 taskbar when you hover mouse over one of the tittles you will see the live preview of the application, the icon size is relatively larger than the traditional sized items on the windows vista sidebar.

Let’s find out how can you convert your traditional looking vista taskbar into windows 7 style taskbar.

In order to make your windows vista taskbar look like windows 7 taskbar, you will need to follow the procedure given below.

1. Firstly download and install EnhanceMyVista from this link, and run it


2. Click on the Customizations Tab and then click TaskBar option and check the box which says Iconize your taskbar


3. Now, select Save and Close form the top menu of the program, and Restart your computer


4. Right click on the taskbar, and unclick Lock Taskbar and right click on the empty area in quick launch and select View >> Large Icons


5. Download Aero VG theme from here and install it using FREE VistaGlazz utility, download VistaGlazz utility from here.

Note: After installing VistaGlazz utility you can copy the downloaded vista themes into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes and then right click on the desktop select “Personalize” and then, “Themes” to apply new themes.

6. After you are done with all these tweaks you will see the new look with a different looking vista taskbar which almost look like the windows 7 taskbar as shown below.


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You can also “iconize” your taskbar by going to the registry and navigating to:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Control Panel>Desktop>WindowMetrics
Then you create a new string value and name it “MinWidth” then set the value to -255 and restart or logoff your computer.

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