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Protect files and folders using picture as password with PixelCryptor

PixelCryptor is FREE utility which allows you to encrypt your files and folders using any image as key used to encrypt and decrypt rather than using a password.

As we all know a picture gives a lot more visual appeal which makes it easy to remember, rather than remembering a password.


PixelCryptor lets you choose a picture and use it combine your files into a package. The pixel data of the chosen picture is used to encrypt your data.

Let’s see how can you encrypt and decrypt files and folders with PixelCryptor

How to Encrypt with PixelCryptor

1. Run PixelCryptor and click the Blue Coloured book icon to encrypt files and folders


2. Add file and folder to encrypt, through the PixelCryptor tool bar


3. Browse and add the folder and files which you want to encrypt and click Next button


4. Click on white area, browse the picture which you want to use as a key for encryption


5. After selecting the picture, Click Next


6. Select the destination of the final packaged file and Click Next


7. Click Finish after the encryption process is finished


How to Decrypt PixelCryptor packaged file

1. Double click the packaged file


2. Browse the picture which you had used to for the encryption to decrypt the packaged file and click Next button


3. Select the destination folder to extract the decrypted files and folder and Click Next button


4. After clicking Next button, it will decode and extract all the files and folders and then click Finished button.


Download PixelCryptor

3 replies on “Protect files and folders using picture as password with PixelCryptor”

well i would disagree on the “much safer”. The bigger the passowrd on encrypting the file the better. An image will provide much bigger password than just text. But losing the image can be disastrous indeed… Nice app man!

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