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Watch YouTube Videos Wide Screen In Your Browser

Recently, Rohit – a friend of mine, also a troublefixer with me on – ( we solve computer problems here ) send me a link to a youtube video to me on twitter


The youtube video was of A R Rahman Latest Album song – Jiya Se Jiya featuring free hugs by people. When he sent the link to the video he made a mistake in copying the URL of the youtube video which turned out be a trick all credit goes to him for the trick. Let discuss what did he changed in the youtube URL.

When ever you view a video on your browser the URL which you notice in the address bar will of the following format

If you paste this URL you will land up on youtube website with will load up the video in the small rectangle frame and other area filled up with the suggested videos and other information, but what if you want to view the video only.


Today we will tell you how to watch the videos in your browser full screen, you just need tweak the above given standard URL a little bit.

In order to view the Video in your browser full screen, you need to change the URL format of the video to the load the video full screen in your browser.

Change the URL of the youtube

Changing the youtube URL this way will load the .swf file in the browser window, you will see the video only not any thing else.

Similarly you can change the URL of any other video on youtube this way to view it full screen in your browser window.

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use stylish addon for firefox
search for this script: “Youtube – large video for 1280X1024”

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