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Catch Phishing Sites With Hostname in Title bar [ For FireFox ]

It happens with many people when they got cheated by various phishing site which steal their username and password, these phishing sites are created by hackers who make the design of the site so much identical as the original site.

How do people got cheated by Phishing Sites

Normally, it happens when people got links via instant messengers from their friends who already got infected by the virus on their PC, When the user who receives the link, clicks on the link they get redirected to a page which look like their social networking sites like orkut, facebook, gmail, yahoo mail etc

After seeing the look and feel people just enter their username and password with checking the actual URL of the site displayed in the address bar

How Does Hostname In Title Bar Protects You From Phishing

Hostname In Title Bar is a cool add on for firefox which displays the actual URL or the hostname of the site on the title bar of every site you open in firefox. (as shown in the image below)


After installing Hostname in Title Bar extension in firefox you will see the actual hostname of the site displayed in between the two as # Hostname #

So, make sure to check the hostname of any suspicious site you connect with by clicking a link or on other redirected pages, phishing site which may look like orkut will not have the domain name instead it will have some other name as the hostname.

Note: As Hostname in title bar is in sandbox edition so you will need to register before you can download

Download Hostname In Title Bar

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